Maid for Their Pleasure by Cora Montgomery – Maid for Pleasure – Part One

Chapter One

“Enter,” Lily smoothed down her apron and patted her hair, then turned the knob and entered the master’s study.

“You sent for me, my lord,” she said demurely her eyes respectfully on the floor. Her heart beat rapidly against her breast.

“Look at me, please,” he commanded. Lily looked up into his eyes. They were brown, she noted. She had to resist the impulse to wipe her damp palms on her starched apron as she waited to hear what he wanted from her. Goodness he was handsome, she thought. His hair, dark and thick with enough curl to make it interesting. His jaw was firm and his cheeks high. He sat back in his chair and studied her just as thoroughly. She really wanted to squirm under his perusal but managed to remain still.

“You take care of your mother, do you not?” he asked casually.

“Yes, my lord. I send her money from my pay,” she answered him.

“Mrs. Peters told me you send her nearly all your money.”

“You provide for my room and board, my lord, so I am not as in need of cash as she is… Sir.” She finished lamely, hating that she always talked too much when she was nervous.

“I always strive to ensure my employees are well paid and happy in my service, so I can be assured of their loyalty. Do I have your loyalty, Lily?”

Oh my goodness, he knows my name, she thought before replying, “Of course, my lord. My loyalty to you is absolute.” She assured him.

“Why did you hesitate?” he asked curiously.

“You know my name, my lord. It caught me by surprise.” He laughed at that making her smile.

“I am going to make you a proposition. Your decision will not affect your position in the house. I asked Mrs. Peters if any of the house maids seemed in need of extra money and she suggested you. There have been no rumors or innuendo attached to your name. That is not why I chose you. Do you understand this?”

“Yes, my lord.” She was getting more nervous and more curious now as she had no idea what he was talking about.

“Are you a virgin, Lily?”

“Yes, my lord. Of course, I am. I’m a good girl,” she said in a rush.

“Damn. This would be easier if you were experienced.” Did he want her to—to lay with him? She wasn’t sure how she felt about that.

“My wife is coming this evening. You know this already. You have been preparing for her for days. May I speak candidly with you?”

“Yes, my lord.”

“We have an unconventional relationship. She has her affairs and I have mine, but occasionally we enjoy cheating together. We both find it mutually satisfying bringing another into our bed. She has no objections to another woman, but her letter to me told me if I had not found a suitable young woman before she arrives she will pick, and I will be damned if we wind up with another footman in my bed. Once was enough.”

Lily didn’t know what to do about this. A part of her wanted to run out of the room and hide behind her feather duster for the foreseeable future, but another part of her really wanted to know what three people would do in a bed together. How would that even work, she wondered?

“Before you decide either way I should ask you, have you ever been spanked?” He asked the question so casually she was caught off guard.

She laughed. “No, my lord, not that I can recall.” She told him honestly, her smile still on her face. He smiled, too, though his looked more resigned than truly humorous.

“I enjoy spanking a woman before sex, and sometimes during. My wife enjoys it also, so you would be left with a sore, burning, hot ass and probably won’t be able to sit comfortably for a day or so.” He paused then, letting that bit of information sink in, before adding, “I also enjoy restraining a woman. If you do not believe you could stand that, tell me now.”

“My lord, I truly do not know. My experience with men has been very limited.” She shifted on her feet, worried he would end this strange and exciting interview if he knew just how limited it had been. She had never even been kissed. “My lord, if I might also be candid?” At his nod, she continued, “You mentioned money. How much exactly?”

He smiled appreciatively and said, “One hundred pounds.” She nearly fell over. The amount was staggering. A hundred pounds was more than a girl like her could make in years. She felt rather proud that he considered her virginity so valuable. She opened her mouth to say yes. Oh, yes, spank me, whip me, tie me down. Do anything you want with me. With that kind of money, she could buy a small cottage for her mother close by and could visit her often. Before she could say the words, he stopped her.

“I want you to think about it, first. Really consider what I want from you before you agree. In selling your body you also sell a piece of your soul. I am eager to have this settled, but I don’t want you rushing into a decision that will affect your life just because the money’s good. Come back in one hour and tell me then. You’re dismissed.” He went back to his papers and she gave a curtsy he didn’t see and left the room. Her head was spinning. One hundred pounds!

Chapter Two

Her resolve flip-flopped throughout the hour. She glanced up at the clock again, startled to see only five minutes had elapsed since she had last checked. Her thoughts were a jumbled mess as she considered everything Lord Masterson had said. Spanked, he had said. Restrained, what did that even entail? One hundred pounds… but, with his wife? What was she to do with a woman. How did that work? She didn’t know how any of it would work to be honest, but between her legs, where she touched herself some nights, she felt hot and sweaty and ached with a throbbing pressure.

Would she trade a piece of her soul for the chance to finally understand the inner workings of a marriage bed? She had promised herself she would never give in to the temptation the way some of the village girls, who found themselves pregnant with no husband and no more doors open to them, had.

But for a hundred pounds? And if she pleased the master and his lady wife would they request her again? Would she receive a hundred pounds if she were no longer a virgin? So many questions. She realized she had not asked him a single one except about the money.

It was finally time. She knocked once on the thick door and waited. She entered when bade and stood in the center of the room where she had stood during the interview.

“Have you decided?” he asked.

“Yes. That is, yes, I have decided.” She shifted from her nerves and looked into his eyes again. “Yes, my lord. I’ll join you and your lady wife in your bed.” His smile made her melt a little inside and she was glad she had agreed so she could receive that smile.

“Excellent. Please remove your uniform and underthings.” She blanched at his words and stood still trying to decipher what he had said.

“I’m sorry, my lord, but did you say…?”

“Remove your clothing? Yes, I would like to inspect your body.” He sounded so clinical, so dispassionate, she found herself reaching behind to untie her apron and undoing her buttons down the front before she could become paralyzed by her impending embarrassment. She allowed her dress uniform and apron to fall to the floor then bent to pick them up and lay them over the back of a silk brocade chair so fine she dare not sit on it.

She untied the tapes of her sturdy, cotton drawers and pushed them down to her ankles. Deciding to remove her stockings at the same time, she rolled them down and balanced on first one foot then the other then she straightened with the garments in her hand and lay them on the chair, under her dress. She felt strangely shy about him seeing her undergarments.

The contradiction made her giggle and that made her blush. Last she removed the cap from her head revealing her blonde hair pulled back and pinned in a prim bun. She stood straight and as tall as her five-foot two-inch frame would allow. Her hands fluttered about trying to discreetly cover various parts of her exposed body.

