Owned by the Cowboys By Cassandre Dayne – Chapter One

Chapter One

“Sweet Jesus! Are those some of the finest-looking pieces of meat you’ve ever seen?” The shrill voice cascaded above the din of the crowd.

“Yummy with a capital ‘Y.’ I could eat one for breakfast, then another for a mid-morning snack. I bet his cock is huge. Look at the way those tight leather pants accentuate his beautiful thing. Turn around, baby, and let me see those tight buns of yours.” The cackling laughter was rowdy, and the whooping and hollering was matched with a keening whistle that cut into the frivolity of the crowded room like a sharp knife.

There wasn’t a woman who didn’t turn her hungry gaze to the group of men that stood preening, their long hair and chiseled bodies forcing the group of women to drool.

“Obnoxious.” Skyler Scanlon cringed and shook her head. Granted, she couldn’t resist glancing at the selection of male cover models that stood greeting and mingling with the rather bawdy group of convention-goers. The scantily-clad men were finger-licking delicious in every aspect. She pursed her lips, feeling her pussy quiver, and darted her tongue out to trace a line around the edge of her mouth. Suddenly a vision of an icy popsicle, grape in flavor, flashed across her mind. Every part of her body tingled, and there was no doubt she could see one or all of them lying buck naked, rock-hard and scorching hot on top of satin sheets.

“Whew.” The sensuous thought brought another shiver deep inside her cunt. Grunting, she squeezed her thighs together, resisting the urge dash off to the bathroom to garner relief. That hadn’t happened in a long enough time, and the intense feeling shocked the hell out of her. Skyler placed her outstretched hand over her face, hiding away from the lewd behavior, but couldn’t resist stealing glances between her fingers as the women ogled.

“Come to mama, baby boy,” the bawdy woman cooed.

Skyler glared at the woman’s tangerine muumuu and shook her head. “Some people are so crass,” she muttered under her breath, and watched the two older women with a mixture of disdain and envy. At least they were having a good time.

“Miss? Uh, miss, you’re next.”

She heard the sweet, high-pitched voice behind her but was still trapped in her naughty vision of being taken hard and deep by two strapping God like creatures. Whew. “What? I’m sorry, did you say something?”

“I said, welcome to the Erotic Hunger Conference. You’re all paid up. Here are your event tickets, brochures regarding the different writing sessions and there are some really naughty little treats inside the bag for your entertainment pleasure.”

Skyler dragged her attention away from the dazzling men and eyed the perky blond in the too-tight spandex outfit. She wasn’t quite sure that particular color of fuchsia was even allowed out of the bedroom any longer, let alone something appropriate to greet guests at a fairly pricy conference. Entertainment pleasure? “Thank you.” Grabbing the canvas bag, she glanced inside and blinked furiously. Holy mother of crap! Was that a passion purple vibrator and a flogger? She shivered and wondered what might be the parting gifts just as the sounds of the older ladies flitted by her heading in the direction of the stunning selection of ultra-perfect males.

“I hope you’ll enjoy our little event and feel free to visit our vendors inside the party room. You might just find something to help you with your writing.”

Skyler watched the way the young girl scanned the crowd as if hunting prey for a date tonight. Somehow she knew the perky vixen with the sculpted nose might just find what she was so obviously looking for. Rolling her eyes, she finally looked at the girl’s nametag and fought a chuckle bubbling in her throat. “The party room, Trixie?”

Trixie pursed her ruby-stained lips and tugged what ended up being a map from a manila folder. “See, that one over there is the Party Room, and the main events are going to be held in the Sensuous Suites. Dinner will be served in the Erotic Den Ballroom tonight at seven, and of course, since it is Valentine’s weekend, you can just imagine what is in store for you: wicked, wanton, and wild.”

Argh! Valentine’s weekend! “Dare I ask what’s in store?” Or will the knowledge burn me alive?

“Why, the night’s festive event is a costume party, girl. You’re allowed to dress up as any romantic character your little heart desires, and, in truth, the more shameful the better.” Trixie smiled, showing her oh-too-white teeth.

“Costume?” Nothing in the brochure had mentioned a costume party. She’d tried to shove the fact that this was the most romantic weekend of the year out of her mind. In truth, she hated everything about love and passion and men. Don’t lie, girl. Skyler hated to admit it, but she knew the truth. She was tired of her life and bored to freaking death. Going through a wretched divorce had a way of butchering your self-esteem, let alone your libido. The gilded personal invitation to attend the conference and all expenses paid seemed exactly like the ticket she needed to get out of her doldrums. As she eyed the myriad of gorgeous and not-so-gorgeous people, suddenly she wasn’t so sure. God, was she wrong? Then again, was she insane or simply famished for some male attention? Skyler knew the answer.

