Taking Control by Piper Stone

Table of Contents

Chapter One

The hush in the courtroom was laced with concerned faces. Everyone sat on the edge of their seats, listening intently. They knew something explosive was coming. They were hungry to experience it. Meadow Wilkens inhaled, steadying her nerves. She’d listened to the bullshit for as long as she could tolerate. She wasn’t a patient woman and she certainly wasn’t going to start today.

Her opponent muffled laughter, mumbling under his breath. This was the same behavior he’d shown all throughout the tough case.

She gave him a heated glare and gripped the edge of the table, determined to keep her cool. She loathed Jefferson Dimani with every fiber of her being.

Jefferson grinned and winked, the kind of expression reserved for friends or lovers.

The presiding judge looked back and forth, his face full of increasing anger.

“Need any help there, darlin’?” Jefferson asked under his breath.

A few of the audience members gasped.

She’d had enough from the pompous asshole. Turning to face the arrogant Neanderthal, she let the jerk off have it with both barrels. Jefferson was going down, no matter what she had to do. “Help? You’re the one who needs help and that’s obvious given you can’t put two coherent sentences together.” She folded her arms and gave him a serious sensual look. “In fact, you are without a doubt the most egotistical piece of shit I’ve ever worked with. The lies are going to cost you, buddy. I’ll be waiting in the wings the moment they do. Now, who is the one who needs help exactly?”

“Buddy?” Jefferson laughed, dressing her down with his eyes. “Baby, you know exactly what I’m made of. And I never heard any complaining coming from your sweet lips.”

“Ms. Wilkens. Mr. Dimani. In my chambers now.” Jerking up from the bench the judge narrowed his eyes, shook his head and stormed out of the room. The reverberating sound of his chair slamming against the bench brought gasps in the courtroom.

“My, oh my, sweetheart. You really got his goat today. Are you having a bad morning? Did someone piss in your Wheaties? Or are you just hungering for a real man?” While Jefferson chuckled, the words were said decidedly under his breath.

Meadow glared at the front of the courtroom, trying to keep her anger in check. She darted a quick glance at Amanda, thanking God she had a legal assistant who actually had a brain. The poor girl looked shell shocked. Of course, she was. Meadow never acted this way. Controlling her breathing, she glanced over at the court appointed attorney. There was something she loathed about the man, all dapper in his cool one-thousand-dollar suit and Italian imprint tie. Jefferson was a son of a bitch, jerkoff bastard who thought his shit didn’t stink. “No. The asshole just isn’t going to best me.”

“Judge Sampson or the man who has nothing but dagger eyes for you?” Amanda scoffed as she pressed her hand over the stack of file folders.

“Not him. He’s not important,” Meadow said through clenched teeth and slammed her portfolio shut.

“Great. Now you’re slighting the judge, the one who doesn’t seem so pleased with your behavior right about now.” Amanda shook her head and looked over at the opposing counsel’s table and the man they were attempting to convict.

“That’s not what I meant.”

“Uh-huh. I’m sure you know what you mean. I have a terrible feeling I’m going to be picking you up from jail after your time spent for contempt of court,” Amanda said as she moved from behind the table.

Shit. Shit. Shit! She hadn’t thought about this. The judge very well could throw the book at them, given this wasn’t the first time they’d basically acted like children in front of him. Why did she let Jefferson get to her this way? Why did she have the intense desire to rip out his heart with a spoon? “Dear God, I hope not.”

“You and the boss.” Winking, Amanda moved closer. “Take a deep breath. Rein in the rage and keep your cool. Don’t let Mr. Dimani get to you.”

Easier said than done. Meadow raised her eyebrow as Jefferson did his best attempt at acting like he cared for the poor bastard who so deserved a stint behind bars. The entire case felt like one big railroad straight to Hell.

Yeah, so the guy was famous. So, the fuck what? She sniffed and couldn’t take her eyes off the opposing attorney, the one with the ice blue eyes, graying hair and perfectly carved six foot and them some body. They sparred on everything every time they were forced to face each other over a case. “I’m breathing. Let’s get this shit over with.” Brushing back the stray strand of hair that had fallen from her tight bun, the one keeping her flaming red hair in check, she moved away from the table and directly past the opinionated prick. She’d used just about every expletive in the book and yet there had to be more bad words to describe him.

Bastard. Fucktard. Asshole. Shithead. There. Now, she felt a hell of a lot better.

“Go for it,” Amanda said then laughed.

Stopping just at the edge of Jefferson’s table, she refused to turn around. “Are you coming?” The question was more like a command.

“Wouldn’t miss the theatrics for the world, sweetheart.” Jefferson’s voice boomed into the vaulted ceiling. He rose from the table and smoothed down his jacket, taking his sweet time.

Unfettered, Meadow moved forward, the tips of her heels clipping hard against the cool tile floor. Being behind Judge Sampson’s chamber doors wasn’t the best thing for her career, given she seemed to be getting herself into trouble often—far too often. But when she continually had to work with such a conceited prick, there was little she could do but fight hard and long. The moment her hand hit the doorknob she heard his voice, felt the heat of his breath against the back of her neck and froze. Don’t kill him. Don’t rip out his eyes.

“Can we go for a drink after we’ve concluded this nightmare today?” Jefferson moved closer, his hand hovering over hers. “Maybe rekindle how hot we were? Then I can show you exactly what I meant by my comment earlier, baby.” When she didn’t respond, he inched closer. “You know you want me. You know you hunger for my big. Fat. Dick.”

To her credit she didn’t flinch, merely tilted her head back and laughed. “Over my freaking dead ass body.”

“That’s not what you would have said barely four months ago. If I remember correctly, you used to beg me for more.”

“I was an idiot then, but fortunately I learned what an asshole you are. I won’t allow myself to make that same mistake again.” Meadow smiled to herself, priding her rather cool demeanor. Granted, she’d spent enough time trying to heal the wounds that were buried deep. When she heard silence, she gave herself a mental high five. The man was no match for her power, either in the courtroom or… Now, she swallowed hard, her breath skipping. She hadn’t thought about him, about how sexy and gorgeous, thrilling and breathtaking he was in…

“I was an asshole. I’m different now,” Jefferson said quietly.

The words caught her off guard. For a few seconds she was back during what had to be the most incredible time in her life. Visions of the way they were, the almost perfect domination he showed her, remained vivid in the forefront of her mind. She lowered her head, closing her eyes as she thought about the time.

“Come here,” Jefferson commanded, his tone full of a husk filled lust.


“Don’t ever ask me why. You obey. When I say come to me, you come and drop to your knees? Do. You. Understand?”

Meadow shifted as she gazed into his eyes, her legs quivering. She did as she was told, easing to her knees and crawling forward. She lowered her head, the required sign of respect. “Yes, sir.”

“Better.” Jefferson took a deep breath and walked around her in a complete circle. “What am I to do with you?”

She remained quiet, uncertain of what to say. This was their game, a break in the daily monotony. She was wet and hot, her pussy clenching. “Anything you want, sir.”

“Good answer, my sweet submissive.” He tapped his index finger across his mouth and gazed down. “I know. You need a hard whipping before I fuck you.”

“Sir?” She dared not lift her head.

“You heard me. You’re mouthy and disobedient. Go to the couch and lean over.”

Swallowing hard, Meadow rose to her feet, moving slowly toward the couch. The expansive piece of leather fronted a massive floor to ceiling set of windows. Only fifty yards away was another home with a similar picture window. She leaned over and held her breath.

“Spread those long legs as wide as possible.”

Her legs and feet heavy, she opened them and clamped her hands around the cushions of the couch. “Yes, sir.”

“Better. Today, I want everyone to see that my submissive needs a round of discipline. Twenty lashes with my belt. Then I’m going to wash your mouth out with soap.”