Lord Masterson came around from his desk and gently took hold of her hands. He smiled as he placed them down at her sides then stepped back and studied her. “How long is your hair?” Grateful he had not asked her to go through the bother of taking it down only to have to put it all back up again.

“It goes down to the center of my back, my lord.” She said with a touch of pride in her voice.

His hand came forward and tested the weight of one breast. She was so shocked, her breath caught in her throat and she might have fainted dead away on the floor if he hadn’t reminded her to breathe.

“You truly are an innocent, aren’t you?” he asked sounding sympathetic, while his thumb rubbed over her nipple bringing it to a stiff point.

“Yes, my lord. You are the first to ever touch me.” Her voice was shaky when she responded.

“Would you prefer to keep your virginity intact? My wife and I can enjoy having you in—other ways.” Her confusion showed on her face.

“I thought you were paying for my virginity, my lord?”

“Not exactly. I am paying you to let me spank you and play with you and watch you kiss and pleasure my wife. And to watch my wife pleasure you. She is very good with her mouth,” he explained. She shivered at his words, now more aroused than embarrassed or scared. He walked around her, touching her with soft hands, feeling the smoothness of her skin and the tautness of her muscle and sinew.

“You have a lovely body, Lily. Generous figure and pale, unblemished skin as soft as satin. Such lovely tits and topped with these beautiful, large nipples.” His fingers came up and pinched one, making her gasp and her insides turn molten. He gave a satisfied smile to her reaction to such small pain.

“Turn around and bend over placing your hands on the chair.” She licked her lips nervously and did as she was told. She felt awkward and exposed, but not enough for his liking.

“Arch your back,” he said, running his hand down from her neck to her bottom, pushing slightly on the small of her back. “Spread your legs. More, yes, just like that. Oh, that’s very nice, you’re wet just from this.” His hand had slipped between her legs and petted her soft curls and she had a shameful urge to press against his hand. “Now, I’m going to spank you a little. Just to see how you respond and color.” She braced herself, but still flinched when his hand came down hard and sharp on her bottom. She gasped but stayed still for him.

“Oh, yes,” he said, rubbing where he had just slapped her. “Very nice, indeed. Pink against your white is most pleasing. Now, let’s try for red, shall we?”

He spanked her hard and repeatedly, again and again he brought his hand down, moving around to catch her from different angles. Sometimes he stayed in one spot until the burning became so intense she felt tears drip from her tightly closed eyes. She shifted and wriggled and danced on her toes but didn’t try to escape the onslaught.

When at last he stopped she trembled and burned, but also ached and throbbed in her core. She wanted to press her thighs together or slip her own hand between her legs and rub herself until she erupted in pleasure. Instead, she took several deep breaths trying to calm herself while she waited for further instructions.

She heard him behind her. His breath was harsh and coming fast like he had just been running. She wanted to weep with relief when his hand returned to her quim and stroked her. She was so aroused she felt no shame when he pushed a finger into her. She moaned from the pressure as she pushed against him, her body begging him for more.

“Do you know how to pleasure yourself, Lily?”

“Yes, my lord,” she sobbed out as he took his hand away.

“Very good. Then do so. Stay in this position, I want to watch you.” She didn’t even hesitate. She brought one hand to her quim and began to rub herself frantically, desperate to ease the ache he had built in her.

“Not so fast, girl. Slow down and enjoy yourself a bit. Make some noise if you want to.” She did so, and decided it was nice to not have to reach her peak quickly and silently hiding under her blanket, afraid to wake her roommate.

She stroked herself slowly finding places of exquisite sensation that made her release a moan of pleasure that earned her praise from her master.

“Oh God, yes. Just like that. Slide a finger in. Oh, yes, that’s a good girl.” She moaned. She could hear him panting and the sounds of flesh on flesh and his own moan of pleasure and she realized with a jolt of joy that he was pleasuring himself while he watched her.

The idea excited her so much she felt her orgasm build and build, coming ever closer, until she tipped over and moaned loud and long. A wave of pleasure crashed over her, more powerful and consuming than any she had ever felt before leaving her shaken and spent.

Lord Masterson squeezed her bottom cheek, his fingers painful after her spanking and heard him groan and felt cool drops splatter her burning bum and knew he, too, had found his release.

“Stay still a moment while I clean you up.” She waited and felt him rub a soft cloth between her legs mopping up her soaking wet thighs. He rubbed the cloth over her bottom cleaning away what must have been his own fluids.

She sighed from pleasure while he rubbed her bottom with his hand then laughed when he gave her a couple of more slaps. “I’m pleased with you, Lily, you did that very well.” He helped her stand up on shaky legs and she smiled at him, pleased by his praise.

“Get dressed and go to your room and rest. I’ll summon you when my wife arrives. She will want to look you over herself, she will also see to your grooming for this evening.”

Lily dressed, gave Lord Masterson a curtsy and went to her room. She lay on her bed in a clean shift and drawers after she had given herself a quick wash and remembered everything that had happened in the last two hours. Now, that her arousal had dimmed she felt embarrassment and shame for her behavior.

As much as she tried to justify her decision she couldn’t stop the tears from stinging her eyes. She fell into a fitful doze wondering what more she would endure tonight and if she would enjoy it.

Chapter Three

“Charles, I’ve missed you!” Viscountess Masterson said, laughing as she embraced her husband. A delighted smile lit his face as he hugged his wife.

“I missed you too, Emma. How was Paris?” he asked as he released her and sat on the couch pulling her down onto his lap. She laughed again and snuggled close to him. “Paris was divine. The food and the conversations. Oh, I saw the most delightful play and attended an opera by a new composer who I believe will be a huge success… if only I could remember his name.” She looked at him and sighed. “But it would have been more fun if you had been there.”

“You could have come home sooner. I should put you over my lap and spank you for an hour for staying away so long.” She beamed at him.

“Really darling?” she asked breathlessly. “I was rather naughty while I was away. I do deserve a good, long, hard… spanking,” she said coyly making Charles laugh.

“Speaking of spanking, did you get my missive?” she asked interested.

“I did and have taken care of the matter.” She sat up, excitement giving her cheeks color and making her eyes shine bright.

“Who did you find? Is she pretty? Is she here now?” She bombarded him with questions and Charles smiled over her eagerness.

“She is very pretty, and she is a maid in the house named Lily. I have already sent for her and she should be here—”

“You sent for me, my lord,” Lily said from the door.

“And here she is.” Lady Masterson slid off her husband’s lap to stand and beckon the girl closer. Lord Masterson stood as well and adjusted his clothes over the bulge his wife had put in his pants.

Lily was surprised by the show of obvious affection she saw between the couple. Why were they unfaithful if they liked each other so well, she wondered?

