Confused by the switch?

Hi! Eslynne here. I’ve heard from several people with questions about the new site, so I wanted to explain a little more. When click My Account (up above in the menu), it should take you to this page: https://bethanyswoodshed.com/my-account/

There you will see a Login section, with a link at the bottom for Forgot Password. When we switched over to the new site, it would not have been secure to import all the passwords, so everyone will need to create new ones using the Forgot Password option. Similarly, because importing all the credit card data would not have been secure, you will need to go through the Purchase a Subscription (when your current subscription ends) and reenter your credit card information to renew. Please let me know if you have any questions! Eslynne@herwoodshed.com

Welcome to Bethany’s Woodshed

You’ve reached our woodshed. But there’s not much wood here. Because our woodshed is used for just one thing: Spankings.

Our woodshed is not dusty, dirty or dank. There are no spiders or wasps. But it IS a woodshed. Close your eyes, and perhaps you will see it. The door’s a bit ajar so we can peek in. A stout leather strap hangs from the wall, and yes, a strong man sits quietly on a bench.

And what’s that in the corner? I’m sure you can see her, too, long skirt and full petticoats lifted, knickers bunched around her ankles, red cheeks on display, nose pressed firmly against the wall. She’s crying a bit and trying not to rub her throbbing behind.

She’s just had her bare bottom soundly spanked.

Sound good? Consider joining us.You’re reached the ultimate destination on the web for readers and writers of spanking stories. We have all genres, from delightfully erotic, to unabashedly severe. Pure fun to real punishment.

Since 1998, the Internet’s Premier Spanking Site.

Since 1998, Bethany’s Woodshed has been THE place to go for professionally-written spanking stories. And beginning in June 2012, we now offer two updates each and every week. On Mondays, we offer a completed novella (typically 4-6 chapters) and on Thursdays we offer five chapters of our ongoing serial stories. All serial stories now run consecutively weekly until finished – no long waits!

So check out our site. Read our samples, look at the articles in our library and our advice column. Check out our blog… again, it will be updated regularly. And… we hope you consider joining us and getting the great stories that only our members see.