Job Responsibilities by Misty Malone – Part One

Table of Contents

Chapter One

Phil was sitting as his desk as he looked at his human resources manager sitting in front of him and shook his head. “Do you want this job?” he asked quietly.

“What kind of question is that?” Katie huffed indignantly. “Of course I want this job.”

“Then settle down, lose the attitude, and talk to me a minute.”

Although he spoke quietly, his voice and demeanor were very intimidating. He could tell she knew he was serious, and he watched as she forced herself to sit back in her chair and take a deep breath, trying to relax.

Seeing the effort, he nodded. “Thank you. Now, what’s going on with you?”

“What do you mean?” Her temper was instantly back.

He moved over to sit on the corner of his desk, putting himself closer to where she sat in one of the chairs in front of it. He gave her a stern look before giving her a warning to go along with it. “One more time, lose the attitude.” He gave her a few moments, catching her eyes and holding her glare with one of his own, and when he saw her fists unclench he continued. “I’ve had a few complaints about you, so I’ve been watching you a little closer lately.” Her fists clenched again, but he continued. “I just watched you single-handedly get seven employees upset, and I want to know why.”

“I didn’t do anything that—”

“Save it, Katie. I saw it all. All I want to know is why. What do you have to gain by getting all my employees upset and fighting amongst themselves? The atmosphere here was pretty much like a happy family, with people working together easily, until I hired you. Now you have people at each other’s throats, people working against each other instead of as a team, and more people calling in sick than I’ve ever had. It’s certainly not a good atmosphere to work in. If you say you want this job, you’ve got some explaining to do.”

“What exactly do you mean?”

Phil was glad to see that at least she sounded a little nervous now. “Let’s review a little bit. I overheard a small group of people complaining about you, so I talked to a couple of my other managers. I found their complaints founded, so, if you’ll recall, I talked to you about it. I had hoped that would end the problem. To be fair, it did, for a while. However, as I said, I’ve gotten more complaints since then, so I’d like you to explain to me why I shouldn’t just send you on your way right now.”

He was surprised when he saw her shoulders slump and her head drop. “Please don’t fire me,” she said so softly he almost didn’t hear what she said.

“Then talk to me, Katie. What’s going on with you? Is something wrong with the job, do you have a personal problem you’re dealing with, or what’s making you act like an immature, spoiled brat?”

Katie shot straight up out of her chair, fists clenched and fire in her eyes. Phil was instantly on his feet as well, toe to toe with his feisty employee, glaring down at her, daring her. She opened her mouth, looked at his dark, challenging eyes, and backed down a bit. Phil kept his eyes on hers. “Yes, I said an immature, spoiled brat. I saw you accidentally knock some files off Joe’s desk, but instead of picking them back up, you blamed it on someone else. I also heard you start rumors against two separate ladies, just to get them upset with each other. There is no doubt in my mind your little pranks are responsible for the negative atmosphere around here, and that in my opinion is acting like an immature, spoiled brat.”

She looked into his eyes for a few moments, then slumped back down in her chair, as tears welled in her eyes.

Phil sat back down on his desk, watching her. He gave her a few moments to compose herself. “Katie, are you ready yet to convince me why I shouldn’t fire you now?”

She looked pathetic and broken when she finally lifted her eyes to his. “I’m sorry, Phil. I just can’t help what I do. I don’t even know why I do it.”

He looked at her curiously. Coming to a decision, he cleared his throat, and returned to his stern, no-nonsense voice. “Katie, I will not allow things to continue as they have been. Listen to me carefully while I explain what’s going to happen.” He noticed, but chose to ignore her startled look and widened eyes. “You will go home now, where you will do some serious thinking—”

“Thinking about what?” she asked, frowning.

“I wasn’t finished speaking, and I don’t appreciate being interrupted. Don’t do it again.” He had to look away a moment so she wouldn’t see his smile as she gasped. “After the way you’ve been acting and treating your coworkers here, and all the commotion you’ve caused this company, if you want to keep your job there will have to be consequences for your behavior.”

“What kind of consequences?” she snapped.

“You really have a problem doing as you’re told, don’t you? Now, stop interrupting or I’ll change my mind and just terminate your employment.”

Phil could tell Katie was surprised by his seriousness and stern voice. She sat up a little straighter and listened to what he was saying, looking suddenly very nervous.

“I firmly believe actions have consequences. In this case your behavior has earned you a good, sound spanking.”

“You can’t be serious!” Katie was on her feet again.

“I’m entirely serious, Katie,” Phil answered, his voice still strict. He gave her several seconds to digest the information, then softened his voice. “Katie, sit back down. We need to talk.”

“You’re crazy if you think I’m going to let you do something so barbaric.”

“That’s fine; it’s entirely your choice.” He watched as she got a triumphant look on her face, but it was short-lived. “But you should know, that’s the only way you’ll keep your job.”

“Phil, you can’t do that.”

“Sure, I can. See, basically, you deserve to be let go. That’s the decision I’ve come to, and I’m sure that’s exactly what most employers would do, with no discussion or second thought. However, you’ve said you’re sorry and want to keep your job. I believe in second chances in some cases, but you have to prove to me you’re sincere in this request for a second chance.”

“I really am,” she insisted.