“Don’t worry! There’s a store set up for all the participants. Just take your red ticket and you’ll have your choice of naughty little costumes, but you better hurry because almost everyone has signed in already. I don’t think you want to come as a French maid.”

Why did Skyler garner the distinct feeling the words were a nasty cut at her somewhat fuller figure? Voluptuous, Skyler’s best friends kept reminding her. She glanced at the handful of tickets in every color and frowned. “Just out of curiosity, what’s the gold ticket for?”

“Oh, I’m so glad you asked. This is the best ticket in your saucy little hand. With this one you’re allowed to enter the contest.”

“The contest?”

Trixie shook her head aimlessly and continued to watch as studs in various stages of undress floated by. “The event is the best event of the conference. See the silver box over there?”

The ravishing thought of dragging Trixie’s body hogtied into a large boat, setting sail and leaving her to figure out how to get back to shore was tempting. “Uh-huh.”

“Just put part ‘A’ into the box and tonight at the cocktail party, which is at six sharp, a name is drawn to have dinner with one of the cover models at an exclusive location somewhere right on the beach of Galveston. Isn’t that exciting?” Trixie squealed.

Skyler had to admit the thought sounded particularly delicious. A lascivious little date with a muscular beefcake half her age would be electrifying. Instantly the thought forced a grumble to slide past her lips. Oh sure, like anything would come of a single date. Still, the sinful series of vibrant visions forced her nipples into tight peaks, and even the briefest of moves forced a trickle of extra sensitivity, causing her breath to skip. “Interesting.”

Interesting? Girl, you don’t know. Just wait until you see the crop of models this year. I tell you what, Sensuous Masters Publishing Company has pulled out all the stops this year, and I’ve never seen such spoonable men in my life.”

Spoonable? Skyler had never heard that term before, but as the tall, carved, blond god walked by her, wearing nothing but skin-tight black leather pants, red cuffs, and a bow tie, she could imagine herself lying naked as he licked her pussy until she came in a mind-blowing orgasm. She shivered and dragged her mind out of the gutter. That was never going to happen. Scandalous moments didn’t happen to a girl like her. She was straight-laced and never did anything kinky. Oh, no, shameless activities did not go with practicing law.

The thoughts burning into her most vivid dreams, Skyler envisioned doing wicked deeds all the time.

“See! I can tell you’re already intrigued. Go for it, girl. You never know what might happen. Why, last year even two of the participants found true love.”

“I’ll bet.” And the horse you rode in on.

“Have fun!” Trixie beamed and brushed Skyler aside as another group of women clamored up to the table.

Skyler took the bag and glanced around the crowded hallway. Seeing the sparkling decorations of big red foil hearts and luminescent lights that seemed to shine from every shadowed corner gave her pause. Maybe coming to the conference by herself hadn’t been such a good idea. As she walked closer to the ballroom door she sighed and said a silent prayer of encouragement. This is your time. Hell, who could ask for a more wonderful publisher? And one that continued to spend money where others could no longer do so was incredible.

Obtaining a contract for her entire series Naughty Deference was a coup, and one she’d fought to get for three full years during revision after revision. Writing the spanking series was way out of her comfort zone but kept her nighttime fantasies going strong. The invite to the conference was over the top, and she’d celebrated with a cold bottle of champagne and a new dress or two. Yes, it had been quite a year. Skyler had two short tasty stories already published with Sensuous Masters, but no one knew who she was, and she certainly hadn’t told her friends that she was considering a change in careers. At least she was in cowboy country: Texas. Galveston, to be exact. A complete change to her usual scenery.

Not a single one of her straight-laced friends knew she had a bad-girl side. It wasn’t that Skyler didn’t love being an attorney, but she’d dreamed of being a published author her entire life. Every other dream had been ripped from her, and now she had a chance to grasp the golden ring. She had enough money saved and could concentrate on the three book series for a few precious months anyway.

Skyler eyed the room full of people milling about, looking at everything from lingerie to sex and spanking toys, and fought a building whimper. As she licked her dry lips, she gazed at the unknown people and swallowed hard. It wasn’t that she was shy, but damn if the fact she’d found her husband in the throes of having sex with three women didn’t kill her chutzpah. Hell, they hadn’t made love in a full two years, and it hadn’t been because she hadn’t tried.

