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Moon Swept by Willa Bradley – Chapter Three

Chapter Three Bryan Sullivan, Sully to his friends, walked his vineyard. He trailed his large, artistic hands along the now empty vines. This really was his favorite time of day and year. The harvest was over, dusk was approaching, and he had his land all to himself. He looked towards the vineyard that bordered his […]

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Moon Swept by Willa Bradley – Chapter Two

Chapter Two Getting through security and flying, even first class, was a major pain. Savannah was old enough to remember when flying across country seemed like a great adventure. As she became older, flights more crowded and the cost prohibitive, she did it less and less. In fact, the last time she’d gone “home” was […]

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Moon Swept by Willa Bradley – Chapter One

Chapter One Savannah would never be able to recall whether she was awakened by the insistent hammering on the front door to her cottage or Scout’s distinctive basset hound baying in response thereto. What she knew at the time was that it had been the first decent night’s sleep she’d had since Vince walked out […]

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