“Well, if you are, consider this a last chance option for you. It’s your choice. If you don’t agree to a spanking I don’t feel I have any choice but to simply go with my initial decision and let you go.” He saw the tears in her eyes and he sat down in the chair beside her. “Katie, your behavior has been absolutely deplorable. You’ve said you’re sorry and feel you can do better, so I’m giving you a chance to prove it. I know it’s a tough choice, though, and there’s a lot to think about. That’s why I’m giving you the rest of the day, so you have the time you’ll need to think it through completely before reaching your decision.”

“Why are you doing this?” Her voice was soft and shaky.

He gently took her small hands in his, and waited until she looked up at him. “I believe in total honesty, and that’s what I’m going to give you. I’m doing this because I have a bit of a problem here. You see, I’m attracted to you. I’ve paid more attention to you than my other employees because I’ve felt myself being pulled to you from the day we met, when I interviewed you for a job. I’d like to have a relationship with you, more than merely as my employee, but your behavior would have to change.”

She jerked her hands back quickly. “What do you mean? It would have to change how?”

“Calm down, Katie, and listen to me. As I said, I’ve been watching you, and I’ve been attracted to you. However, at times I’ve seen a young lady I’ve been impressed with and would like to get to know better, but I’ve been appalled at your behavior at other times. While watching carefully, though, I think I know what the problem is, and I think I can help.”

“Help how?”

“I haven’t seen you smile more than a couple times since you’ve worked here. You haven’t been happy with yourself, have you, Katie?”

Phil saw the surprise in her eyes, but she recovered and slowly shook her head. “No, I haven’t,” she admitted quietly, “but how did you know?”

“Because while I’ve seen some behavior that you need to change, I’ve also seen a very different Katie that’s a nice, sweet lady. That’s the Katie I’d like to get to know better and possibly have a deeper relationship with.” When she was quietly looking down at her lap again, Phil knew she understood exactly what he was saying and that she was taking him seriously now.

He gave her some time to consider his words before continuing. “I should ask before we go any further, Katie, are you interested in having dinner with me, so we can see if we have any kind of connection and decide if we want to try a relationship?”

She slowly looked up at him, blushing as she nodded her head.

“Good,” he said encouragingly. “I’m going to let you decide what happens tonight. I want you to go home and think. Think about all I’ve said, because it’s a lot to absorb. I’ll call you later this afternoon, and you can tell me how you want this evening to go. If you have questions you want to ask me before you make your decision, I’ll come over and we’ll talk before dinner. I’ll answer any questions you have.”


“If you’ve made up your mind by the time I call this afternoon, tell me that. If you decide you won’t take the spanking, I’ll take you out for dinner and we’ll get to know each other better. But you won’t be coming to work tomorrow.”

“That’s it?”

“That’s it. I’ve talked to you before about this same thing, and it apparently didn’t have much of an effect on your behavior. I’ll pay you for an additional two weeks, but your employment will be terminated. We’ll still go out and have dinner, as long as you’re still willing, and see where that leads.”

He kept his stern expression firmly in place so she would know he was serious. “Do you understand what I’m saying, Katie?” She nodded, but he gently pulled her chin up so she was looking at him. “I’d like to hear an answer, please.”

Watching her, he was pretty sure his authoritative demeanor was a little disconcerting to her, but at the same time he detected a look of respect. She nodded again as she quietly answered him. “I understand.”

“Good. Now, if you decide you are going to accept the spanking, I’ll let you decide if you want it when I first get there and get it over with so we can enjoy the rest of the evening, or if you want to go out for dinner first. If you decide you’re going to accept the spanking, I’ll also let you decide if you want to go out for dinner or if you’d rather we order in tonight and go out somewhere later this week. You may prefer to stay home tonight, and I will completely understand and be happy to do that. Do you have any questions now, before you go home to think?”

She didn’t say anything, and he could tell by the look on her face she was rather overwhelmed. “Katie, I know it’s a lot to consider. That’s why I’m giving you the rest of the day to think. But please use the time to consider everything involved and make an informed decision. It’s an important one.”

She was obviously thinking, and he continued rubbing her hand with his thumb, giving her the time she needed. After a minute or so she looked up at him with a dazed expression. “I’ve never been spanked. I don’t know what it would be like.”

He continued rubbing the back of her hand, hoping to keep her calm. “Then I’m glad you told me that. I’m not going to lie to you, Katie, a spanking is not fun. It will hurt, and you won’t like it. What will happen is, I’ll sit down on your couch and get you situated over my lap. I’ll flip your skirt up, or pull your jeans down if you change clothes, and pull your panties down.”

“You’ll do what? Absolutely not!”

“Katie, hear me out, please. I want you to know what to expect so you can think about all of it when you make your decision. Now, once your panties are down I’ll start the spanking. Like I said, it will hurt. The idea of a spanking is to let you know I’m not happy with your behavior, it is not acceptable, and the spanking will be your consequences for your bad behavior. I will be talking to you during the spanking, reminding you why the behavior was unacceptable, and telling you what you can do in the future to avoid another spanking.”

“Another spanking?”