She stiffened hearing the words. Soap? He was taking this to a new level. Exhaling, the sound of his buckle being undone, the thick leather strap being slipped past the belt loops was a powerful statement. She was a bad girl in need of harsh punishment.

“Ask me for what you need,” he said as he rubbed his hand over the small of her back.


“You heard me. Ask me for your punishment. Tell me how much you need a long, hard spanking.”

Gulping air, Meadow was light headed, every nerve ending on fire. “Please sir, whip me. Spank me. Use your belt across my ass and legs. I need to be punished for my insolence and disrespect.”

“Yes. You’re right.”

She heard him taking two steps back and held her breath. This was going to be excruciating.


“I can see you do remember,” Jefferson half whispered, his tone sultry.

Remember? How could she forget? How joyous. How amazing. How fucking horrible. Snorting, she pushed back against him hard, telling him in no uncertain terms not to touch her, and turned the handle. “Let’s get this over with.” Asshole. Jerk.

Jefferson wrapped his hand around hers and pulled the door shut while crowding her space. “You and I need to have a serious talk.”

“We have nothing to talk about.”

“How about my client and his rights? Huh? How about the fact you ceremoniously railroaded those witnesses? Huh?”

“How dare you! The jerk is guilty as freaking hell.” Within a split second she turned, her hand reaching out to slap him.

Laughing, he caught her hand and wrenched her arm. “None of that, princess.” He crowded closer, invading her space. “You forget how powerful I am. I think you need a harsh reminder. Don’t you?”

“Fuck your princess!” Meadow hissed. The audacity of the man. He seemed to believe she was still under his control. His spell. Hell. Fucking. No.

He maneuvered them both until her back was against the wall. “That’s what I want to do right now. Right fucking now. However, you need something much more than a hard fucking. Don’t you?”

The question remained in the air and left a bad taste in her mouth. Yet no matter how she played out the answer, she realized the man had ceremoniously gone deeper inside her very soul than any other person in her life. She’d allowed herself to fall hard for the man, succumbing and submitting to every desire—his as well as hers. “I need you to get out of my space.”

Every move exaggerated, Jefferson wrapped one hand around her right wrist, the other around her left, and tugged both arms above her head. “You and I both know what you crave, what you have to have in your life. I was the only man who looked past the willful woman to the incredible submissive inside. I’m the only man who was able to crack your hard case demeanor, allowing the sensuous woman out from the cage she’s been in for so long. I was the only man who realized you needed discipline and you still do. Would you like me to turn you over my knee, whipping your behind until you cry, begging and telling me what a good little girl you’re going to be?”

“Fuck you!” Was heat rising on her face? She was mortified.

He softened and gave her a heated look. “What we shared was amazing. You can’t deny that no matter how hard you try.”

“Yeah, well you fucked it up, like you tend to do with everything.” Meadow’s voice was laced with venom. She could see a flash of something unusual in his eyes—a crushing hurt. “I’m sorry I ever allowed you to see that side. You took advantage. I suspect that’s exactly what you’re made of.”

A full minute passed.

“Yeah? Well, I’m only sorry I betrayed your trust. The rest was amazing. I want nothing more than to gain it back. I know you can’t or won’t believe me, but it’s the truth.”

“Cold fucking day in Hell.” Another full minute, maybe five passed by. Why was perspiration trickling down the back of her neck? Because you want this man more than any you’ve ever known. She noticed an odd look in his eyes, as if he was truly sorry for what had occurred between them. No, you can’t think this way.

“I’m sorry. I’m damn sorry. I promise you if you’ll just talk to me I can explain everything.” Jefferson kept his stance, his facial expression unwavering. “What we had was incredible. What we shared few people every have the opportunity of doing so, especially as we did. Don’t you remember how amazing our relationship was?”

She did. Of course, she did. Submitting to him had been easy to do. Their trust shared was implicit. The way he cared for her, nurtured her during the months of training had been something she could barely talk about. Everything had been utterly perfect. Every part of her wanted so many things with this man alone. She thought she’d found nirvana. Pushing back the fantasy she’d been pining away for and replacing it with a heavy dose of reality, she tilted her head. There was no doubt her expression was cold. “I just can’t. You aren’t the man I need.” The words were agonizing to say.

A deep sigh pushed past his lips. “Please. Let yourself go. Just talk with me. I never meant to hurt you.”

Right now, the tough girl inside of her was ready to kick the creep in the balls. The other woman, the one she’d been hiding just about her entire life, wanted nothing more than to drop to her knees and cling to him—please him. She was, after all, a complete submissive. Only this man, this extremely talented and well spoken, gorgeous and enigmatic man, had seen through her bullshit. Only this man had given her brilliant moments of what she so desperately needed. Then he’d fucked it all up. “No. I can’t ever trust you again. Don’t you get that? You took everything I shared with you and…” Unable to finish her sentence, she tipped her head, narrowing her eyes. My God the man had the most powerful draw she’d ever experienced. Blinking several times was the only way she could finally release the inner submissive from his spell.

Groaning, Jefferson lowered his head down, his eyes pinned on hers. “What you think happened, didn’t. You just never allowed me to explain. You merely walked away without so much as giving me a few minutes. We shared everything, and you just walked.”

“Oh, you explained. The visuals were perfect. I had to walk. I had to and…” Her voice trailing off once again, tears welled in her eyes. This wasn’t happening here. Period. No, this was never happening again. No matter he was the perfect Dom for her or that she’d been ready to submit to him for the rest of her life. No matter. None. Zero. She was a strong woman. “Let me go, Jefferson. We are over and have been.”

“I refuse to believe that,” he said as he shook his head.

She pushed him, desperate to get away. “Never. Hear me.” She waited for a reply, any words that might make her think twice.

“I will have you again. You belong to me. Period.”

His arrogance overwhelmed her. “Oh my God. Not if you were the last man on earth.”

Jefferson opened his mouth then the hard click of a doorknob being turned forced him to stop.

They both looked in the direction of the judge, one who held a face of raw fury. “Shit,” she said under her breath. “Judge Sampson.”

“Both of you. My chambers now or you’ll be considered in contempt of court. The truth is I should throw both of you in jail for a solid week for your behavior.” Judge Sampson glanced back and forth between them and shook his head. “Unbelievable.”

They both remained still for a few seconds, then she pushed her way past Jefferson. Memories of the time they’d shared would always be special to her. Being his submissive had been incredible but damning. “Are you coming, Mr. Dimani?”

“Yes, Ms. Wilkens.”

Meadow moved into the judge’s chambers with Jefferson following closely behind. The judge was formidable in his own right, one who took no shit from anyone. He was standing in front of his floor to ceiling window, unmoving. Whew, the man was pissed.

Jefferson was the one who cleared his throat.

“Do you understand that we have a very sensitive trial on our hands?” Judge Sampson asked, his voice barely audible.

Jefferson looked at Meadow then nodded as if the judge could see through them, learning every sordid detail about their past. “Yes, sir. My client is the son of the governor. As such we are to…”

“As such you are to perform your duties as court representatives. I expect no less. This trial is already the media darling and I’m sick of being on the front page every day. You’re both acting like the relationship you had doesn’t exist. Guess what? I know otherwise. You were both dabbling in an alternative lifestyle, one I suspect in truth was good for both of you. I can tell you both fucked it up. You are both fools.” Judge Sampson turned to face them, placing his hands behind his back.

Meadow sucked in her breath. No one knew about their D/s relationship let alone that they had any relationship. What the hell was going on? Turning her fury toward Jefferson, she could tell he was as stunned as she was. This was crazy. This could ruin them. Her mouth was dry, so dry. “Sir, I…”

Judge Sampson held up his hand. “Very little gets by me, Ms. Wilkens. Very little. I understand more about the lifestyle than you know.”

Jefferson clucked his jaw and inched closer to her, a nervous smile curling on his mouth. “Yes, sir. We aren’t allowing our past to affect the case. We kept everything private.”