She entered the room and curtsied to her mistress. She had intended to keep her eyes lowered demurely, but the woman was so strikingly beautiful she couldn’t look away. Her face was heart shaped and her eyes large and very blue and topped with perfectly arched eyebrows. Her hair was dark and brought up on the side of her head to cascade down her neck and over her shoulder in bouncy curls. Her gown was the first state of fashion and hugged her curves lovingly. Her smile was inviting, and she radiated excitement making Lily smile back. Lady Masterson reached out her hand to her and Lily grasped it and allowed herself to be pulled forward.

“Charles, she is adorable. Absolutely adorable,” the viscountess said and Lily blushed. She glanced to Lord Masterson as he walked to the door. He closed it and turned the key in the lock.

When he came back to them he said, “Lily, turn and lift your skirts and show your lady how well you color.” Her lady could have known how well she colored just from the blush on her cheeks, but she turned and fumbled beneath her skirts for the tapes of her drawers. She pushed them down to her knees then lifted the heavy fall of skirt and petticoat to reveal her scarlet backside.

Her lady caressed her backside making Lily shiver from the coolness of her hand where she was still warm. “Such lovely fair skin, you have. I want to put stripes across your thighs and cover the rest of you with pink splotches from my crop. You’ll be so beautiful, my dear.” Her hand fell away and Lily released a breath with a slight shudder.

“You may lower your skirts now, sweet girl. And have a seat,” she said kindly indicating a chair adjacent to the couch. Lily sat with her hands folded in her lap and watched the fascinating couple.

“I have maids readying a bath and once I’ve bathed you will use the tub and have a bath too,” she said to Lily. “My lady’s maid will shave your legs and pussy, so you’ll be bare, like me.” To Lily’s surprise Lady Masterson scooted down on the couch and raised her skirts spreading her thighs apart to show off her perfect, pink, pussy. Shaved smooth and plump and glistening with the dew of arousal.

“My, Emma, you’re so beautiful.” He Lord Masterson stroked between her folds with the tip of one finger. Lily watched raptly as his finger circled around and slid up and down before disappearing into her hollow.

“Charlie, you won’t make me wait until tonight to have you, will you?” she said panting from her husband’s ministrations.

“You know the rules, my love, you must pay the penance, first. How many did you go to bed with while you were away from me?”

She hesitated for a moment, then confessed. “Ten, eight men and two women,” she said with a groan as her husband continued stroking her inside and out. Lily was feeling warm now and felt a rush of moisture from her core dampen her drawers.

“So many, Emma. You’re going to be very sore when I finish punishing you. Shall we go now?”

“Yes,” she said, pushing his hand away and lowering her skirts so she could stand. Lord Masterson rose as well and glanced to where Lily sat.

“You may come and watch me punish and fuck my wife if you like, Lily,” he offered her. Lily should have felt horrified by the idea, but she didn’t. She feared if she hadn’t been invited she just might have had to kneel before the key hole to try to see what he was going to do to her.

“Thank you, my lord.” She stood to follow her employers from the parlor, up the stairs and into the master’s suite.

“Help me with my gown, Charlie,” Emma said turning so he could undo the small pearl buttons down her back. Her gown fell to the floor and she stepped out of it as Charles went to work unfastening her corset. Lily, being a well-trained maid went to rescue the costly gown from the floor and laid it carefully over a chair then stood uncertainly while she waited for them to indicate where they wanted her.

It took only a few minutes for Lord Masterson to strip his lady wife bare. Lily had thought her strikingly beautiful clothed but unclothed she was stunning and quite took Lily’s breath away.

“Assume the position while I fetch a few things, my dear. Lily, pull up a chair beside the bed so you have a good view.” He went into his dressing room and Lady Masterson stood beside the bed, bent over and braced her hands on the mattress. It was the same position he had Lily take before he had spanked her.

Lady Masterson looked at Lily with a smile of anticipation curving her perfect lips. “Loosen your dress and take your breasts out, dear. I love looking at a nice pair of tits.” Lily felt flush as she reached to undo the buttons then reached down and lifted the heavy mounds from the dress, she tucked in the edges of the open bodice, so she could display herself properly.

She was so excited by what was happening she was past shame or modesty. She had so little excitement in her life she wanted to savor every moment of the experience. Also, she was a good worker and was determined to do a good job for her masters. When Lord Masterson returned she sat up straight and he smiled at the sight of her exposed breasts with her tidy uniform.

He lay several things down on the bed before his wife making her eyes widen over his selections. “You’re going to use Mark Anthony, Charles? He’s so bloody uncomfortable. Couldn’t you use King Henry instead?” she pleaded. Lord Masterson only smiled.

“You know the penalty for fucking a woman when I can’t watch. And you had two. No, my dear, I will put every inch of Mark Anthony inside you and you will hold him there until tonight.” He had a wicked grin that made Lily feel liquid inside.

He picked up a small bottle of amber liquid and opened the lid releasing a burst of fragrance. Lily recognized the scents of orange, lemon and clove. He poured some of the viscous fluid between his wife’s rounded bottom cheeks, rubbed it around with his finger then pressed his finger into her bottom hole. Lily gasped slightly making them both turn to her.

“Are you shocked, Lily?” Lord Masterson asked as he continued to pump his finger into his wife’s rear. “I’ll be doing this to you, tonight. Shall I put a plug inside you to stretch you out before I fuck your tight little hole?” he asked.

She didn’t know how to answer him, so she said, “If it pleases you, my lord.”

He removed his hand from his wife and picked up the oil again pouring more down her crevasse then capped it and tossed it to the bed and picked up what looked like a large leather sausage. It was at least ten inches long and an inch and a half thick and he pressed the rounded end to Lady Masterson’s bottom hole.

Lily watched fascinated as he began to work the sausage she assumed must be Mark Anthony into his wife. It took a very long time to do. He pushed in an inch then pulled it out and pressed it in again further. Again, and again he did this, pushing more and more into her. Half way she began to have trouble taking more so he reached around and rubbed her between her legs and managed to work in two more inches.

“That’s it, Emma, take it all. I know you can,” he said in a low, husky voice.

Lily found herself leaning forward to better see what he was doing, and she had to admit it was very erotic and arousing to watch. Lady Masterson was panting and groaning as he pushed the sausage in even more until only two inches still remained outside her body. His hand moved faster and more insistent against her core and Lily saw her mistress’ fluids running down her thighs making Lily aware how very wet she was herself.

Her hands went to her breasts and she rubbed them, pinching her nipples the way he had and pressed her thighs together to try to contain the steady pulse beating in her quim.