“This spanking is designed to convince you to change your behavior. If you continue with the behavior that earned you the first spanking, that same behavior will earn you a second one. If, on the other hand, you decide you don’t like the spanking and don’t want a second one, all you’ll have to do is change the behavior. You’ll know what you’ll need to do to avoid another one by the time the first one is over.”

Again he gave her time to digest his words. “Now, like I said before, I hope we can have a relationship, and honesty in a relationship is very important to me. That’s why I will not lie to you and I told you all this very honestly. If you accept the spanking, and I hope you do, you’ll come in to work tomorrow like normal, and your employment will continue.”

Katie thought a bit longer and started to ask something, but stopped. She thought longer, and fidgeted before trying again. “You said—”

He squeezed her hand, hoping to encourage her. “I said what, Katie?”


“No, something’s on your mind, and I want to answer any questions I can before you go home to think it over. You have to be able to make an informed decision. What did you want to ask?”

She hesitated a bit longer before finally looking up at him. “Why do you hope I take the spanking? Do you like spanking women?”

“Not particularly,” he answered honestly, “but I don’t hate it, either. I do believe it’s very effective. It’s quick, it gets your attention, and it’s over with and you can get on with your day, or in this case you can get on with your employment. Hopefully it makes you think twice the next time you’re about to do the same thing again, especially if you know you’ll get another spanking for doing it.” She nodded her head as if accepting his answer. “Do you have any more questions before you go home to think?”

“No, not that I can think of now.”

“Okay. Go home now and think about it then. And remember, think about it from all angles. I know you don’t want a spanking, but think about the resulting loss of your job if you don’t. Is your job important to you? Do you need it, and the income from it? Do you think you’d have any trouble finding another similar job? Do you like working here?”

Now it was Phil who paused, a bit uncertain. He then added, in a kinder, gentler voice, “Katie, this is just my personal thoughts here, but please think about this. I don’t know where that attitude of yours comes from, but I know it’s not the real Katie. I’ve seen glimpses of the sweet little lady I know is the real you. I don’t know if something happened to cause you to act out like you sometimes do, but I do know you’re going to have problems until you get it under control. I also know you’re not happy with yourself right now. If you choose not to accept my help, which is what I’m actually offering, you’ll be out of a job. You may be able to get another one, but you won’t be able to keep it, either, if you don’t get control over your emotions and actions.”

He wasn’t sure what he saw in her eyes. He saw sadness for sure, but he also thought it looked like she was again accepting his words, not arguing. She looked up as he took one of her hands in his. “Katie, I want to help you. You’re a good employee when your attitude’s under control. Please think about my offer. It’s the only way I know to help you, that I think will work.” She was fighting the tears in her eyes as he concluded. “So think about it, please. Go on home now, and I’ll call you later this afternoon.”

She nodded again and left. He watched her go, hoping she accepted his help, but he knew it would be a hard decision for her.


Phil had a difficult time concentrating on work after Katie left. He’d certainly never done anything like this before, and he had no idea what made him decide to try it now. He wouldn’t normally even have given an employee a choice. After seeing how much chaos she was causing he would normally have fired her on the spot. He probably still should. But there was something about this feisty little lady that called out to him, and he wasn’t quite sure what it was.

His eyes normally went to ladies about four to six inches shorter than him, with long, straight brunette hair. Katie’s short-to-medium length, very curly reddish-blond hair was definitely not his norm. But somehow he found it adorable on Katie. And when he stood beside her to shake her hand when they first met, the fact that she was about ten inches shorter than his six feet brought his protective instincts to life. Those instincts were working overtime then, and he still felt the strong need to watch out for her even now, while she was home thinking.

He knew she needed some help controlling her temper and mouth. She’d said some things this morning to some of her coworkers that were terribly rude, and it got them all upset and bickering amongst themselves. No boss would even have to think twice before firing her after hearing her outburst. Except him. What he wanted to do was go to her, take her in his arms and somehow get her to see that she needed help and he could provide it.

His head was telling him the best way for him to help her now, while she’s home thinking, would be to butt out. She needs to realize and admit that she needs help, and if not ask for it, at least allow it. He knew that’s what he needed to do, but it still made for a long day, waiting.

Finally, at 4:15 he could wait no longer and called.

Katie very quietly, tentatively answered. “Hello?”

“Hi, Katie, this is Phil. How are you doing?”




When she paused, Phil tried to help. “Because you’ve been thinking about something you’d rather not think about?”

He heard a very meek, “Yes.”

He wanted to go to her and wrap his arms around her and tell her everything would be okay, until he remembered the Katie that insulted her coworkers this morning. She was anything but meek then. He told himself to keep that Katie in mind. “Have you made a decision?”

“I think. I have one question, though.”

“Do you want to ask it now, or would you rather wait until I get there?”

“No, now, please. I need to know.”

“Okay, I understand. What’s your question?”

“If I agree to this, will everyone at the office know?”

Phil quickly put her at ease. “No, of course not, Katie. You and I will be the only ones who will ever know, unless you tell someone.”

“No, I would never,” she quickly assured him.

“Nor would I, Katie. This is private between you and me, and no one else ever needs to know about it. Even if there is ever another one down the road, it will always be private, just the two of us.”

“You said something this morning about maybe a second time, down the road. You were serious about that?”