“Bullshit and you both know it.” The judge laughed as he shook his head. “You have a total power exchange going on and the entire legal system is your fodder right now. I can’t have that. No matter what happened between the two of you, there is no way you’re going to continue like you have been.”

“Yes, sir,” Meadow said as she cringed. This was so being busted. They were going to be the laughing stock of the entire city. “We’ll figure this out.”

“I don’t buy the promise, Ms. Wilkens. Remember, I’ve been around the block a few times,” the judge shook his head and looked back and forth between them.

“Sir. Really. We’ll conclude this case professionally. I promise no more antics,” Jefferson added.

“Uh-huh. There is little I can do in the way of mandating behavioral changes but that doesn’t mean I don’t have certain ideas. Perhaps I should call them mandates.” Stepping forward, Judge Sampson wrinkled his nose as he folded his arms. “I can use creative methods.” He looked down. “Yes. That’s perfect.”

“Creative, sir?” Jefferson asked.

Perfect? What in the hell was he talking about? Meadow was feeling light headed.

“Yep. It’s Thursday and I’m going to postpone the case until Monday morning at nine sharp. I think there are some alternative methods here that are going to be needed, concepts of allowing you to see what you are missing.”

“Sir?” Meadow stared at the man, curious as to what in the hell he was getting at. She stole a quick glance at Jefferson, who was as surprised as she was.

“Yes.” Judge Sampson moved closer. “You’re going to spend the three days together figuring this out. I don’t care where you go, but you will stay alone, without anyone else interfering, and you will solve this issue. If you don’t I’ll declare a mistrial.”

“You can’t do that!” Meadow insisted.

“I’m the judge. I can do anything. Three days together exploring what you started months ago.” Judge Sampson moved behind his desk. “If you choose not to I’ll know. If you try and fake me out. I’ll know. If you dare lie to me, trust me you’ll both be spending two solid weeks in jail. And yes, I am dead serious.”

Both Meadow and Jefferson looked at each other. She swallowed hard. This was nuts, but very exciting. What the hell was she thinking?

“Power exchange. You must conclude the concept. Do you both understand?” The judge kept his face stern.

Jefferson shot her a look before taking the reins. “Absolutely.”

“Good man. You’re her perfect Dom.” The judge pressed his hand on the keyboard then looked back up.

“Sir. I can’t allow this,” Meadow pleaded. Every part of her body was shaking. What in the hell was she going to do?

“Then I can call for the bailiff and I’m certain he’ll be happy to escort you to the jail. This is a free country, Ms. Wilkens. This is your choice entirely.”

She had no idea what to say to the judge. The thought was terrifying. Disgusting. Amazing. No this couldn’t happen. This wasn’t the right thing to do. When she felt his presence directly behind her, inhaled the rich and sensuous cologne, she gulped.

“We can do this.” Jefferson’s voice was quiet, seductive. His expression was one of utter domination. “I’ll be happy to do this, Judge.”

Could she?

“What will it be, Ms. Wilkens?” Judge Sampson asked, keeping his eyes locked onto her.

The air seemed to have left the entire room. This was the toughest decision of her career, but one she had to make. This couldn’t be happening. “I don’t know what to say.”

“You have about three minutes. When I walk out of the chamber I will get the bailiff if I need to.” The judge snarled before turning toward Jefferson. “And if you ask me, she needs a hard spanking.”


Was this really happening? Jefferson narrowed his eyes and glared at the judge. For a few seconds, he remained certain Judge Sampson was going to say he was joking, albeit the conservative and very narrow-minded man rarely smiled. Even the idea might break his hard face. Jefferson had to have heard incorrectly. There was no way a judge, one who was respected even among his enemies, would push the boundaries of decency to this point. No fucking way. Yet as he tilted his head and scanned Judge Sampson’s eyes, he knew there was compete seriousness in them. And talk about a spanking? “Let me get this straight.”

“This can’t be legal,” Meadow said under her breath.

Jefferson reached out, attempting to shut her down. However, he could hear the discord in Meadow’s voice.

“You already agreed, Mr. Dimani,” Judge Sampson stated without looking at him. He fiddled with his computer, humming a tune as if he had no one in front of him. Without looking up, he addressed her, “I don’t give a damn about legalities right now. You two obviously haven’t throughout this trial. This is my courtroom, thereby you either follow the rules or get out.”

“I thought…” This was going too far. “Wait a minute. You’re suggesting that we spend three days together, and that we should ‘discuss’ our previous relationship, as if any aspect of what Meadow and I shared for any reason matters? Do you really think what we may or may not have shared together matters to any degree to this case?” A bead of sweat trickled down the side of his face. When the judge didn’t react, his anger grew to the pissed as hell stage. “Hold on here, Judge.”

“Don’t raise your voice to me in my chambers,” Judge Sampson’s voice boomed.

Meadow shook her head but remained quiet, yet her foot tapped against the floor.

Judge Sampson leaned over his desk and seemed to be studying the oversized monitor, as if contemplating another important case. He slowly lifted his head, pressed the off button on the monitor and gave Jefferson a heated look. “You believe I’m suggesting you need to talk in order for either one of you to continue on this case? Is that what I’m hearing?”

“I think that’s what Mr. Dimani is indeed asking. After all, the very words would no doubt be of interest to the Law Review Board,” Meadow snorted. “I’m certain they’d find your creative methods less than professional. This is nothing more than blackmail.”

The judge moved from the back of his desk, closer to both. “Yes, Ms. Wilkens. I’m certain they would, but I don’t think threatening me is in your best interest. Now, do you? And Mr. Dimani, as far as your question, I’m not suggesting. I’m ordering. You find a way to work together, to soothe the past infractions that are completely interfering with your work, my cases and with this one in particular. My suggestion is that you don’t defy me.” He looked from one to the other before walking past both and toward the door.

Jefferson swore under his breath. This was ridiculous. He could tell Meadow was out of sorts. Out of sorts? She was fuming to the point her face was red, perspiration beading down both sides of her face. She wore her emotions on her sleeve, something he’d actually admired about her since the very day he’d met her. He thought about all the time they’d spent together, how much they’d learned from and about each other. Cringing, he wasn’t an idiot. There was no way she was going to be able to trust him again. How could she?

She took a step back, her face full of defiance.

When the judge’s chambers door opened, he allowed a breath to escape. When he heard what sounded like the door being closed, he hissed and rubbed his forehead. “What a crock of shit.”

“Asshole,” Meadow added, her eyes opening wide, a flush of embarrassment crossing her face. “I can’t believe this. Who the fuck does he think he is? I should report him to every government agency this side of the Mississippi. In fact, I think I will.”

Groaning, Jefferson tugged on her arm, nodding toward the judge, who’d yet to leave the room.

She paled, her lower lip quivering.

The judge held up his hand. “This asshole who does indeed issue a hell of a lot of crocks of shit also has connections. My suggestion is that you work together, make your peace with each other and come back fully committed to your careers and to this case.”

Jefferson shivered hearing his voice and it had nothing to do with his very livelihood having just been coerced in a very backwards manner. He darted a glance at Meadow who had her eyes closed, her hand over her mouth. For a few seconds the entire period they’d spent together raced in the back of his mind. Pictures of all the ‘firsts’ remained vivid, colorful reminders of everything he’d fucked up. He shook his head and turned toward the door, the change allowing him to really look at the beautiful woman he’d allowed to get away due to his incompetence.

“I’ll take your silence as an understanding as well as your agreement to the proposition,” Judge Sampson said very quietly. “Or should I get the bailiff?”

Jefferson glanced at her again. He was going to have to make the decision for both of them. “No, sir. You do not. We will do our best and find a way to follow your orders.” He knew she was going to kick his ass.

“Good. Monday in my chambers. Then we’ll determine if we go on.”