Oh, no, she’d run up her credit card bills just trying to find the right sexy outfit and that perfect tempting snazzy bit of lace. Asshole had been tempted all right with Bobbie and Amanda and what the hell was her name? Betina. How could Skyler forget?

“The lovely Miss Skyler Scanlon. Can I help you with something? Will you allow me to find your place in destiny or provide you with a hand in something, or perhaps more?”

The sound of his deep sexy timbre sent shivers racing down her spine, pulsing directly into her pussy. Whew! Was it suddenly hot in the place? Skyler turned to gaze into the dark chocolate pools of what had to be the hottest living male creature on the face of the earth. Momentarily at a loss for words, her eyes involuntarily opened and closed as she tried to focus and learn how to talk again. Sliding her gaze, her eyes settled on mystery man’s crotch for a long, salacious moment, imagining exactly what the thick juicy treat could… Wait a minute… How the hell did he know her name?

His smile was genuine, and as he took her hand into his he nodded. “First time attending the conference?”

The bobblehead-doll look was not flattering, but at the moment she wasn’t certain anything that came out of her mouth would make any sense. There was something so incredible about the gorgeous American Indian male, every part of her blood sizzled. She blazed a wicked hot trail down the length of his body, from his full, sensuous ruby lips to his lithe neck, then down further until she was studying his stylish cowboy boots. Skyler realized she was licking her lips as she gazed with wild abandon across his perfectly carved, rough-hewn shoulders, down to the tips of his dark mocha nipples. This stunning specimen was earth’s slice of heaven.

He chuckled and brought her hand to his mouth. With very deliberate movements he brushed the tip of his tongue across the palm of her hand from the edge of her wrist to the tip of her index finger. “Sensuous.”

Skyler shivered and tried to remember they were in public.

“Tasty.” Tipping his head, their eyes locked as he gingerly gripped her fingertip and traced his lips over the end in long luxurious circles.

She fought falling to the floor and realized she was holding her breath. As she attempted to control her raging hormones she could see through his sparkling eyes to his very soul. If the man had asked her to take a walk, jump off the Brooklyn Bridge, or follow him to his bed, she would’ve happily agreed without any hesitation. “Uh… mmm… whew!”

He drew her finger all the way into his hot wet mouth and savored as if she were a delicious chocolate treat meant for consuming in one sitting. “Mmm.” In and out he pulsed, allowing the succulent sounds of suckling to permeate the air. His actions were deliberate and shameless.

Skyler felt a trickle of her cream slip past the thin elastic of her recently-purchased vibrant emerald-green thong and resisted the urge to cup his cock. Using her last resolve, she steadied her nerves as he took out her finger and sighed. “Um, who are you, exactly?”

He smiled as the gaze became laced with a carnal need and he continued to hold her hand, caressing gently. “Me? I could be your every fantasy on those long, lonely nights.” His words nothing but a tease, his hot, wet tongue slid across every finger before he closed his eyes and sighed.

Holy shit! An intense echo of bells throbbed into her hears. She sucked in her breath and palmed his chest with her other hand. Every part of her was trembling. Get a grip, girl. This is an erotic convention where these men are paid to do this. “Okay, lovely, but I know you have others to attend to, so you can stop with the seduction scene.”

“Seduction scene?” His eyes flashed open, holding a twinkle.

“You heard me.”

“Rough audience.” The stunning man held his stance as if relishing in the flavor, but the grin bordered on impish. “Okay, I apologize for my insidious behavior. What you must think of me. Your stunning beauty threw me, and I’ve been a bad boy. But I’m serious.”

Bad? Serious? Interesting. Hell, his greeting had been the best thing that had happened in such a long time; she was terrified if she smiled her face would crack. “Sassy and very inviting words, but you can stop now.”

“Are you sure? A woman as beautiful as you are deserves riches and compliments.”

“Boy, oh, boy. You’re one handsome man, but you need to learn not to come on like a desperate beast with a girl like me. I do bite back.”

He shook his head and chuckled. “You’re one tough cookie. I’m sorry to come across like a…”

Skyler smiled. “Predator?”

“I’ll accept that,” he breathed, “but I have to tell you that you’re gorgeous and I’ve looked forward to meeting you, Skyler.”