Lord Masterson finally managed to push Mark Anthony all the way into his panting, groaning wife then stepped back. His own breath shallow and rapid, a film of sweat across his brow. Lady Masterson shifted from foot to foot and wriggled her bottom trying to adjust to the enormous leather sausage in her bum.

His hands went to her pert bottom and he squeezed her cheeks together, then jiggled them. He swatted one and Lady Masterson moaned in pleasure. “A few warming spanks before the paddle, my dear?” he asked before slapping her cheek hard. Lady Masterson gasped then gasped again as he slapped the other cheek. He stood beside her and proceed to spank her with firm steady rhythm, covering her whole bottom with a crimson blush. When he was done he bent to pick up the paddle and went to stand behind her again. He pulled Mark Anthony partly out and pushed it all the way back in again.

Lady Masterson had already been brought to tears from the spanking and Lily wondered how she would handle the large, thick, polished wooden paddle.

“You laid with ten people, two of them women. I will give you ten strokes with the paddle. You will count them and thank me for each one. If I feel you have learned your lesson when it’s over, I will fuck you. If not…” He let his words trail off and Lily understood. If Lady Masterson did not sound contrite enough she would not be granted her pleasure as further punishment. Lily thought that would be grossly unfair after all the woman had already endured.

The first strike sounded as loud as a pistol shot in the quiet room and Lady Masterson cried out then managed to say, “One. Thank you, Charles.” He showed no mercy, bringing the cruel implement down forcefully with every heavy blow. By seven, Lady Masterson was openly weeping. Her arms and legs trembled, and her bottom was red as fire. Nine and ten were delivered on the backs of her thighs and Lady Masterson screamed with each one.

“Ten! Thank you, thank you, please, I’m so sorry, Charles.” Her words were true, and Lord Masterson wasted no time unfastening his pants and pushing them down enough to free his manhood. It was the first penis Lily had ever seen and she looked her fill. It was not as long as Mark Anthony, but it was thicker. Lady Masterson spread her legs wider and he stepped up to her, fitted himself against her quim and pushed himself in with one hard thrust.

“Oh, oh, oh,” Lady Masterson cried as he plunged into her, smacking his hips against her burning bum with each hard thrust. Lily wondered how she could accommodate both large intrusions without rupturing.

“I need more, Charles. I want to come!” she all but shouted.

“Lily, rub my lady’s pussy. Stroke her, make her come.” Lily rose and reached down between her mistress’ thighs and found the hard nub of her pleasure and stroked her firmly making the woman gasp and grunt. Lily was so entranced by the sensual display she didn’t realize she made her own sounds of arousal. Gasping and moaning in time with his thrusts and her cries of joyful abandon.

Lady Masterson came in a loud moan of ecstasy quickly followed by Lord Masterson’s groan of completion. He stilled deep inside her and strained as his body went rigid, he continued to rock his hips in deep nudges as his intensity drained away and he fell back and sat heavily in the chair covered in his lady’s gown.

Lady Masterson collapsed onto the bed and lay panting, exhausted and spent. Lily, feeling awkward and unsure, slipped into her role as maid and went to the wash stand and poured fresh cool water into the bowl. She wet two towels and wrung them out before washing her own hands.

She took a wet towel to Lord Masterson first and handed it to him. He thanked her as he took it then she went to poor Lady Masterson and quickly and efficiently cleaned oil, wetness and seed from her lady’s quim. She went back to the wash stand and tossed the soiled rag into the basket and found a fresh one. She wet that one and only wrung it out a little then she went back to her lady and laid the cool cloth over her scarlet rump making the lady exhale a sigh of relief.

Lord Masterson stood and stretched his arms high over his head then lowered them to twist his torso side to side. He refastened his pants and straightened his clothes then went to kiss his wife’s brow and whisper a few words that made her laugh quietly. He turned to Lily and gave her a nod then left the room closing the door behind him.

“Is there anything I can do for you, my lady?” Lily asked solicitously.

“Come lie with me, dear.” Lily lay on her tummy on the bed beside the beautiful lady. Emma turned her head and smiled as she took hold of Lily’s hand.

“Did that frighten you?” She asked.

“A little, yes,” Lily admitted.

“He would have stopped if I had asked it of him. He would have been disappointed in me, but he would stop. I didn’t ask, though. It hurts, yes, but the pleasure after such pain is—” She searched for the right word then said, “transcendent.” She finished with a sigh.

They lay quietly for a time then Lady Masterson spoke, “There were no men or women, you know. I do have affairs sometimes, but he would have to be truly spectacular to compare to my husband. Charles knew it too. He has a man watch over me and send back reports of my activities and wellbeing.” Lily was confused.

“Why did you lie then, my lady?”

“I enjoy our passionate lovemaking, my dear. And Charles does so love the sight of a well punished back side. He also loves to watch me squirm when I sit down to dinner. Knowing how uncomfortable I am. Knowing he made me that way. It’s very exciting for him. But bringing you into our bed and our games, well, that’s exciting for me.” She laughed softly.

“Did you notice I chose the number of strikes? That’s why he asked me how many, so I could decide how much I could stand. And if I hadn’t included women he wouldn’t have a reason to shove a great leader up my ass. I know the rules and at least it wasn’t Alexander the Great this time.” She laughed softly at Lily’s surprised look.

Chapter Four

Lady Masterson pushed herself carefully up from the bed and told Lily to rest. Then went to take her bath and prepare for dinner. Before Lily was allowed to bathe, Lady Masterson’s lady’s maid first subjected her to the mortifying experience of being shaved. She managed to lie perfectly still as the woman shaved the soft curls from Lily’s quim and under her arms, but she flinched when the maid found a ticklish spot behind her knee and sustained a small nick.

She had just washed her hair, so it didn’t need to be done and that gave Lily more time to soak in the tub of cool scented water. When she was finished the maid, Sally, dressed her in a diaphanous dressing gown of blushing pink silk and sat her in a chair to put up her hair. She pulled it to the crown of her head and wrapped a braided lock around and around until it formed a cone several inches high and her silky, honey blonde hair spilled out like sunlight and stopped just below her shoulders. Lily had never seen such a style before and said so.

“It’s so it can fall and be beautiful yet stay out of the way of my lady’s crop, miss.” This information, offered so casually made Lily blanch. She wondered what tales the girl could tell but was too afraid to ask.

A meal had been brought up to her and once the last pin was placed in her hair she was led to a small table and bade to sit and eat. She was so nervous about what was going to happen tonight her stomach was rolling and she wound up just pushing the food around on her plate.