The sound of the oversized and very powerful man closing the door with a hard thud, followed by his heavy footsteps moving down the hallway, fueled Jefferson’s increasing rage. “Unbelievable.”

“Disgusting, and there is no way I’m going to take this shit. You agreed. Not me, buddy. I can’t and won’t do this. Do you hear me?”

He thought about how to handle her, how to even begin to heal the wounds that were so deep he had no idea if they could ever heal. “I think he’s serious. I think we’re going to have to do this.”

“As if I care,” Meadow snapped. “I’ll go to the bar, expose his ridiculous behavior, if I have to. Hell, I’m calling the press. They would be oh-so interested.”

“Meadow, you have to admit we’ve been sparring over everything both in and out of the courtroom. Dragging the judge through the press isn’t going to solve our problems. You know that as well as I do.”

“You know what? You may be right, but we’re sparring because you’re an asshole. Thank God, I learned about your ugly proclivities before it was too late.” Giving him a nasty look, she moved quickly toward the door.

Jefferson remained where he was. “And you’re just going to ignore the judge and his requirements?”

“You know what? Fuck the judge.”

“Sure, Ms. Bravado. I’m certain your boss will be thrilled. He’s right you know.” He counted to five, knowing exactly what the tiny slip of information would do.

Stopping short just as she was at the door she dropped her head, cursed up a blue streak, then turned around. “What?”

He remained quiet.


“Impatient as always I see,” Jefferson said, purposely sounding bored. His thoughts drifted to the reasons for her spankings when they were together. She was impatient as hell.

“Fuck you too. You are just as much a jerk as the judge.” Meadow held her head in defiance.

Jefferson took the cue and moved closer. They’d argued like wild dogs from day one, competing for the same position, jockeying to have the corner office. Why either one of them thought for any reason they could enter into a D/s type lifestyle had to be from a conversation based in heavy amounts of liquor. He held his breath.

Except that what they’d shared, the amazing and glorious times where they talked about anything and everything was based on a wonderful connection. Every moment, every step of the journey had been so enlightening, thrilling. Jefferson tried to keep his cool as he moved closer still. This was his time to heal all the bloody wounds. If he could.

“Nothing to say as usual, huh?” Meadow challenged. She smiled and placed her hand on the door, looking away.

“Oh yeah. I have a hell of a lot to say. The words of the judge come to mind.”


“Yep. That you need a spanking—a very hard one. You need a regimented discipline schedule, one that will not only help ease your tension but enable you to focus at work and in every aspect of your life.” Jefferson took another stride toward her. The way her face pinched was telling, yet he continued to push. She was as hungry as he was. “You need structure in your life in order to thrive, to be the woman you crave being, the one you feel you’ve lost. I know you haven’t lost her. She’s deep inside of you but there is something keeping you from bringing her completely out in the open and I happen to know what that is. I also know what that woman needs.”

“What? Are you kidding me?” Meadow swallowed hard, stole a glance in his direction, then looked back at the door. However, she didn’t make an attempt to twist the knob. “What do you know?”

“I know a hell of a lot about you. I know how sweet and loving you are. I know how much you want and crave to let go, trusting a man to allow you to share the brilliant and submissive woman inside.” From where he stood he could see her upper lip was covered in glistening beads. He was getting to her, breaking past the thick wall she’d encompassed every aspect of her being with. Yeah, what’s the reason you fucking asshole? Jefferson sighed. How was he going to get her to trust him again?

Meadow sniffed, brushed her hand through her hair and tipped her head to glare at him. “As if you’d know.”

He purposely allowed a full minute to pass by. Daring to take another full step toward her he flanked her side. “You know I do. You know I was lucky enough to see the most amazing woman in the world. And yes, I’m completely to blame for fucking it all up.”

“Yes, you are.”

Just hearing the edge in her voice told him she would never forgive him. Sighing, he looked down at her face, her gorgeous face, as sadness swept through him. “I have a thought and hear me out before you rip into me. Let’s have a drink together. One drink and see if we can follow these orders. Fair enough?” The Mexican standoff was palpable.

Meadow clucked her jaw and looked away. “No.”

“He’ll throw you in jail for contempt of court. You know it,” Jefferson challenged. “Sampson is a tough old bastard. You’ll be in jail and he’ll make some excuse to keep you there for a long time.”

“Shit.” Meadow hissed and twisted, her face reddening. “He can’t do this. He’s insane.”

“Yep. Contempt of court. You know very well he can and will.” The silence was deafening. Certain she wasn’t going to budge, he took a step around her, walking toward the door. He could only pray she’d take the bait.

“Fine. One drink but that’s it. Do you understand what I’m saying to you? I’m deadly serious.”

“Oh yeah. I get it.” He smiled and nodded toward the door.

Meadow opened the door as she exhaled and remained where she was standing.

Allowing Jefferson to move first. Mmm… He walked into the hallway, knew she was hesitating, and slowed down.

“What was Judge Sampson right about?”

Jefferson smiled to himself and made certain the expression was gone when he turned slowly to face her. He opened his eyes wide, concentrating on her and nothing else. “That you need a very… hard… spanking.”

Chapter Two

Meadow had promised to meet Jefferson at the corner bar, the one she hadn’t been to since the night she’d raced away, determined never to see him again. Gulping air, she walked, then stumbled toward the kitchen, slapping on the light. Suddenly the red dress she’d selected, the one that hugged every curve of her hourglass figure like a glove, seemed just about as inappropriate as could be. She snarled and pressed her hands down the front of the silky material, fighting not to rip the damn thing off. “You’re a damn fool.”

Visions of shredding the material with her fingers came to mind. She laughed nervously and sauntered toward the refrigerator. A glass of wine or ten was going to come in handy before she met with the… the asshole. The freaking asswipe, betraying, son of a bitch who needs to have his balls cut off with a dull butter knife. There. The thought was the very one she’d had almost every night since their breakup. Since his betrayal. The words would forever sting. The concept would never allow her to give a shit or try D/s again.

She yanked out a bottle of Pinot Grigio and tugged at the cork. Tonight, white wine would fit. If she drank even a sip of red she had a feeling she’d be pushed into her ‘angry’ mode. God knows Jefferson wouldn’t be able to handle that one. She snickered as she poured a hefty glass. How many nights had she thought about cutting his dick off, shoving the wrinkled piece of shit down his big mouthed throat? Too many, alas another big court case. Now, she burst into laughter. She could see the filled courtroom now—all the happy little people enjoying what was happening. Still, the shithead would have gotten his just desserts. Maybe she’d be considered a hero, thrown a party. Right.

As she moved next to the kitchen window, staring out at the city lights, she thought about when and how the ugliness had started between them. For months they’d been blissfully happy, the move from more of a domestic discipline relationship to an incredible and freeing D/s one had been as close to perfect as possible. She’d been able to let her guard down with him completely, telling him things about herself no person, let alone a man, had ever heard. The nights of passion had been full of ecstasy and so breathtaking she was left wet and hot for hours.

Meadow sighed and gulped her wine, palming the cool glass with the other. A single tear slipped from her eye as she thought about the very first time Jefferson had spanked her. As the salty bead trickled down her face she shook her head and closed her eyes. The moment the drop oozed onto her lip she licked it away furiously, the memory rushing into her mind.

Jefferson opened his eyes wide and remained quiet, not moving, but the look on his face was one of complete disappointment.

Meadow slapped her hand over her mouth, knowing exactly what she’d done. They had few rules up to this point, given the fact they’d only just agreed to try discipline in their relationship, beginning the power exchange they’d both talked about for a couple of months. Barely two days into their new lifestyle and she’d not only forgotten to tell him about her whereabouts for the day but had managed to cuss him out in a blue streak to boot. He’d spanked her before, but with infrequency. Still, the times had led them to some amazing conversations, admittances. When the realization hit them both of what would help her focus, they’d been excited. His reaction indicated a severe spanking was in order.