Hmmm, the attorney nestled firmly in the center of her being realized red flags were jumping all over the place. The woman who hungered, well—an entirely different story—wanted the fairy tale, but she was far too intelligent to believe they existed. But there was no doubt Skyler Scanlon was sure of many things, including the fact she wanted to rip his clothes off in public and take him hard and fast against the wall. This was far too tasty to resist, and a lovely perk in her ordinarily droll life. She was due, right? Granted, the recently-inked publishing contract for a three-book print series was an exceptionally fantastic boost to her sagging life. She giggled and for the first time in months felt lighthearted, her heart unburdened by her harsh realities. “Your behavior is fine. I know you’re doing your job, and I love your greeting. Tell me, do all the women you cater to fall into your arms easily?”

His eyes twinkling, he tipped his head back and laughed, the rich tone in his voice filled with a cheerful lilt. “No. I honestly don’t greet women this way at all, as difficult as that must be to believe. I noticed you from across the room and had to tell you that I’ve read your two stories and love them. I had to meet you. Truth. Swear it on my golden retriever.”

Skyler resisted rolling her eyes. He was playing the dog card. Grrr… While she was intrigued, she narrowed her eyes, using her courtroom mediator skills, and yet could see nothing but sincerity gleaming from his dark-chocolate luminescent pools. Whew! No doubt she could drown happily in a vat so rich and sinful. “You read erotic stories?”

“Why, of course. Given what I do, I actually like to keep up with the authors and the current trends. We’re not just cover models. We work with authors to create an environment that is conducive to writing and allows the opportunity to create the most erotic stories they could ever hope to pen.”

Modeling? Oh, yeah, she wanted to see his covers. Dear God, she hoped he engaged in nude modeling. “You create an environment?” The boy was not only a hottie, but intelligent to boot. The combination was almost too delicious to resist. Clenching her fist, Skyler tamped back the bad girl side, scolding herself for being so ridiculous. No way hottie wanted her.

“Margaret enjoys providing the best for her authors. I’m quite surprised you’re unaware.”

Margaret? He was on a first name basis with the head of the publishing company. Very interesting. “Well, I’ve only had two stories published with Sensuous Masters.”

“And a series coming. A little bird told me.” He grinned and gave her a sultry stare.

A stare which sent trickles to the deep interior of her pussy. Full court press had nothing on this boy. “You really know about me?”

He leaned in slowly, as if admitting a decadent secret. “I told you. I find out everything I can about our authors to aid in their success. Besides, one as stunning as you is truly worth getting to know.”

Okay, now this was getting a touch out of hand. Trying to put a nonchalant edge to her voice, she looked away briefly. “I’m sorry, and you are?” A gorgeous hunk of man that I want to have ravage my body seconds after I suck on his thick, scrumptious cock. Skyler realized she should admonish herself, but for some reason she absolutely refused. And, damn it, she could barely keep her eyes off the Indian god.

“Oh. My. God! That’s Dakotah, Dakotah Black!” The squeal came from across the room.

Dakotah glanced in the direction of the screech and rolled his eyes. “I’m sorry, I must go back to work. By chance, are you going to be at the dinner tonight?”

I couldn’t be kept away by lions, tigers, or bears. “Yes, I believe so, Dakotah Black.” Skyler fought not to rake her nails across his carved chest as hearing his name sent another little series of chills down her spine and the blinding visions of his naked body dancing across the periphery of her vision. Dear God, the name suited him perfectly. Rugged. Sensuous. He was so very masculine, and his Indian heritage was breathtaking.

“Dakotah! Can I have your autograph?” Dressed in shocking orange, the woman fanned herself as she drew near.

“Good. I’d love to share a drink with you.” While he gave the group of fans a slanted sensuous glance, Dakotah kept his eyes burning into Skyler.

“And I’d love to have you spank me.”

Spank me? Was she serious? Lordy, did the heat just kick up in the room? “I think that can be arranged.” Skyler nodded as the group of women pulled on his arm giving her an angry glare. She watched in fascination and hunger as he sashayed away slowly, his waist-length ebony hair flowing behind him. Finally letting out a ragged breath, she glanced inside the heavy bag one more time. Perhaps the handy vibrator was going to be used after all. And the concept of a spanking? She was tingling all over, longing to have a strong man take her over his knee.

“Until later, my sweet, sexy lady.” Dakotah stopped, turned, and nodded, his look one of domination.

Every part of her body ached as she watched him work the ladies, swaying his chiseled hips back and forth. “Ho-ly fuck.”

As Skyler headed for the elevators she grinned and heard her little voice teasing her. Okay, so she was older than the rough-hewn man. So what? She stopped and stole a glance at his perfectly-carved ass and couldn’t help but think she needed a CAT scan for acting so ridiculous. He’s just a man, after all.