Katie sounded more resigned than inquisitive, but he felt he had to explain. “I was very serious about it, Katie. If you accept this spanking, it is meant to show you that the behavior I witnessed this morning is not acceptable. If I see it again down the road, whether tomorrow or a year from tomorrow, you will be spanked again, if we have an ongoing relationship. I will not allow an employee in my company to behave like that.”

“Is this how you deal with it?”

“I’m going to be totally honest with you. This is the first time I’ve given an employee this option. Normally I would fire them on the spot if I witnessed such behavior. The only reason I didn’t do that this morning with you is because, like I told you this morning, I’m fond of you. I think you need some help, and I want to provide that help and see what the future might hold for us as a couple.”

“If we start dating can I still work for you?”

“Yes, of course. I don’t have a policy in this office against dating coworkers. Look at Sean and Lena. They met in the office and are now happily married. Or Joe in sales and Lisa in accounting. So if we start dating it will not affect your job.”

“Okay, good.”

“Do you have any other questions?”

“No, I don’t think so,” she said with a deep sigh.

“Then the all-important question: have you reached a decision?”



She took in another deep breath before quietly answering. “I’ll allow it.”

“Good. Have you decided if you want it before we eat dinner or after?”

“Before. Now that I’ve made the decision, I want it over with as soon as possible. The more I wait the more nervous I’m getting.”

Phil thought a moment. “Katie, if you’re serious about that, I can come over now. I don’t have any meetings the rest of the afternoon. Let me tell Linda something’s come up and I’m leaving early. I think you made the right decision, and I don’t want you to worry so much you make yourself sick.”

“I think I’d like that. I’m so worried, I just want it over with.”

“Okay. I’ll be there shortly, Katie. Hang in there.”


Katie was so nervous she started pacing. She knew her temper had gotten away from her and she hadn’t been able to control it on her own. She knew she needed help, and Phil seemed very sincere in his offer to give that help.

He also wanted to start dating, which was a dream come true for her. From the moment she met Phil she’d been attracted to him. Physically, he was right out of her dreams. He was tall at six feet, maybe slightly over, and very athletically built. His dark hair and dark eyes were not only very becoming, but along with his strong jawline he had a very manly, almost intimidating, look to him. Coupled with his natural take-charge manner, which she found very attractive, she was very, very interested in dating this gorgeous man.

She was not so sure about this spanking thing, though. He said it would hurt, which was enough to make her nervous. But he’d also said he was going to be spanking her bare butt. She wasn’t so sure she liked that idea at all. It was going to be incredibly embarrassing.

She wouldn’t even consider it, except that if she didn’t agree to it she’d be fired. She absolutely could not afford that. She’d been fired from her last job, for much the same reason. She’d let her mouth get away from her during a temper tantrum, and when she turned to stomp off, she ran smack-dab into her boss. She was fired on the spot. She ran through her savings before she finally found this job, and she knew it would be even harder to find a good job after getting fired from the last two.

With that in mind, she decided she didn’t really have any choice but to trust Phil and see if he could help her control her temper. After all, how bad could a simple spanking be? Although she’d never been spanked as a child, lots of her friends had been. They hadn’t liked it, but they were fine later that day or the next day, and they never seemed to hold it against their parents. So if a kid could do it, she needed to man up, or woman up, and do this. It’s time she take responsibility for her actions, and fix things. Hopefully, Mr. Gorgeous would be there to help her.

She sat down and tried to relax. The words he said this morning came back to her. He’d said he wouldn’t lie to her, and this was going to hurt and she wouldn’t like it. Her nerves were immediately on high alert again, and she stood up to pace once again. Finally she gave in to her fear and nerves and collapsed onto her couch crying.

That’s how Phil found her when he arrived ten minutes later. He knocked on her door but got no response. He heard her crying from inside, but she didn’t answer his second knock either, so he tried the door. His eyebrows rose when he found it unlocked, but he went in quickly. He found her sitting on the couch in her living room crying and was immediately at her side.

He took her hand in his. “Katie, are you all right? What happened? What’s wrong?”

Katie was so scared it didn’t even register that he was in her apartment. She looked up at him and saw gentleness and concern. That’s all it took for her to throw her arms around his neck and cling to him like he was her lifeline. And in that moment he was.

He pulled her in against him, trying to comfort her. “Shhh, honey, it’s all right. Are you okay?”

He was gently rubbing her back while he held her, and that simple act of kindness was the reassurance she was seeking. She was able to slowly regain her control. “I’m sorry. I’m okay, just scared.”

He held her against him a few minutes. “Katie, are you this scared of a spanking, or are you scared of me?”

“Not you.”

“So you’re this scared of the spanking?”

She nodded. “I’ve never been spanked. I don’t know how much it’s going to hurt. And will you—you’ll probably—”

“I’ll what, Katie?”

Through her tears she got out, “You’ll hate me afterward.”

“Oh, heavens, no, I won’t hate you. On the contrary, I’ll have more respect for you. I know this was not an easy decision to make, and I have a great deal of respect for you for having made it, and for allowing me to help you.” She tried to smile, but it was the weakest smile he’d ever seen. His heart went out to her, and he made a decision.

Squaring his shoulders, he said, “Katie, you’ve thought and worried about this long enough. Let’s get it over with. Then we can order in some dinner and talk while we eat.”