Jefferson sniffed.

Tick. Tock.

“I’m sorry. I had a shitty day. Okay? I didn’t mean to take it out on you. I just had a shitty fucking day.” She cursed nonstop at times, something he loathed and had counseled her on more than once. Here she was digging her grave deep. VERY deep. She exhaled all her pent-up anxiety and looked away. Another minute passed by, then a second. Say something. Say anything. Hearing nothing, she tilted her head, studying his face, his intense look. He was beyond pissed this time. Whew. In truth, she hadn’t seen him this unraveled since the very first time they’d gone out. The night had gone from frisky and funny to a screaming battle within an hour. They laughed about the incident now, but if they had been in a domestic discipline situation then, she would have been pulled over his lap, her panties ripped down around her ankles and a hard spanking issued in front of every man, woman and God himself. She shivered from the thought.

He remained quiet, his eyes never blinking. A minute later he grabbed his keys off the table. “I’m going for a drive to calm down. When I return we’re going to deal with your serious infractions. Do you understand, Meadow?”

The way he said the words alone sent chills down her spine and her reaction had nothing to do with fear of him. She was pissed at herself for breaking his trust. “I do, sir.” Offering up the single word of respect hadn’t come easily either. She’d never said the word ‘sir’ to anyone, including her father, before the shift into a dominating relationship. Tonight, the word was said without hesitation. Jefferson certainly deserved more than just her respect. He deserved her penance.

“Are you certain of that, Meadow?”

“Yes, sir. Very much so, sir.” Meadow held her head high while inside she was shaking, trembling like a little kid standing in front of the principle. And yes, she’d been in the fat man’s office in her youth more than once. With a mouth like hers, she was lucky she didn’t spend all her time in contempt of court.

He looked all the way down to her feet and back up, the gaze moving conspicuously slowly. Nodding, he simply turned and headed for the door.

Tick. Tock. Count to ten. Breathe. Understand.

When the door closed, issuing a soft click, she jumped and exhaled every breath stored in her lungs. “Shit.” Another hard slap of her hand over her mouth and she knew tonight she was going to get a whipping—a well-deserved one. For a few seconds, she tried to imagine what he was going to use, how many strikes he was going to give her. Up to this point he’d only taken her over his knee and used his hand, but she had a feeling tonight would be different. Tingling all over she walked to the kitchen table and pulled out a chair, easing down and resigning herself to wait.

And wait she did. After checking the clock for the third time and seeing almost forty-five minutes had passed, she was beginning to wonder if he’d gone home. He was so angry, and he told her point blankly he’d never spank her when he was enraged. She so respected him for his strength, his responsibility and his handling of their flowering journey. After another five minutes she tapped her foot and tried to hold on to those feeling of respect. When another five minutes passed she sensed the old girl creeping into her system, the one that would just as easily bite his head off as obey him for anything. Meadow dropped her head into her hands and groaned.


She jerked her head up and watched as Jefferson walked in. His calm demeanor was almost startling. When he smiled at her, his eyes flashing nothing but gentleness and thoughtfulness and… Well, she almost fell out of her chair. “Hi.”

“Hi. I’m sorry I took so long. I needed time to reflect.”

“I understand.” I was a brat and you needed to figure out how to control me. The thought was true enough. She searched his eyes for any sign of forgiveness. He was tough to read.

“Good.” Jefferson dropped his keys and casually walked toward her. He pulled out a chair and sat down opposite of her, taking her hands into his. “I want you to know that while I forgive you for breaking the rules and for your insolence, I’m very disappointed.”

“I know, sir and I’m very sorry. I truly am.”

He shook his head. “Shh… Let me finish. I’m also not going to allow this behavior to continue. You need a strong hand and I’m going to give you one. There are few rules, but I expect you to follow them. When you break a single one, I’m going to punish you. I think eventually you’ll learn. Do you understand me?”

Even the way he whispered the words, the calm and yet so authoritative manner, she was taken in, a full understanding vivid in her mind. “Yes sir.”

“Good girl.” He brought her hands to his mouth, kissing both. When he released them, he sat back and smiled. “Now, I want to you undress and lean over the table. I’m going to spank you with my belt tonight and I believe that will help strengthen my message. Do you understand?”

The belt? Shit. His belt? Really? Pushing back a whimper she somehow found herself nodding. Even as a child she’d never gotten a belting. Holy fuck. She resisted rolling her eyes. Maybe she did indeed need a harsh punishment. No. There was no maybe. She did.

“Go on. Get undressed. I know you want to feel better, to atone for your mistakes. Don’t you, Meadow?”

“Yes, sir.” She rose to her feet and fumbled to remove her clothes, taking a full two minutes to manage unbuttoning her blouse. There was no way to take her eyes off him as he stood and slowly unfastened his belt. Meadow was completely mesmerized by every movement, could smell the well-worn leather from where she stood.

“Your panties too, Meadow.”

For some reason she hadn’t realized they were still on. Every move difficult, she managed to tug the thin elastic down her hips to the floor. When she was completely naked she cringed. Now, she felt like a very bad girl.

Jefferson smiled and nodded toward the table. “Lean over and grip the other side.”

She did as she was told and as what seemed like a cool breeze wafted over her naked ass, she moaned out loud. This was going to freaking hurt.

Jefferson rubbed down from her neck and along her spine, ending with patting first her right butt cheek then her left. “I’m very proud of you for taking this so well.”

“Thank you, sir.”


Jolted from the memory, Meadow jumped and almost dropped her wine glass. The spanking had been the most severe of her life and she could still remember every detail, the sensations of every strike, the tears as they fell and the way she felt. What had remained in her mind since was how humbled the experience had made her feel. She smiled, longing to be that close with him again and realizing she truly needed a strict man and harsh discipline at times.

After taking two more gulps of her wine, she looked at her watch. It was time to meet Jefferson. She stood still, shaking as she wondered whether they could rekindle their passion as well as their controlled relationship. As she placed the wine glass on the counter she snorted. No fucking way. She glanced at her watch and this time she grinned. He could wait.


Jefferson glared at his watch and tapped the fingers of his other hand on top of the table. Meadow had always had an issue about being late to just about anything. He’d often told her she would be late to her own funeral, as the old adage said. She hated the expression, loathed when he said the words, and usually lashed out at him uncontrollably when he muttered them. He tried to remain calm and rubbed his wrist aimlessly. The day seemed to be going on forever. He thought about the case for a few minutes, how they were both handling the witnesses and the cross examination and had to admit the judge was right. The old coot.

Now, he rolled his eyes. They were using the contentious case to get back at each other, or to one-up in a way that might just land their pretty boy in prison for a long time. And Daddy, the great congressman who refused to accept any bullshit, would find a way to tank their asses. No doubt in his mind. They were in a bad place and the judge was actually trying to help, in his bizarre manner. He thought about how much he’d enjoyed being the Dom and every nerve in his body was suddenly on fire. He wanted Meadow. He craved everything about her. The sad truth might be that he needed her in his life and to continue in his career.

What an interesting twist of fate.

He sipped his bourbon and thought about what to say to Meadow. That is if she ever arrived. Their past and the way the relationship had ended was entirely his fault. He’d pushed both of their boundaries because of his selfishness. They hadn’t been together long enough to even peruse something so intimate and he’d broken her trust. Every day and every night since then he’d tried to think of a way to right the wrong. Sadly, Meadow had never allowed him to address the matter, to explain anything. She allowed her eyes to determine her own truth then ran away, her heart crushed. That was the way she handled everything in the courtroom. Her gut was everything to her and one reason she generally won all her cases, but the few times she’d been wrong, oh, boy. He chuckled as he remembered some of her glaring mistakes.

Groaning, he allowed his mind to wander, thinking about the first time he’d seen her. She was all spitfire and anxiety yet controlled in a way he’d known she was hiding behind a mask. Peeling away the layers had been such a delight. He brushed his hand through his hair and realized he was anxious to see her.