Dakotah turned once to stare at her, his eyes shimmering as if he held a knowing secret.

“My, my, my, but what a man.” Purring under her breath, she grabbed the golden ticket, ripping off one half and stuffing it in the lone silver box. Suddenly her spirits were lifted out of the dregs of hell. Maybe coming to the convention by herself after all was the best thing in the world. “You go, girl.”


Dakotah watched Skyler head down the hall and smiled to himself. His world had just converged into something sinful and unexpected. He was not one to hunt down women—he didn’t have to—but the moment he saw Skyler Scanlon gliding into the room there was no doubt he had to get to know her. Skyler was much more intriguing than her stories portrayed, and the fact she hungered was priceless.

“Oh, Dakotah, you’re more gorgeous in person. I have every one of the books you’ve graced the cover of.” Her voice trickled into the air.

“God, isn’t he?” The second woman grabbed her cell phone out of her bag. “Can we take a picture or two?”

Somewhere in the back of Dakotah’s mind he heard them and knew he had an act to perform. He actually coveted the posh second career and had designs on opening a modeling firm of his own, only his would cater to the everyday man and woman. While he wasn’t sure he needed to open another business, given how much time he spent on one already, but dreams were just that. Dreams. Licking his lips, Dakotah preened for the ladies as required. For the time being, days and nights being pawed helped him pay for his rather expensive toys and allowed him to keep his day job. No, the job allowed him to stay anonymous with his other career. “Of course, ladies. My pleasure.” He turned on the gleaming million-dollar smile and posed as he eyed the silver box beckoning for women to enter the kinky and rather delicious contest and developed a rather naughty plan.

“Smile, Betty, and Sue, stop fidgeting!” The overweight woman giggled as she took picture after picture.

“God! This is sooo hot!” the younger one breathed, fanning her face. “Are you doing the spanking seminar later?”

Spanking. It seemed every woman craved being taken in hand. “I am, indeed. Tell me, are you very naughty? Do you need a hard spanking?”

“Oh!” the women squealed.

“We are indeed bad, bad girls. We’ll be there. First in line,” Betty cooed.

Dakotah kept the grin going until his fans grew tired, finally bending and kissing each one on the cheek. “Thank you so much, ladies. What a delight you said hello. Please enjoy the remainder of the conference, and don’t forget to watch the photo shoot tomorrow.”

“As long as you’re going to be a part of it.” The photographer’s gleaming eye raked down the length of his body.

“Of course.” He winked.

“Tasty.” The four women sighed and batted their eyelashes before shifting their gazes and finally moving off.

“Ladies, look! It’s Bart!”

Dakotah had to chuckle. Conferences were almost always the same: draining. Granted, this one was filled with writers as well as readers. While the provocative event promised to bring him the most exposure of any of the others he’d been asked to participate in, he knew the long weekend would prove to be exhausting. However, the rather salacious contest was something else entirely. Dakotah thought about how to get the stunning blonde alone, and not only for a single drink. Her shameless stories called to him and the man he’d masked for years. Fate had smiled on him. When he found out Skyler was attending the conference he was determined to throw caution to the wind.

Skyler was no fool and wouldn’t be easy to charm. What could he do? Out of the blue, a rather lascivious strategy came to him. Yes, indeed, he had his plan in mind. He strode out of the ballroom toward the little minx that was trying to pass herself off as sexy. The well-paid attendant would help him.

The over-dyed blonde’s eyes grew into saucers as he approached. “Can I, um, help you?”

Dakotah leaned forward slowly, allowing his long locks to fall across the table as he read her nametag. “Yes, I believe you can, Trixie, and I’ll so appreciate anything you can do for me.”

Trixie sighed, pursed her lips, and allowed herself a long look, settling on his crotch, before the flush crept up her neck. “Sure. I’d be happy to. What… what do you need?”

“Tell me, sweet lady, do you keep records of the tickets handed out for tonight’s contest?”

She blinked rapidly and nibbled on her the crusted edge of her long shocking pink fingernail. “We do, of course. In case someone isn’t at the event tonight.”

“Then I definitely need your help.” As he drew closer, the sultry look on her face told him she’d do anything that he asked. Now he just had to convince the others to play along. While Trixie stared at him with wide eyes, he grinned and pulled a card out of his back pocket. The very talented writer had no idea what she had gotten herself in the middle of, but he was intent on showing her a wonderful time.