His sudden announcement had exactly the effect he was hoping for. It caught her off-guard, and she didn’t fight him as he quickly sat down next to her on the couch and pulled her across his lap.

Chapter Two

Phil could easily tell that Katie was shocked when he quickly pulled her across his lap. In fact, it didn’t even register to her what was happening. However, she seemed to have caught on quickly when he flipped her skirt up over her back and pulled her panties down. He watched her reaction, and she was just about to scream when he brought his hand down sharply on her bare bottom. It obviously surprised her, but by the look on her face it must have hurt more than she was expecting. He spanked her again, and the air whooshed from her lungs.

He spanked her again and again, and paused when she seemed to be struggling. She was gasping to catch her breath, and kicking her legs, trying to break free of his hold. Phil paused a moment to speak to her. “Katie, settle down. Keep your legs still and stop kicking, and quit squirming so much.”

Struggling to catch her breath, she managed to whisper in jagged breaths. “I can’t. It hurts.”

Phil watched her trying to catch her breath, and paused the spanking. He placed his hand on her bottom and said, “Katie, breathe. Calm down, and take a breath.” He rubbed her bottom gently, trying to help her calm. He talked to her while he rubbed once she’d calmed a bit. “Katie, a spanking hurts. If it doesn’t hurt, how will it encourage you to change your behavior?”

He continued rubbing her bottom, partly to help her calm but mostly because it was the cutest little bottom he’d ever seen, and it felt too soft and smooth to stop. It took all his will to stop. “We’re going to finish this spanking now, but I want you to breathe. I’m going to be talking to you during the rest of the spanking, and I want you to listen to what I’m saying. And keep breathing. It’s going to hurt, but Katie, I will never do anything to cause you any lasting harm. Remember that. Are you ready?”

Once again, he didn’t give her a chance to think about it too much and get all worked up again. He resumed the spanking but started talking as well. He told her what he’d witnessed when she was talking with her coworkers this morning, and why it was wrong. “When you were hired and I gave you a written job description, did you read it?”

She was confused by the question, but she answered dutifully. “Yes. Why?”

“Did you see that part of your job description as the manager of human resources is to promote harmony among the employees and provide a peaceful work environment?” When she didn’t answer, he raised his voice a bit. “Katie, I’m waiting for an answer.” She still didn’t answer, and he gave her two quick swats on the back of her thighs. She squealed louder and tried harder to get off his lap. “Katie, when I ask you a question during a spanking I expect an answer. Now, if I have to ask you again you’ll get more than two swats on your thighs. Is that what you want?”

She quickly shook her head. “No. No, please don’t do that again. That really hurt.”

“As it was meant to. Remember that the next time I ask a question you don’t want to answer. Now, let’s go back and try that again. Were you aware that providing a peaceful work environment is in your job description?”

“No. I’m sorry.”

“Providing a peaceful work environment is part of every one of my managers’ job description. I normally don’t have to remind them of that, though, because a good manager will also want harmony among his employees. Do you have anything to say in defense of the way you treated your coworkers this morning?”

He stopped the spanking to let her answer, but she simply dropped her head. He gave her two solid swats on her bottom and cleared his throat. “Do I need to aim for your thighs again?”

“No. No, I was trying to think of what to say,” she said in between sobs.

“How about the truth? That would be your best bet at the moment. Do you have anything to say in defense of your actions?”

“No.” She sobbed before adding, “I’m sorry.”

“Remember this spanking the next time you start to lose your temper. I promise you, Katie, anytime I hear you talking to coworkers like that again, you’ll find yourself over my lap again. Do you understand?”

“Yes. Yes. I’m sorry. Oww. It hurts, Phil.”

“I’m sure it does hurt. And I hope I don’t have to do it again, but be assured that I will if I need to.” He kept spanking, and she kept yelling and squirming. Finally, mindful that this was her first spanking, he stopped. “Do you think you can provide a peaceful work environment for my employees now, Katie?”

“Yes! Yes. I’m so sorry, Phil.”

“I believe you now, Katie. I think you are sorry, and it’s over now, honey.” He gently picked her up and helped her sit on his lap, pulling her close to his chest, keeping the majority of her weight off her sore bottom. He was relieved when she leaned into his chest. He wasn’t at all sure what her reaction would be to this first spanking, and he was afraid she may want nothing to do with him.

He wrapped his arms around her, whispering in her ear in an attempt to help her calm. “It’s over now, and you’re forgiven, Katie. I’m proud of you for making that decision. I know it wasn’t easy.” She’d been crying, but at his words she looked up at him and he saw the weak beginning of a smile, then she cuddled back into his chest. He kept her in his arms, whispering to her while she calmed, assuring her he meant those words.

He waited patiently, giving her all the time she needed to calm down and get her breathing back under control. “Are you okay now, Katie?”

She quietly said, “I think so, but I need some ice.”

“What for?”

“To put the fire out. My butt burns so bad.”

He smiled, but firmly said, “No ice.”



“Aloe cream?”


“Fire extinguisher?”

“Nope.” He couldn’t hold back a chuckle. “But I will let you decide if you want to go out for dinner or if you’d rather we have something delivered. That is, assuming you’re still willing to have dinner with me?”