“Best eat something, miss. You wouldn’t want to faint from hunger. You might miss something.” Lily managed to swallow a few bites and washed it down with a glass of the master’s excellent wine. The wine helped lesson her tension which allowed her to take a few more bites of the delicious fare.

Finally deciding she had enough she stood and began to look around the room. She examined the trinkets and was looking at a painting that depicted a park with a river running through it and several people walking around the shore, when the door opened, and the happy chattering couple walked in.

“You promised you would take it out after dinner, Charles. You can’t renege on the deal.”

“I want to play with it for a while first, sweetheart,” he said with a silly grin as he shut and locked the door behind them.

“You played with it before dinner. You fucked me hard and left me unsatisfied and laughed when I squirmed and winced all through dinner. You have played enough.” She turned around and he began unfastening the buttons down her back and helping her off with her gown.

Neither of them paid any attention to her so she watched them, amused by their banter. She had noticed the maid had picked up her plate and left the room through the dressing room door. Apparently, she was used to their routine and didn’t stay to assist her lady.

Lily stayed silent and watched as Lady Masterson’s body was revealed layer by expensive silken layer until she was completely naked. Her body was perfection, slim waist, long legs, pert uplifted breasts topped with cherry red nipples. What amazed her more was how comfortable she was nude. She had a sensual confidence about her that asserted itself in every graceful movement.

Lord Masterson kissed his wife, his hands roaming over her body as he did so then he pulled back and swatted her bottom with a grin and said, “Go position yourself then. I’ll see to you in a moment.” He removed his own clothes while Lady Masterson went to the bed, placed her hands on the mattress and bent over, spreading her legs enough to show her bald pussy and her plugged ass to her husband. He looked his fill as he stripped, and Lily was just as fascinated by the strapping body he revealed. He was broad chested and muscular with a light furring across his chest. When he was as naked as she, he glanced to Lily.

“Remove your dressing gown and join us, Lily,” he said, holding out his hand to her. She was blushing she was sure, but her hands barely shook as she released the buttons of the borrowed robe, let it fall from her shoulders, slid if off her arms and draped it across a chair.

She wished she could be as cavalier about her nudity as her beautiful mistress, but she couldn’t hide her discomfort.

She stood beside the bed and watched as he grasped the end of Mark Anthony and slid it from his wife’s behind then push it back in. Lady Masterson grunted and gasped at the intrusion and her face contorted with what looked like pain but could also have been pleasure. Lily wasn’t sure, and she begin to feel frightened. She looked at Lord Masterson’s member and compared it to the dildo. He was much thicker, but not as long, thank God, but she began to back away from them without realizing it.

He had already let her know he would be putting himself into her own bottom and she couldn’t tell if Lady Masterson was groaning from pain or pleasure. When at last he allowed the dildo to slip completely from her body she moaned and collapsed onto the bed, breathing hard.

“Does it hurt very much?” Lily asked, no longer able to hold back her fear.

“Ahh, no, dear. Well, yes, but only in the best of ways.

“Go clean yourself up while I stretch our little maid with Napoleon.”

“But I want to watch,” she protested.

“Very well. Once he’s in I’m going to give her a good long spanking, you can take care of it then. He sat on the edge of the bed and again held his hand out to Lily. She took it and allowed him to lay her over his lap.

“Would you like to do the honors sweetheart?” She heard him ask.

“Oh, yes, thank you, Charlie.” Lily felt his large hands spread apart her cheeks and smelled the scent of citrus and clove again before feeling the cool oil dribbling along her crevice. His finger spread it around her puckered hole then she gasped as he slid into her. It didn’t hurt. It felt strange and good, sending tingles along her spine. He pressed in deep then moved faster, fucking her with the digit, he pulled out and she felt more oil, then stretching as he worked two fingers into her.

She reminded herself to breathe this time as he plunged two fingers into her tight back passage. It was beginning to feel good when she felt stretched even more. This felt different and she didn’t know why until she heard Lady Masterson speak. “Oh, Charlie she is so tight; it’s going to feel amazing to you when you fuck her.” Lily realized Lady Masterson had added a finger to her husbands and they were both stretching her. “Sometimes, I wish I had a penis,” she said and sighed as they continued to work her tight hole.

Their fingers left her, making her feel strangely hollow, then she felt more cool oil being applied. Her butt cheeks were spread again and something hard and cold pressed against her. It hurt. Even after being stretched by her employers the hard-unyielding metal felt strange and uncomfortable to her.

Lady Masterson continued to push and press, twisting slightly, pulling out then pushing in again. Napoleon wasn’t terribly thick, at least it didn’t feel as thick as Lord Masterson’s manhood had looked, and it wasn’t particularly long, but it was heavy and solid and a definite intrusion. Lady Masterson seemed to enjoy fucking her with him and she had to admit, once her body adjusted it felt remarkably good.

Electric tingles raced down her spine making her shiver. A moan escaped her making Lady Masterson pause. She pushed the little leader the rest of the way in and Lily felt her bottom tighten around him, holding him in place.

“Oh, darling, she’s wonderful,” Lady Masterson praised.

“Go clean up, dear, while I redden her bottom some more. Hand me that, would you? Yes, this will do nicely. Now, give me a kiss.” Lily had to hold her fist to her mouth to contain her laughter when she heard the wet sounds of a passionate kiss happening right over her violated bottom.

She briefly wondered what would do nicely when she felt it. A paddle, hard and long slapped against her with magnificent force. She cried out just as another blow fell. She tried to stay still but couldn’t stop her legs from kicking. This didn’t feel like his hand. It was just pain. Every whack with the paddle seemed to push the little leader deeper though she knew it couldn’t possibly do that.

Lord Masterson had to resort to holding her down when Lily began to struggle in earnest. He trapped her legs with one of his own and grasped her wrists together and held them at the small of her back when she threw her hands back to protect herself from the burning agony. He had to stop while he wrestled with her, then delivered several sharp slaps with his hand settling her a bit before picking up the paddle once more.

She cried and she wriggled, but he was relentless. Finally, she gave up and lay docile over his lap and accepted each blow with a shriek, a gasp or a moan, but she stopped trying to escape. This seemed to please him for after a few more blows he stopped and rubbed her aching bottom with his hand. He played with Napoleon, pulling him mostly out just to force him back in again, and again.

Lily became aware of several things once the heavy blows stopped coming. She heard a feminine moan of satisfaction and breathy excitement and knew Lady Masterson must have finished her toilet and had been watching while she was being punished by her husband. The stinging, tortuous burn on her bottom was throbbing madly and her quim seemed to have taken up the chant as the pulsing heat settled low in her core. She was leaking fluids down her thighs as if her quim were trying to put out the flames. She felt need like she never had before. Need for a gentle touch, for praise, for comfort and a mindless need to come. Now!