Another gulp of his drink, another quick glance at his watch and he was just about resigned she’d stood him up. He settled back in the chair and glanced out the window at the streetscape. This had been the one bar they always came to after either one of them had won a case, any case at all. They’d both agreed celebrating little wins in life was good for the soul. Night after night they’d talked about D/s and learned their inner fears, their worries and needs. The time had been precious. He hadn’t been in the place since the dreadful night. Nothing had really changed except his attitude. He no longer felt like celebrating anything.

Jefferson closed his eyes and realized he was still so sad, so damn unhappy. There was no other woman for him and he was completely out of his element in trying to figure out what to do. Perhaps taking the job in Houston was the best thing to do. There was a hell of a bump in salary and more perks than he could even imagine. And he’d be a thousand miles away from temptation and heartache. Yeah. The job was sounding better and better.

“Well, I’m here.”

Her voice was edgy, strained. He knew the tone well. Looking up at Meadow, he could tell she was having all kinds of doubts. Doubts about being here. Doubts about whether she was going to kick the judge’s ass and huge doubts about why she was giving Jefferson the time of day. “You’re late.”

“So?” Meadow yanked out the chair and plopped down, dropping her purse next to her with a disdainful flair.

“Always the drama queen.”

“Always the asshole.”

Jefferson exhaled slowly and counted to ten. This was going to shit in a heartbeat. “Let’s start over. Okay?” He steadied his gaze, making eye contact and allowing her to see his very authoritative look, the one he used quite often in the courtroom. Normally the dark eyes did nothing to her. Tonight, even through the dim lighting, they seemed to be making some kind of connection. When she nodded, he continued, “You look gorgeous tonight. Red is your color. Can I buy you a drink, a glass of cabernet perhaps?”

“I…” Meadow stuttered. She never stuttered, had complete control of her mouth and knew how to use the English language well, much to the chagrin of those opposing her. She cleared her throat. “Thank you and I would love a glass of wine. I should be drinking white.”

“Good.” He waited until he was able to snag a waiter, remaining quiet, his eyes never leaving her. She was about as uncomfortable as he’d seen her but intrigued. Yes, she’d been thinking. “Cabernet for the lady and I’ll take another.”

“You’ve been here a while?” she asked as she gave him a dour look. Then she shook her head, a sign of arrogance.

“I arrived five minutes before our scheduled time.” I’m always on time.

Tick. Tock.

“I’m sorry I was late. I admit I had, and still do, reservations about coming. I have no idea what you think you can say to me that will make any difference. What happened is something I’ll never forget,” Meadow stated defiantly, regaining her edgy tone.

Actually, he could tell she was ready to explode into bitch mode, something he was going to have to carefully curtail. He contemplated not only what to say but how to say the words. She preferred frankness and honesty and that’s what she was going to get. Leaning over the table he lowered his voice but kept the same controlling tone. “What you witnessed that night with Mindy wasn’t what you thought you saw and—”

“Bullshit!” Meadow interrupted and huffed, folding her arms. “I know what I saw. You were basically fucking that little tart, the fucking whore.” Her voice was loud enough the table closest to them looked over. She held a knowing smile.

Count to five. Don’t lash out. This was ridiculous but so very ‘her’. Meadow loved grandstanding, savored garnering attention of any kind, including harsh stares. He reached over and gripped her arm. Instantly, she tried to yank out of his grasp, but he held her tightly. “Do not interrupt me again, Meadow. Do you understand?”

She opened her mouth as if to retort then looked down. “Fine. Say what you have to say.”

“I asked you a direct question. Do you understand?”

Her head snapping up, there was no doubt a nasty retort was ready to slip from her mouth. A full five seconds passed by and she softened, albeit slightly. “Yes. I do understand.”

In the days gone by, she would have added ‘sir’, even reluctantly. Now he was lucky to get the semi-pleasant answer. “Good. Now, listen to me.” Out of the corner of his eye he could see the waiter approaching with their order and while he kept his hand exactly in position, he remained quiet until the drinks were in front of them.

Immediately, Meadow took a sip of wine, almost as if in defiance.

She was so much the same, except he could tell her edge was laced with such anguish and he was the very cause of her pain. “Mindy and I were talking that night only. Yes, we were talking about sharing, just like you and I had discussed on more than one occasion.” Jefferson tightened his grip the second she opened her mouth and raised his voice just a hair. “And… And I should have told you that I was going to talk with her. The truth is, I should never have had that conversation with her without your presence. I was very wrong about that as well as even considering the idea. We weren’t ready as a couple. I was the Dom and should have known better. Instead, I did indeed allow my own needs, my desires to usurp what we shared. I hate it. I loathe my behavior, but I can only go forward differently having learned.”

She remained on edge, swirling the wine and taking another gulp, but she didn’t issue a word or even a sound.

Good. He was at least getting somewhere. “I made several mistakes then, Meadow. And the other admittance I have to tell you is that—”

“You fucked her. Didn’t you?” Meadow’s voice was loud enough the table next to them glanced over.

“I asked you to remain quiet. Do not interrupt me again. What part of asking if you understood is tough for you?” Jefferson was going to win this one. Hell, yes, he was. “Do you?”


He slapped his hand on the table and lowered his voice. “Do you?”


“Good. What I was going to tell you is that Mindy did indeed come on to me. She tried to get me to share a night alone with her. The moment was awkward and there is no doubt I handled the situation badly.”

“Jefferson. Please cut the crap. We all know you two were an item,” she said quietly, the hurt tone evident in every word, every syllable.

“I have no idea who ‘we’ are, but I can tell you with every ounce of honesty that after that night I told Mindy I couldn’t talk with her again and I haven’t to this day.”

“Bullshit. You are such a…” Her words died off and she gulped.

Jefferson wanted to wipe the single tear from her eye but decided not to. He needed to finish this. “I fucked up the best thing that’s ever happened to me because I got greedy. I allowed my libido to take over when what you needed was a firm hand, a gentle soul and time. For that, I will never forgive myself.” He could tell her big brain was processing the information, putting all the pieces into a tiny box. What he knew about Meadow instinctively was that she very much needed a firm hand, a strict Dom who refused to accept anything less than complete obedience. He’d been wishy washy at best and when the concept of sharing playtime with another came into the picture, he’d jumped on it. He was the asshole she thought him to be… then. He certainly knew better, at least to a point, now.

Meadow sat back and nodded, looked out the window and took a sip of her wine.

There were so many other things he wanted to say to her, admittances as well as thoughts about the future. He wanted to make certain she knew he was committed to being her Dom, gaining her trust and respect again. Time. This was all about time.

Meadow shifted in her seat and tilted her head, a smile on her face. “Jefferson.”

“Yes?” Relief flooded him. She was beginning to understand. The air seemed to be sucked out of him as he waited for her answer.

Suddenly, so many things happened at once he was barely able to process them.

She jerked her arm away, managed to stand and tossed the rest of her wine in his face before tossing the glass and leaning over the table. “You’re a motherfucking, lying, asshole, pig, son of a bitch. I will never, and fucking hear me, never believe you again. Go straight to Hell, Jefferson.”

The sound of the glass breaking and the gasps coming from all directions reverberated in the back of his mind.

Laughing softly, she yanked her purse from the floor and huffed. “And you couldn’t control or dominate anyone out of a paper bag, you loser.”

Another rush of gasps then guffaws sounded in the bar. While Jefferson wasn’t angry, he was incensed and this behavior he wasn’t going to accept any longer. His decision made, he reached out, wrapped his hand around her wrist, pushed his chair back hard and tugged her toward him.

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Meadow demanded.

“Exactly what you need, what you crave and in truth what you expect. I’m giving you a hard spanking.” Jefferson pulled her over his lap, lifted her dress and yanked down her panties.

Crack! Slap! Pop!