She grinned up at him. “You’re not getting out of dinner that easy, mister.”

“I’m not trying to get out of dinner,” he assured her. “I was a bit afraid you’d want out, though.”

“No, I’m good.” She settled back against his chest for several moments. “But we don’t have to eat yet, do we?”

He didn’t loosen his arms around her a bit. “No, of course not. In fact, we can’t yet. The spanking may be over, but the comforting has just begun. I don’t think either one of us is ready to end that yet. I just wanted to let you know, when you’re ready for dinner, it’s your choice.”

“The comforting?”

“Yes,” he confirmed. “The comforting is a vital part of a spanking. If I ever have to spank you again you can expect to be comforted again, as well. It’s a good way for us to reconnect after a spanking, and a place you can feel safe as you calm down and recover. Hopefully when I put my arms around you you’ll feel how much I care about you.”

She looked up shyly. “I do. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.” Holding her gaze, he made an admission. “And the fact that you let me hold you in my arms does a lot for me, too. Thank you for that.”

She smiled at his words. “So it helps us both?”

“Absolutely.” He pulled her in against his chest again, and they both sat in a very comfortable silence for several minutes. Eventually he broke the silence. “Katie, I normally believe that when a spanking is over it’s over and there’s no need to mention it again. But since this was your first one I want to give you a chance to talk about anything, or ask any questions you may have, but only if you want to. Anything on your mind?”

She hesitated a few moments, but then found the strength she was looking for. “If you were ever to do that again, would it always hurt that much?”

He chuckled, but answered her honestly. “Katie, you should know, I believe in spanking, as I said. I believe it’s a quick and effective way to deal with unacceptable behavior like temper tantrums, rudeness, or lying. I believe a punishment should fit the crime, so a spanking will be harder the bigger the lesson that needs to be learned. In this case, ignoring your job responsibilities and treating coworkers like that is something I take seriously.”

“So the worse my temper tantrum is, the worse the spanking will be?”

“Bingo,” he said, smiling at her. “So consider yourself warned now, especially as we begin a relationship outside of work.”

Looking at him skeptically, she voiced her concern. “So does that mean I could get spanked outside of work?”

“Yep,” he stated firmly with no apology.

“So if I do something you don’t like, that’s it, I could get spanked? That doesn’t sound fair.”

“If you’ll remember, Katie, I talked to you about this problem at work last week. You were warned your behavior was unacceptable. You had every opportunity to avoid this.”

She hung her head, but he used one finger to tip her chin back up so she was looking at him again. “I will normally warn you first on all things, honey, unless you do something that is blatantly rude, or you lie to me. I will never tolerate you lying to me or ignoring your health or safety. Anything else, you’ll be warned first. Okay?”

She thought a moment before answering so quietly he had to listen closely to hear her. “That sounds fair.”

“That’s one thing I try hard to be, is fair.”

She looked up and found herself looking into the most sincere eyes she’d seen. “I have no doubt about that at all.”

He pulled her back against him again as he smiled. “Thank you.” He gave her more time to absorb what had just happened. “Anything else you want to ask me about?”

“Not that I can think of. Thank you for asking, giving me the chance.”

“Honey, you deserve that, and I want you to know, if you ever have a question I want you to ask me. We can talk anytime you want. You just need to ask, okay?”

“Okay.” She cuddled in against him again, and they talked quietly about nothing important while they got to know each other on a personal basis a bit better.

When he heard her stomach growling he gently patted her bottom. “Are you ready for some dinner?”

“Yeah, I am getting hungry, I guess, now that I don’t have to worry about an upcoming spanking any longer.”

His eyes narrowed as he looked at her. “What did you have for lunch?”

“I was much too nervous to eat any lunch today.”

“So you skipped lunch?”

“I had to. I was way too nervous to eat.”

“Do you skip lunch often?”

“Not every day, but sometimes, yeah. Why?”

“I don’t want you to anymore.”


“I want you to eat three meals a day. That’s much healthier.”

“But sometimes I’m not all that hungry.”

“Then eat a small lunch.”

“But if I’m not very hungry—”

“Then a small lunch will keep you from getting hungry and having low blood sugar in the afternoon. Something like a salad, or a bowl of soup, or I’d even accept yogurt and some crackers.”


“Yep, you’re right. Your butt is what will be paying the price if you skip lunch again.”

“No, Phil, you can’t—”

“Katie, listen to me a minute. I feel very protective of you, and your health is important to me. Also, though, low blood sugar can bring about a quick temper. If you’re having temper tantrums it’s even more important that you eat three meals a day.” When he saw her look away momentarily, he asked, “What did you have for breakfast this morning?”

She looked down at her hands and shrugged her shoulders a bit as she quietly whispered her response. Unfortunately, it was so quiet he couldn’t hear it. “What did you have for breakfast?”

“My usual breakfast.”

“Which is?” He waited a few moments. “Which is, Katie?”

She sighed and admitted, “I hardly ever eat breakfast.”

Now Phil sighed. “We may have found part of your problem already, Katie. But that ends today. Starting tomorrow I want you to eat three meals a day. Do you understand?”

“But I’m not used to eating in the morning.”

“Then you’ll have to get used to it. Starting tomorrow.” He looked straight into her eyes and his stern voice returned. “Do you understand?”