“Please, please, my lord. Touch me. Let me come,” Lily pleaded through her tears.

Lily could practically hear the smile in his voice when he said, “Emma darling, would you like to make the little maid come?”

“Yes,” Lily heard her say with a tone of longing Lily had never heard before. Lord Masterson pulled Lily up and nestled her on his lap with her legs outside his. When Lady Masterson went to her knees before her, Lord Masterson spread his legs wide and took Lily’s with them.

She was spread open before her mistress, her back against his chest, his arm locked around her waist holding her in place. Lady Masterson put her hands on Lily’s spread thighs and looked at Lily’s pussy. She licked her lips then flicked her eyes up to Lily’s. With a smile, she brought her mouth to Lily’s hungry quim and licked her from bottom to top, her tongue swirling around and around her sensitive flesh, stroking and sucking and making Lily’s legs jump and her body stretch. She made noise as well, soft gasps led to harsh pants and incoherent sounds of pleasure.

Lily looked down at Lady Masterton’s sable curls bouncing while the lady moved her mouth vigorously between Lily’s legs. The burning sting of her freshly spanked bum rubbing against Lord Masterson’s thighs and cock along with the blazing sharp burst of pain when Lord Masterson pinched a nipple, the little leader, thick and heavy inside her, shifted when she jerked and wriggled. These feelings, too new, too much, brought Lily to startling heights of sensation she had never known existed.

She was powerless to hold back the sounds of rapture as she was being pleasured so well. Between her two lovers they played her like an instrument with each wicked suckle of her pearl and nefarious pinch and squeeze on her breast and bottom Lily’s need ratcheted higher and higher.

“Will you like my wife’s mouth on you when I’m fucking your sweet ass, Lily? To feel me moving in and out of you while Emma sucks on you and licks you. Will you, Lily?”

“Yes! Yes! Oh, God in heaven, yes!” Lily screamed as her body convulsed in ecstasy. Her orgasm rolled on and on through her body making Lily see stars and flashes of light. Her keening wail echoed in the quiet room.

Emma stood with a smile that matched Lily’s own. “Kiss me, Emma. Let me taste our little maid,” Lord Masterson implored. Lady Masterson leaned over Lily and kissed her husband deeply. Her hand settled on Lily’s breast as she did so squeezing the fleshy mound eliciting another moan from Lily.

“My turn,” said Lord Masterson releasing Lily and helping her stand on shaky legs. He stayed on the edge of the bed and Emma pulled Lily close to her. Just as she was about to kiss Lily, she stopped her.

“This is my first kiss. I never thought it would be with a woman,” she said nervously. Lady Masterson looked delighted by the information.

“Oh, my precious girl, are you disappointed I’m not a man?”

“No, my lady. I want to please you, and my lord,” she said gaining her confidence.

“Then let me kiss you, sweet girl.” Lily’s first kiss was with soft lips, a velvety tongue and a tenderness she didn’t think she would have felt with a man. Lady Masterson’s hands slid over Lily’s body as their mouths tangled wetly. She tasted herself on her lady’s tongue as it delved into her mouth and licked all around. Her hands felt so good on Lily that she touched her mistress, hesitantly cupping one perfect breast, shaping and squeezing, her thumb rolling over her distended nipple.

When Lady Masterson’s hand slid between her legs, Lily’s went to her lady’s sopping wet quim. She stroked and caressed making her mistress moan into her mouth.

“Excuse me, ladies, but you’re supposed to be pleasuring me here,” said Lord Masterson breaking through their sensual haze and making both women laugh.

They turned to him and Lady Masterson pushed him back onto the bed. He scooted up to rest against the head board, adjusting the fluffy pillows to give him the best vantage point to watch them.

“Use your tongue, lips and mouth, dear, but no teeth,” Lady Masterson instructed as the women knelt on either side of Lord Masterson. She watched as her mistress bent her head and licked up his shaft from base to tip, moving her tongue around the large purple head, then she backed off and Lily bent to repeat the motion.

They took turns pulling him as deep as they could then backing off to lick and suck lower, as the other woman took him deep. Lily grew bold and sucked his orbs into her mouth and licked all around them. Lord Masterton’s reaction to this was to raise his hips and moan, his hands fisting in the silk sheets.

By Lady Masterton’s instructions, not wanting his pleasure to end too soon, she and Lily used their tongues on his shaft, his balls and sweet caresses on the sensitive head. Knowing he was watching them intently Lily and her lady also allowed their tongues to intertwine over his turgid cock, kissing deeply before returning to their task.

Subtle changes came over her lord, his breath became shallow and his muscles tense, his legs shifted, his balls tightened, and groans of pleasure began to issue from his throat. Lady Masterson pulled Lily back and gripped his shaft and started stroking him firmly. Lily joined in and soon watched as a jet of milky fluid shot from his cock to splatter across both Lily’s and Lady Masterton’s breasts. Lord Masterson’s shout of completion was so satisfying to Lily, she could not repress her smile.

Lily sat on her haunches and watched Lady Masterson crawl up her husband’s body and kiss him. His hand went to her hair and he held her close as he ravaged her mouth with his. When they pulled away he looked over her shoulder to speak to Lily. “My wife still has to come. You’re going to eat her pussy,” he informed her.

“Yes, my lord,” Lily replied nervously. It wasn’t that she objected to tasting her mistress, she was just unsure of how it was done and feared doing a bad job of it.

“Emma, love, over my lap now so I can warm you up first,” Lord Masterson said.

“But, darling, you already paddled me tonight. Must you spank me?”

“You know you always come harder when your ass is on fire.” Apparently, she couldn’t find fault with his reasoning, so she reluctantly crawled across his lap and lay waiting.

He rubbed her in soothing circles then drew his hand back and proceeded to wallop her. He spanked her unmercifully. She screamed, kicked her legs and sobbed into the bed until at last, he was done. His fingers went to her core and she moaned when he found the evidence of her arousal coating his hand.

His own enjoyment of the act was evident in his fully erect cock, standing tall and proud once more. Lily felt a swooping sensation in her stomach and a thumping beat between her legs. She didn’t believe witnessing such an act would be so arousing.

Lord Masterson helped his wife to move from his lap and positioned her on her back, spreading her legs for Lily. Lily could see the fiery crimson of her well punished ass and moved so she could feel her heat.

“Not so fast, Lily. Let’s make this interesting, shall we?” Lord Masterson climbed from the bed and padded into his dressing room returning seconds later with something that made Lily swallow nervously.

