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Lord Belden’s Baggage by Emma Woodhouse – Chapter One

Chapter One c. 1888 “You have to find someone, son. It’s rapidly getting to the point where people are going to start to talk…” Lord Littlefield gave his son a worried look. The son in question took another sip of his drink, a small smile forming on his lips at his father’s agitated tone, which […]

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Job Responsibilities by Misty Malone – Part One

Chapter One Phil was sitting as his desk as he looked at his human resources manager sitting in front of him and shook his head. “Do you want this job?” he asked quietly. “What kind of question is that?” Katie huffed indignantly. “Of course I want this job.” “Then settle down, lose the attitude, and […]

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Owned by the Cowboys By Cassandre Dayne – Chapter One

Chapter One “Sweet Jesus! Are those some of the finest-looking pieces of meat you’ve ever seen?” The shrill voice cascaded above the din of the crowd. “Yummy with a capital ‘Y.’ I could eat one for breakfast, then another for a mid-morning snack. I bet his cock is huge. Look at the way those tight […]

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