“Okay. What can I do?” Trixie asked as she batted her eyelashes.

“I need a bit of information and a touch of something bordering on sinful. Can you handle that?”

As her grin turned very naughty, she nodded and licked her lips. “What do you have in mind?”

“Oh, you have no idea.” As he outlined his devious plan, he glanced at the gilded card. “Touché, lovely woman, touché.” Fate had an incredible way of bringing two people together. God, he felt good for the first time in almost a full year.

But first, the spanking demonstration. At least the imagery used would have a beautiful face. His cock twitched at the thought.


Skyler stood in the back of the room, trying her best to remain in the shadows. She was shocked to see so many women lined up like cattle, waiting for what had to be the most popular event of the conference. Spanking 101—the Implements and Positions. Well, perhaps she’d sell a few additional copies if she made a banner.


She chuckled and found a way to get a little closer without drawing attention to herself. Holding her head low, she moved around to the side, hiding behind a six-foot author banner. As the announcer did his thing, cajoling the audience while garnering another crowd of women, she studied the men on stage. Dakotah was by far the best-looking. Some of the men reminded her of professors.

Ancient professors.

To each their own.

“Ladies—and I think I see a few brave men in the audience—,” the announcer snickered, “we have an exciting demonstration hosted by a panel of experts. These men are well-known in the spanking industry for various reasons.”

Narrowing her eyes, she snagged a quick look at Dakotah. He was considered an expert? Things were getting more than just interesting. She only half-heard the qualifications, given the screaming from the various bystanders. When the announcer asked for volunteers she was no longer shocked by the number of hands high in the sky.

“I think we have our first group. Ladies, would you please come up to the stage?” The announcer had a huge grin on his face.

Even from where she was standing she managed to see a good number of the implements. From several styles of wooden hair and bath brushes, paddles of almost every size, canes, leather straps, floggers, and an evil-looking whip, just about everything she’d read about was represented. Her mouth was suddenly dry, thinking about the few times her disgusting ex had suggested, then given her a spanking. There’s been nothing romantic or therapeutic about the intimate moments.

She inched closer, moving from one banner to another. Christ, her mouth was dry, her pussy wet, dampening her panties. And Dakotah? He was hot, rugged, and shirtless. No wonder he was getting the majority of attention. As he took a woman over his lap, obviously entering into some kind of ‘discussion,’ she envisioned being the one in her position. Only her dress would be scrunched up to her waist, her thong to her knees, and no one else around. Public humiliation, she wasn’t into.


The sound was almost deafening in the room as the demonstration began in earnest, the disciplinarians selecting various tools of the trade. With every snap of the wrist, every thudding noise, she jumped, her skin prickling. These women were loving every minute of what appeared to be very hard spankings. There was nothing being held back.

When the next round began she had difficulty swallowing. Even her legs were shaking. How had she crept even closer, now standing barely fifteen feet from the edge of the stage? She could see the muscles in Dakotah’s arms flex as he selected a wicked-looking paddle.


“Oh!” Skyler was forced to slap her hand over her mouth, fearful her exclamation rocketed over the various squeals and whimpers. She studied Dakotah’s technique and shuddered. Yes, he obviously knew what he was doing. How many women had he spanked in his day? Another vision popped into her mind. Following behind him outside as he selected a switch. And she was completely naked. Beads of perspiration trickled down both sides of her face. This was crazy.

Dakotah slapped the younger woman’s ass several times. Hard. Very hard.

“Whew,” she said under her breath.

“I know. What I wouldn’t give to be naked over hottie’s lap.”

Skyler glanced at the women, trying to be nonchalant. Hopefully the older woman wouldn’t recognize her. “Very true. He’s hot.”

“Hot, honey? I would do just about anything to get in his pants.”

She resisted laughing, especially given the lady’s age, and fanned her face.

“As a matter of fact. Might as well get in line. Couldn’t hurt.” She patted Skyler’s arm. “I must say, I think the hunk has a thing for you.”

“I beg your pardon?” Skyler struggled to say, her throat closing up.

“Just take a glance at the way he’s looking at you. I have a feeling you’ll be in the hot seat soon enough.” Winking, the lady had a kick in her step as she headed to the back of Dakotah’s line.

Skyler bit her lower lip as she dared to risk a glance. There was no doubt by his dark and penetrating eyes, the lust-filled expression on Dakotah’s face as he watched her every move, wrapping a leather belt around his hand.

The man, the stunning hunk of a man, was going to spank her naked ass.

And not just once.

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