“But—” Noticing his stern expression, she relented. “Okay. Yes, I guess I understand.”

“That’s my girl.” He kissed her forehead before switching to a softer voice. “Katie, I know you’re not used to eating breakfast. I’m not saying you have to eat eggs and bacon, potatoes and pancakes, but I do want you to eat something. Try a couple eggs and toast, or a bowl of hot cereal with some blueberries.” Seeing the look on her face, he suggested, “Or maybe just some fresh fruit and toast, and a glass of juice to start off with.”

She looked a bit worried, but agreed. “Okay, I’ll eat something, as long as you know it’s not going to be a big meal.”

“I’m good with that, at least for the first couple days.” She nodded, and he was satisfied. “So let’s go feed you. Would you rather we go out or order something for here?”

“I don’t go out to eat much, and that sounds tempting, but my butt is way too sore yet to sit that long. I think I’d rather get something here, and stand up to eat.”

The stern face was back instantly. “I’m okay with eating here, but you need to know you will not be standing to eat.”

“What do you mean?”

“I mean that sitting on a sore bottom after a spanking is part of the punishment. I have no objection to ordering in tonight, and I’ll even allow eating in the living room tonight so you can sit on a soft couch or chair. But in the future, you will sit at the table and eat a normal meal after a spanking, and no pillows are allowed on the chair.”

She smiled, thinking he was kidding. But when she saw the serious look on his face, her smile vanished. “You’re serious?”

“Completely.” He waited a bit with his arms still around her before making a suggestion. “You agreed to have dinner with me, but ordering in shouldn’t really count as having a nice dinner, so I have an idea. Why don’t we order in tonight, then I’ll take you someplace nice for dinner in two days? You’ll be able to sit comfortably by then so you won’t be preoccupied. We can enjoy a nice meal as we’re getting to know each other better. Does that sound okay?”

“Two days? You’re saying I’m not going to be able to sit for two days?”

He grinned and explained. “I said sit comfortably.” At her appalled look he continued. “Actually, I have a business meeting tomorrow evening, so we can’t go then. That’s why I said in two days. Will Friday work for you?”

Heaving a sigh of relief, she said, “You had me scared. Yes, Friday is fine with me. And thank you for putting dinner off. If you’re going to take me out then, I can fix us something to eat tonight.”

“I’m sure you can, but I already said we’d have something delivered, so what would you like? I can go pick up some takeout if you’d prefer that.”

“Do you like Chinese?”

“I love it. You?”

“I love it.”

“Good. Chinese it is, then.”

They sat side by side on the couch while they ate dinner, talking, laughing, and getting to know each other. Phil had to smile when Katie insisted she had to get up and get some wine for them, then had to go to the bathroom, and yet again for more wine.

When she said she had to go to the bathroom again, he reached out for her arm, gently pulling her back down. “No, I don’t think you do,” he said gently. “And I’m being lenient this first time, allowing you to sit on the soft couch instead of a hard wooden chair. I even allowed you to get up and leave three times. But don’t push it, honey. I will allow you to lean against me if you wish, taking some of the weight off your bottom, but you will not be getting up every ten minutes any longer.”

From the way she turned red he assumed she was either embarrassed or ashamed, and didn’t realize he knew what she was doing all along.

She glanced up at him eventually, and he thought the contrite look on her face was absolutely adorable. “I’m sorry. I didn’t know—”

Smiling kindly, he finished her thought when she paused. “You didn’t know I knew what you were doing and wouldn’t allow it?” To her credit, she nodded. He pulled her close, encouraging her to lean against him and take some of her weight off her bottom. “This whole spanking thing is new to you, and I understand that. I know there’s going to be an initiation period where you’re learning what I will and won’t allow. Remember, you can ask any questions you want at any time.” He smiled and gave her another little hug. “But I can understand why there are some things you may prefer to try to get away with, claiming ignorance if I stop you.”

She felt her face blush again at his words, knowing that’s what she’d done, finding an excuse to stand up and walk around so often. But, rather than embarrass her further, he simply leaned down and kissed the top of her head. The more she was getting to know Phil, the more she saw what a good man he was. She sighed in contentment and cuddled up a little closer to him, taking a bit more weight off her still-terribly sore butt. Although she was sure he knew that was what she did, the kind and gentle man simply smiled and pulled her in tight against him.


Katie was ready for work the next morning, all except for breakfast. She’d gotten up a bit earlier to allow the extra time for it, but she just wasn’t hungry. Eggs didn’t sound good, and nothing in her fridge or cupboard looked good. She decided she’d stop at the grocery store after work today and get some fruit.

As she was staring at her fridge and everything she didn’t want to eat, her phone rang.


“Hey, pretty lady. How are you this morning?”

She smiled instantly. “I’m good. Thank you for asking.”

“My pleasure. Still sore?”

She blushed, even though he couldn’t see her. “I wasn’t, until I sat down to put my shoes on.”

He didn’t even try to hide a chuckle. “Good. Let it be a little reminder.” Before she had a chance to object he asked, “Have you had breakfast yet?”

He could hear the pout in her voice as she said, “No, not yet. I’m standing in front of my refrigerator, wishing something in it looked good.”