“Leave me alone!” she demanded.

“No, I will not.”

Slap! Crack!


“Go. Go. Go. Spank her.”

Were the words real? Echoes bounced in Meadow’s ears and she’d never been so immobilized in her life. She could hear the snickers, the titillating laughter that was all around them. There was no way to shove away the ugliness. They were all watching her get a hard spanking, encouraging Jefferson. They were all seeing her naked ass getting whipped. They all knew she was a bad girl, one who couldn’t figure out right from wrong. The worst part was that she wasn’t struggling or wiggling in the least. She lay over Jefferson’s lap taking his hard strikes and sniveling.

This wasn’t like her at all. She didn’t allow anyone to take control of her. At least not since… She sniffed back tears and clenched her eyes shut. This was absolutely ridiculous. Jefferson spanking her. How fucking dare he! You need this. You deserve this. You want this. She clenched her fist and shoved back her ugly inner voice.

“You’re going to learn you can’t talk to me that way and you’re no longer going to curse. Do you understand me?” Jefferson asked, the tone in his voice controlling yet calm.

She jerked her hand up from the floor and wiped her eyes. The titillating laughter continued, and she could swear she heard women in particular egging Jefferson on. This had to be some bizarre daydream.

Slap! Crack!

“When I ask you a question you’re going to answer. Do you understand me, Meadow?”

“She deserves it. Spank her harder.”

“Spank her some more, the mouthy bitch.”

Slap! Smack!

“Let’s try this again. Do you hear what I’m saying to you?” Jefferson huffed as he adjusted her on his knees, holding her down and huffing.

She was in a whirlwind. This couldn’t be real.

Pop! Crack!

“You need discipline and someone to control you,” Jefferson said under his breath.

Smack! Crack! Pop!

The words from somewhere in the darkness only made another tear swim to the surface. She moaned softly, refusing to allow anyone else to know how upset she was. Could she? Did she?

“Meadow!” he hissed.


“Yes, sir. I do.” Where in the world had that come from?

“Better,” Jefferson said quietly.

Whap! Crack! Pop!

“And we’re going to continue this after I take you home,” he continued as he spanked each ass cheek in a very methodical manner. “You need a firm hand and a very pointed set of rules.”

“Keep spanking her.”

“She hasn’t learned yet.”

“I hope you spank her all the time. The woman needs harsh discipline.”

This time she heard Jefferson cursing under his breath after the nasty comments were issued. Rules? Shit. Shit. Shit. Maybe he was getting tired of being on display. She couldn’t believe the spanking had gone on this long. Or was time just completely out of her realm right now? She swallowed as he managed to hit her sit spot just so, anguish exploding into every cell in her body. Now, she squirmed. Now, she fought, throwing her hand back. “Please!”

Jefferson sighed and rubbed her ass. He leaned over and pulled the hair away from her neck. When he spoke, his words were very gentle, extremely comforting. “I know what you need. Don’t forget that. You can feel safe with me. I’ll always take care of you. Let me in and we can do this together. Allow me to nurture you, care for you and discipline you.”

Together? Did he say the words? Nurture? Lately she’d balked at everything he’d said, in or out of the courtroom. Today, the words were very relaxing, almost peaceful and a wonderful reminder of what they’d shared. That is before he… the man… her lover and… The old rage rushed into her system. She jerked and arched her back, tossing both hands back to cover her ass. “Stop. You can’t do this here. You don’t own me.” But she wanted to say the single word ‘yet’. Where in the hell had this come from? She was no doubt unraveling before him, her entire mind gone to some la la land.

He sighed and gripped the back of her neck with one hand, grappling to secure both of her wrists in the other. When she was forced into submission he leaned over, his whisper husky. “You’re going to learn tonight that I’m in charge. You won’t fight me and we’re going to spend all night if we have to talking. Now, you can be a very good girl and hold your head high when I release you or we can do this the hard way. I don’t think you want that. Do you?”

“No!” “I mean, no, sir.” “Sir”. There were too many sirs all the way around. Meadow wrinkled her nose and really tried to concentrate on what he was saying. Did he really think he was going to control her now or any time? He had another fucking thing coming and…


“Fuck!” she hissed, her body jumping involuntarily.

“No more cussing. We’re not finished with your discipline tonight but when I let you go, you’re going to stand up, pull up your panties and smooth down your dress, and wait as I pay the bill, remaining very quiet. I don’t want to hear a peep out of you. Do you understand me?”

She wanted to respond, had every syllable, every nasty word picked out, but she could tell the entire bar was holding court. They were waiting to see what she was going to say, if she was going to continue being bratty. She knew what he was saying, what he was requiring, and she was going to obey, at least according to all the ugly people in the room.


Meadow knew the hard slap on her upper hip was a mere reminder. Jefferson was in charge.

“Again, when I ask you a question, you are going to answer me. Later tonight, when you’re standing in the corner and reflecting on all the infractions you’ve shown me tonight alone, you can think about why you’re misbehaving this way.”

Blinking several times, she tried to focus, attempted to rationalize what was happening between them. She’d often told him during their relationship he needed to be more controlling, but he’d struggled, his difficulties becoming an issue between them. Was she actually buying into the bullshit and the fact he was finally taking charge? Was she actually succumbing to the single man who she knew could handle her willful ways? For a few seconds, she was mesmerized, almost intoxicated by the sound of his voice, the way the inflections enveloped the smooth husk like a sheepskin blanket. Whew. This was amazing. This was fabulous. This was… Wait a fucking minute. Was she actually buying into the bullshit? “Yes, sir.”

The entire bar seemed to be clapping, whistling.

“Excellent job.”

“You did it, bud.”

“Good for you.”

Jefferson squeezed her neck. “That’s a good girl. Now I’m going to let you up and I’ll take you home. We’re going to be spending a lot of time together.”

“Yes, sir.” Dear God. She was buying into the heightened load of crap and the hype and the way in which he was controlling her. Crazy. She was losing it. Closing her eyes was the single thing she could do to keep from dying of embarrassment as he pulled her off his lap. Whether or not the entire bar had applauded, which she honestly believed they did, she could tell Jefferson was only concentrating on her. She knew he was pulling up her panties, but she refused to look, couldn’t acknowledge it. How many people were in the place? How many had seen her in all her red butt glory? Too many. This was so humiliating. You deserved it. You needed a hard spanking. You needed, no, need to be taken in hand. She sucked in her breath, a bout of dizziness rushing into her system. She certainly wasn’t going to pass out—not here and not now. Nope.

“Very good. I’m proud of you.” Jefferson rubbed his knuckle under each eye, brushing the tears away. He gripped both arms and kept his voice even. “You did very well. I’m going to pay the bill so if you’d like you can go outside, wait just outside the door and I’ll be right there. Deal?”

Oh, the deal was sweet indeed. “Yes, sir.” When she had the courage to open her eyes and gaze into his she was almost shocked by his expression, the moisture in them. Was he crying because of this? No way. He’s crying because he cares so much about you. He adores you. Let him in. The damn little voice she was going to crucify one day.

“Excellent. Grab your purse and go. I’ll be right there.” He rose to his feet and leaned his head down, kissing her lips softly. “I’m honestly very proud of you.”

Meadow smoothed down her dress and offered a slight smile, realizing she was honestly glad he was happy with her behavior. For a few seconds, she was back again as a small child, one who needed to be spanked pretty much every other day or so. You’re a very bad girl. You deserve this. “Thank you, sir.”

“Now, go. I’ll be right there.”

Every move was stiff as she turned and managed to grab her purse from where she’d dropped it, snagging the leather straps and holding them tightly in her hand. She was dripping from perspiration, beads falling into her eyes as she attempted to find the exit. There was no doubt all eyes were on her, hoping she’d also fall flat on her face. The entertaining scene was no different than any of the horrible reality shows, the ones where everyone got a good laugh at the expense of those depicted in vivid color.