It was a switch. Long and pliant, he gave a few practice swipes through the air and the swishing sound made Lily tremble. From fear or excitement, she couldn’t tell.

“Raise up on your knees and position yourself between her legs but do not start yet.” Lily moved into the required position, resting her cheek on her lady’s bald mound and waited.

“Raise your bottom high in the air, yes, like that, arch your back, oh, that’s so good. Now, you are going to make Emma come with only your mouth. I will attempt to distract you with my switch. I’ll stop only when my lady reaches completion. You may begin.” Lily set about her task with all the same energy and willingness to please as she approached everything else. The first taste of her lady was lovely, musk and honey. Lily sucked and stroked as her lady had done to her.

She felt Lady Masterson slide her fingers into Lily’s hair and press her closer to her core, holding her in place as Lily heard the swish then felt fire ignite across her thighs. Her scream of shock and pain was muffled by her lady’s pussy. Lily redoubled her efforts, thrusting her tongue into her cove and licking as far inside as she could. Another swish and another sharp line of fire erupted just above the first.

Lily continued to pleasure her mistress as the lashes came faster. Lady Masterson seemed to like the feeling of Lily crying out against her pearl for she angled her hips and held Lily’s head there as Lord Masterson whipped her several times in quick succession.

With each stroke Lily cried out and her lady absorbed the sounds in her pussy which was gushing with her nectar. The taste was not unpleasant. It was honey and spice and… Good God, one more stinging lash across her already branded thighs made Lily moan deep and low and Lady Masterson arched her back and trembled all over.

Lady Masterson released Lily’s head and she sat back gasping from the fiery pain covering her from her buttocks to just above her knees. The pain was secondary, however, to the throbbing in her own pussy. The heat seemed to spread to her whole body, her nipples stood erect and her quim was soaking wet.

“Lay down on your stomach,” Lord Masterson ordered her. Lily collapsed down and lay panting as she felt her master’s hands carefully trace the stripes he had inflicted on her. “Twelve lines. You did very well, Lily. She usually takes longer.” She felt him tugging on Napoleon and thought he would remove it. He did somewhat, but then he pushed the little leader back in. He continued to fuck her with the dildo as his hand came beneath her and began stroking her pearl. The combination of sensations, the burning, the stroking and the anal play combined to heighten her senses.

Her release was powerful and consumed all her mental facilities. She couldn’t think, only feel as bliss swamped her, leaving her gasping and panting anew. Lord Masterson fell onto the bed with an athletic grace, crawled over Lily and laid between the two women. He pulled them both against him and together they rested. Lily felt aftershocks of pleasure tickle her insides as she relaxed. The sounds of breathing, the scent of sex and the warm, hard male beside her teased her senses.

Lily felt a bubble of joy rising up and it broke with a giggle. She couldn’t stop. She just lay beside her lovers and laughed and laughed. She had never felt so good, so happy as she did right now at this perfect moment.

When she regained her wits, she looked over to her employers who had been watching her with matching amused, satisfied grins.

“I’m sorry.” She waved a dismissive hand then added, “I don’t know what came over me.”

“Good sex, sweet. It’s delightful,” Lady Masterson said approvingly. “Are you ready for more yet? Actually, I could use a drink first.” Lily agreed, and Lord Masterson climbed sluggishly from the bed and poured two glasses of cool water and brought them to the women. Lily drank thirstily. She had done a fair amount of screaming and her throat was dry.

The water also reminded her of another pressing issue and she slid from the bed to go use the water closet.

When she came back, Lord and Lady Masterson stood in the center of a clear space on the floor. They smiled at her conspiratorially and beckoned her over. Lily went and saw Lord Masterson held a length of rope in his hands. Lady Masterson took hold of Lily’s hands and Lord Masterson deftly tied her wrists together with the rope. Lily could not suppress her trembling.

Chapter Five

She realized the spanking and even the switching had been nothing more than the warm up. Whatever they were going to do that required her to be restrained was the night’s real entertainment and she felt fear creep up her spine.

“Lily, my dear, spread your legs for me.” She did so until she had them braced more than shoulder width apart. Lord Masterson raised her bound hands up over her head and reached up to fit the end through a small hook set in the ceiling. He pulled down and her arms stretched taut, then he tied off the rope leaving her open, vulnerable and displayed to the couple who looked upon her eagerly.

They turned to each other and embraced. They found each other’s lips with excitement and passion. As Lily watched, a smile lifted her lips at the display that quickly fell away when they turned to her. There was a predatory gleam in her mistress’ eyes that renewed Lily’s trepidation. Then they were surrounding her, he pressed against her back and her beautiful lady was before her. She slid her soft hand around Lily’s neck and pulled her in for a kiss. Lady Masterson’s lips were as soft as the rest of her. Her lips parted, and her lady slipped her tongue in to mate with Lily’s. When she felt her mistress’ soft hand caress her breast she let out a moan of pleasure.

Lily’s fear morphed into arousal so fierce she was ready to beg them to touch her, to hurt her, to do anything they would if only they would make her feel so good. Lady Masterson pulled back with a sensual smile that made Lily melt a little inside. She moved down to catch a nipple in her mouth and licked and suckled her making Lily moan again.

Lady Masterson switched to her other breast as she felt the little leader slip from her anus. It was pressed back in then pulled out and pressed in again and again until Lily was panting, and she could feel her own fluids leaking in wet trails down her thighs. “Please,” she begged them. “Oh, please,” she said again. Lady Masterson pulled away and walked out of Lily’s sight as she felt Napoleon being seated once more.

Lord Masterson took his lady’s place before her and his hands went to her breasts and stroked his thumbs over her erect nipples. His mouth trailed lazy kisses along her neck and his hands gripped her breast bruisingly tight making her gasp. Lily heard a swish and a small flare of heat burst on her back making her buck and hiss. Lord Masterson leaned close and she felt his fingers grip her nipples as his voice, husky and deep whispered encouragement and praise into her ear as another burst of heat stung her shoulder.

“Oh, yes, Lily. Feel what your lady does to you but don’t focus too much on it,” he instructed. His fingers pinched her nipples as another and another and another spot of burning heat fell on her from her shoulders to her thighs, her calves and her already hot bottom. Some of her mistress’ blows landed on her welts from her switching and Lily shouted from the flare of molten fire.

Just as it was beginning to become unbearable Lord Masterson’s hand slid from her breast down to her pussy which quivered and wept tears of want and need. He stroked her silken folds and flicked her swollen nub of sensation as her mistress continued to wield her crop with meticulous precision.