He laughed as he offered a suggestion. “How about a bowl of assorted fresh fruit and cheese, and some yogurt?”

“Either one of those sounds better than anything I have. Can you get any of that in a drive-through between here and work?”

“I’m glad they sound good, because they’re sitting on your desk. Come on in, and you can eat in the break room before you start your day.”

“You got me some breakfast?”

“I sprung this breakfast thing on you last night, and I know you haven’t had a chance to go to the grocery store yet, so I picked something up for you at the deli just down the street from my house.”

“Thank you, Phil.”

“It’s the least I could do. After all, I’m the one that changed your routine for you.” Getting more serious, he said, “Katie, there is one thing I wanted to talk to you about before you get to the office.”

She was instantly worried. “What’s that?”

“A couple things, really. People know I saw you screaming at your coworkers yesterday, brought you into my office, and then you left. If word gets around that we’re dating now, there are going to be some upset people, thinking I let you get away with it because we’re dating. That wouldn’t be good for either of us. I had intended on taking you out for lunch today since we can’t have dinner, but I’m afraid that might cause problems. I think we should wait until next week to have lunch together. In the meantime, I think you need to speak to the ladies you insulted yesterday.”

Katie quietly agreed. “I intend to apologize to them. After you left last night I did a lot of thinking.”

“I’m glad to hear that.”

“Yeah, well, I wasn’t too proud of myself after I thought things through. But I did come to the conclusion that I deserved what I got, and they deserve an apology.”

“I’m proud of you. I knew that Katie was hiding in there somewhere.”

“And you deserve a big thank-you for giving me another chance.”

“Just show me you deserve that second chance. That’s all I want.”

“I intend to. But I hope you have…”

When she quit, Phil asked, “You hope I have what?”

“I hope you have a lot of patience. I’m planning on trying to change, I mean really trying, but I have to be realistic. I know I can’t change overnight, and I hope you’re not going to give up on me the first time I slip.”

“Katie, as long as I see you trying and moving forward, I’ll be happy. I know you aren’t going to change overnight. I don’t expect you to.”

“Thank you.”

“Right now, though, why don’t you come on into the office and have some breakfast?”

“Okay, I’m on my way. Thanks, Phil.”

Twenty minutes later Katie stopped by Phil’s office, holding the breakfast he left for her on her desk. “Thanks. I appreciate it,” she said, holding it up.

“You’re welcome.” Getting up, he asked, “Are you going to the break room?”

“Yep. Want to come with me?”

“I’ll walk with you, yes. I was just going to go get some coffee.” They fell into easy conversation about the traffic caused by road construction not far from the office.

When they got to the break room Katie froze. The same ladies she’d had words with yesterday, along with two others, were sitting at the table having coffee and looked up when Phil and Katie entered. It got quiet until Phil said, “Good morning, ladies. It looks like you had the same idea as me.” He held up his coffee cup as he headed for the coffee pot. “Some coffee to get you going before you start work?”

Several wished him a good morning, and a couple mumbled their agreement to coffee before starting work, but a couple got up to leave. Before any of them could even head for the door, Katie stopped them. “Ladies, please stay a minute, there’s something I’d like to say.” Phil listened but didn’t say anything.

She took a deep breath and plunged ahead. “Yesterday I said some things I regret saying.” Phil got his coffee without saying anything and turned toward the door. Seeing him, she said, “Phil, please stay a minute if you can.” He nodded.

“I said some awful things that I now regret saying. Phil heard them and called me into his office. He asked me what I thought I was doing, and to be honest, I didn’t have an answer for him. He sent me home to think about it, and told me that if I want to keep this job I need to change. I thought a lot yesterday, and I’m ashamed of myself. I didn’t mean what I said yesterday, and whether Phil lets me keep my job or not, I’d like to ask if each of you could please forgive me.”

Two of the ladies, Linda and Sara, got up and went to her, giving her a hug. Linda smiled at her. “We all have a bad day once in a while. Don’t worry about it.”

Sara added, “I’ve certainly done things I’ve regretted, so as far as I’m concerned it never happened. I’ve forgotten it already.”

Phil smiled as he watched the ladies being very kind and forgiving toward Katie. All except Evelyn. He noticed she was hanging back, nodding her head, but not saying a word. He made a mental note of that but focused on Katie thanking the other ladies.

He picked up his cup and addressed Linda and Sara. “Ladies, thank you for your understanding.” He turned to Katie. “And Katie, your coworkers are apparently willing to forgive and forget, so I am too.” Giving her a stern look, he added, “This time.” The stern look was gone quickly, and he was smiling again. “Now, I see you have your breakfast with you. I’ve taken up enough of your time this morning, so go ahead and enjoy your breakfast before you start working. I wouldn’t want you to experience low blood sugar from skipping breakfast.” She looked up at him as he was leaving, and he winked at her.

The rest of Thursday and Friday was uneventful at work. Phil kept an eye on Katie and was happy to see her working well with the others, and keeping her temper under control. The ladies she’d had words with all seemed to be making a genuine effort to get to know her better and become friends. All except Evelyn. Evelyn was friendly enough but would just as soon bypass her door as to stop in to say hi like the others had begun doing. Once again Phil made a mental note of this and hoped it wasn’t a problem brewing.

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