The feeling merged and blended into something alive and frantic. Lily felt a sweat break out on her skin and felt the strain on her arms and shoulders. Her whole backside burned and throbbed, but all her misery seemed to focus between her legs where her lord stroked and teased her. She was close, so close to her peak but he pulled away. He moved behind her as Lady Masterson came to her front.

Lily saw how aroused her lady was by the erotic pleasure of giving pain. Her eyes were glazed, her face flush and her lips parted and pink. She began flicking her with the crop again. Lily wasn’t sure at this point if it was pleasure or pain as both sensations were warring within her. Lord Masterson played with the little leader in her bum again while her lady struck her nipples with sharp, stinging flicks of leather then placed splotches of pink warmth all over her breasts, stomach and the sensitive skin of her inner thighs.

Lily had been making mewing sounds, low in her throat, she only became aware of when the torment stopped, and her lady left her. Lily was shaking and throbbing everywhere, as she struggled to regain her breath. Lord Masterson dug his fingers into the hot flesh of her well punished buttocks and jiggled her then slapped one cheek with his hand. He rubbed where he had hurt her then did it again on her other cheek.

Lady Masterson came back, this time with a short whip with many strips of leather all bound to a handle. Lily didn’t know what it was called or how it would feel but felt excitement rise to startling heights. Lord Masterson continued to spank her in hard, even paced slaps of flesh on flesh as Lady Masterson raised the whip and brought it down across her chest. Lily gasped from the warmth, but it was not so very painful. Not as painful as her lord’s firm spanking anyway.

Her mistress struck the side of her breast then caught the other on the back swing. She focused most of the lashes to her chest until each layer of warmth built into stinging heat and her skin turned a fiery red then she moved lower, across her belly in a crisscross motion until her stomach was an X of stinging red welts then moved lower, so the short leather straps licked at her shaved mound.

Lord Masterson’s spanking hand had moved into a faster rhythm that made Lily buck and cry out with each hard, hot slap across her cheeks, while Lady Masterson worked to cover every small hint of Lily’s once fair, unblemished skin with a shade of pink to darkest crimson.

“I can’t wait much longer, Emma. And I don’t think our sweet girl can stand much more either,” Lord Masterson said panting from exertion.

“Then have her, Charlie,” she said as she tossed away her whip and knelt on the floor between her legs. Lily felt Napoleon being tugged from her anus and cool liquid being drizzled along her cleft. Her lady spread Lily’s pussy wide with her thumbs and Lily felt her knees threaten to buckle at the first swipe of her soft pink tongue along her needy slit.

She felt prodding and probing at her rosebud then blissful stretching as he pressed himself inside her tight anus. He pulled her cheeks apart and pressed further and pulled back to press in again. He continued to work his thick, long shaft into her backside, pulling mostly out and sliding slowly back in, going deeper with each careful thrust.

Lady Masterson licked at her just as carefully, teasing her with light caresses and gentle sucking until she felt Lord Masterson’s whole length fill her and his pelvis flush against her burning back side. He rested his forehead on her shoulder and slipped his arm around her waist to hold her in place then slid from her just enough to push back in.

His dark curls around his cock felt scratchy against her abused bum, her arms and shoulders screamed from the unusual tension but the wicked tingling in her ass and the silken glide of her lady’s tongue overpowered any discomfort she may have felt.

Her lord gripped her hips in his large hands and pulled his cock completely out of her making her gasp in dismay then pushed back in. He groaned as he began fucking her in earnest. His thrusts coming faster and harder until he was slamming into her and she screamed with each forceful thrust.

Lady Masterson began pleasuring Lily with firmer strokes and pulsing suction on her clit until Lily felt a powerful orgasm rise like a wave and crash over her in drowning ecstasy. Lily screamed in pure blissful surrender.

She heard Lord Masterson grunt and pant as he continued to plunge his hard cock deep into her bottom until his fingers gripped her hips in a painful spasm and she felt him stiffen and shake as he flooded her with his seed.

His hands slid up her sides, then to her shoulders and up her arms to where the rope was tied. One firm tug and her bindings came loose, her arms fell heavy and useless to her sides. Lady Masterson moved aside so Lord Masterson could lead Lily to the large bed. He still had his cock buried in her ass, though she could feel it shrinking and softening inside her.

“Don’t try to push me out, Lily,” he panted as he pushed her down to lay flat on the soft mattress, he atop her. She felt the bed depress and the curious feeling of her mistress’ bottom coming down on her back. Her lady braced her hands on either side of Lily’s head and arched her back, so Lily’s head was pressed into the bed. She heard her moaning and knew her lord was pleasuring her, most likely with his mouth as she straddled Lily’s back.

“Oh, yes, Charlie,” she gasped and moaned as she wriggled and moved her hips against her husband’s tongue, bouncing on Lily’s back as she lost herself to his ministrations.

She began to understand what was happening as she felt Lord Masterson’s cock respond and begin to grow hard in her ass. By the time her lady shouted out her own completion he was hard as iron and impossibly large in her nether hole.

He shifted over her until he was sitting up, straddling her. Lady Masterson fell to the side and lay beside Lily as Lord Masterson fucked her ass in a hard, jerky rhythm. He seemed to last forever, and Lily was beginning to feel stirrings of a second wave of pleasure rising. Her hand snaked down between her body and the bed until her fingers found her clit. She rubbed herself firmly until her gentle tingle became a roar of orgasmic bliss that left her limp and spent and smiling.

He clasped over her, taking his weight on his forearms. He rolled his hips with each thrust, now coming slow and long. Each entry pressed him against her burning rump again, blending pleasure with pain until he tensed and grunted, his cock pulsing as he spent his seed. His head fell to rest against her neck and she felt him withdrawal from her with a sigh.

Lily yawned and lay limp, too exhausted to move. She felt a cool wet cloth bathe her face, neck and arms. She whimpered when he carefully wiped down her battered back and sighed with pleasure when a cool, wet cloth was draped over the hot coals of her backside, banking the flames.

Her thighs still burned but she was too tired to care. She was aware of Lady Masterson lying beside her and Lily was touched that they took care of her first. Lord Masterson used another rag to clean her quim and ass, then he left her to doze while he tended to his lady then himself.

She was vaguely aware of being lifted and put down gently on her stomach with her head on a pillow and her warm lord and lady on either side of her. She slept heavily and woke slowly. Her body hummed and stung, and her muscles argued every movement, but she had never felt better.

She heard murmured love words and realized she had been scooched over and her lord and lady were together on one side. She rolled over, wincing as she did so and settled herself as comfortably as she could facing the couple. She wanted to watch their act of love. She wanted to see how it could be when the lovers shared friendship, devotion and intimate knowledge of each other. Besides, she didn’t think they would mind.

The End

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