She turned and nodded to Jefferson and there was no hesitation in his mannerisms, no fluctuation in the look on his face. He was totally and completely in charge. For the first time she truly acknowledged his authority. This wasn’t about playtime. This was about real life. Her feet heavy she moved through the crowd and this time could hear as many words of support and admiration as she did jesting taunts. She could bet very few had ever seen an adult spanked in public before. No siree. By the time she made it to the front door, grateful she didn’t fall on her face or otherwise look like an idiot, relief flooded her. When the front door to the restaurant closed, she eased into the shadows and pressed her back against the cool brick. Nothing like this had ever happened to her.

Her ass tingled, her heart raced. She eased her hand around, touching her ass cheeks. “Shit.”

For a few seconds she stood quietly, longing to cry, to be pissed as hell. What absolutely stilled her completely was how free and at peace she felt. This man, this single guy had found the key to her dark secrets, her intense padlock. Now, what in the hell was going to happen next?


The moment he’d entered her house Jefferson felt at ease. He tossed the keys on the kitchen counter and breathed in the sweet scent of her home. Sharing time with her again felt natural, as if he’d never left. The thought was daunting. “Meadow.” The warm glow of the full moon showered the cozy space with a luminescent flow of light. This was the perfect setting, an amazing moment to rekindle their journey.

“Yes?” she asked as she eased her purse down.

He could tell she was shaking. “Yes?”

“Yes sir,” she quickly corrected then laughed nervously. “I’m sorry. I…”

“Hmmm… How does your ass feel?” Moving closer, he studied the way she was having difficulty looking at him and smiled inwardly. He knew he had to take this carefully, give her space.

“Sore.” Another giggle erupted. “But not as sore as it’s going to be?” The lilt in her voice along with the question was also laced with seduction.

Gripping her arms, he pulled her close. “You’re right.” He lowered his head and allowed their lips to just touch. “I want you to understand how much I want you, crave you. You’ve never been far from my mind.”

Meadow blinked and tentatively reached out, her fingers gripping his legs. “You haven’t been far from mine. Albeit, I admit most of the time I was seeing you dripping in blood.”

Groaning, Jefferson wanted to erase the past, every harsh word and every wretched feeling. All he could do now was strive to make her life, their life together, exactly what they both needed. “Trust me, I could tell.”

Her face flushed. “I’m glad you forced me to talk. I’m very glad.”

“Forced being the operative word,” he chortled. “Do you believe me, what I told you?” This was vital, or they could never go any further than this night. Ever.


God. She didn’t. “Tell me the truth. If you don’t believe me I’ll walk out this door and I promise you from here on out, I’ll be a gentleman in the courtroom.” The clock seemed to be at a standstill.

She looked up into his eyes, hers full of understanding. “Yes. I do. I believe you completely.”

Relieved, he crushed her mouth with his, sliding his tongue inside. The taste of her was much sweeter, the feel of her skin to his fingers dazzling. He’d never wanted another woman as much as he did this amazing submissive, this beautiful and willful creature. As their tongues entwined he shifted their bodies, moving closer to the kitchen table. The discipline could wait. He had to have her, be inside of her.

She wrapped her arms around his neck as he dragged her to her tiptoes, moans slipping past her lips.

He could tell her nipples were hard and knew she was wet, hungry for him, by the wonderful feminine fragrance wafting across his nostrils. His cock was so hard, pushing against the tight confines of his pants. The kiss continued, the current between them even more jazzed than before. Breaking the intense passion, he growled and bit her lower lip before taking the tender flesh into his mouth.

“Ooohh…” Blinking several times she eased her hand down the length of his chest, cupping his groin.

He shifted and groaned. God, how he wanted nothing more than to be with her, savoring the sweet understanding of utter domination.

The moment she touched him, squeezed, his entire body tingled. He allowed her to play, to stroke then took a step back, breaking the connection. He held up a single finger and tipped his head. He loved the fact she said nothing, yet her eyes never left his. Jefferson had never felt so much in control and everything was coming together.

Meadow nibbled on her bottom lip as she swayed back and forth. “Submission.”

“Yes. Can you? Will you?”

The look on her face gave her away. Then she lowered her head, the moment of reverence and respect. “With all my heart and soul.”

He could tell she was nervous, unsure of what was going to happen. Moving his hand slowly he traced a circle around her mouth then rubbed the tip down her chin to her neck. “You’re mine. You will never belong to anyone but me. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.” This time she said the words without hesitation.

“You’ll learn about heightened pleasure as well as pain. Your orgasms are now mine. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

Saying the words this time meant so much more. While they had a hell of a long way to go, he knew this was a defining moment, one they’d both relish as they continued their journey. “Good.” He was tingling all over as he cupped her breasts, squeezing until she moaned. “And you’re going to learn to obey me.” He continued his exploration, moving one hand down her tummy to her groin. He merely brushed a single finger back and forth across the thin material of her dress and was surprised at her instant reaction, the way her breath skipped.

“Mmm… Yes, sir.” The purr was soft, seductive. Meadow opened her legs and rubbed her fingers up and down.

Lifting the hem of her dress he crawled his fingers up until he reached the thin elastic of her thong. “You’re hot and wet.”



“God, yes,” she murmured.

Jefferson eased two fingers under the lace, swirling the tips around her clit. Merely being able to touch her, be with her meant so much. He moved his hand around to the back of her neck, wrapping his fingers around her hair. Jerking her head back he growled. The movement pushed her back into a deep arch, exposing the long line of her neck. “Very much mine.” When he lowered his head and sucked on her neck, he thrust his fingers into her pussy, amazed how her muscles clenched around the invasion almost instantly.

“God!” Groaning, she closed her eyes and pushed hard against his chest as she whimpered, the sounds full of heated lust.

Her wetness was nothing more than a powerful aphrodisiac and for a few seconds he sucked on her neck, biting down on her sweet flesh as he drove his fingers inside. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her hard, take her nearly savagely.

Wiggling, she clawed his chest, her fingers digging in as she shoved her pelvis forward, meeting every hard thrust with one of her own.

He kissed the underside of her chin, licking up to her mouth. The kiss was sloppy, a French kiss of complete excitement, utter need. Harder and faster he drove into her pussy, the force lifting her up with every hard stroke. Barely a minute later he pulled out his hand and pushed her back. “I’m going to fuck you before I spank you.”

Meadow wiped her mouth and smiled. “Yeah? I mean yes, sir. I’d like that.”

“You are amazing but willful.” He slipped his fingers inside and the instant her pussy juice filled his mouth he shuddered.

She undulated back and forth as she kicked off her shoes, the look on her face one of questions, one of excitement. “I want you.”

“I know.” He contemplated what to do, how to fuck the woman who would forever have his heart. Jerking out the kitchen chair he gave her a look before beckoning with a single finger. “Take off your dress and come here.”

A wry smile crossed her face, but she obeyed instantly, every move graceful as she removed her dress, tossing the piece to the floor.

He couldn’t help but stare at her, the beautiful woman he would eventually collar one day. She was voluptuous, sexy as hell and everything about her he wanted to consume. “Don’t keep me waiting or I swear to God I’ll whip your ass.”

“I thought you were already doing that, sir.” Meadow laughed as she turned around, allowing him to see her unfastening her bra.

“Oh, I am. Trust me, you need a hard spanking for days on end.”

“And…” she whispered as she dropped the thin lace to the floor and turned around, covering her breasts with her hands. “You’re the man to do that? You’re the man who will help me right my wrongs, teach me to be a better woman?” She inched closer, her eyes never leaving his.

“Yes. I am the man, the Dom you need. You know that. Don’t you, sweet kitten?” He grinned as he unfastened his belt, allowing her to see every exaggerated move as he slipped the cool leather from the loops on his pants. Her eyes opened wide. When the implement of punishment was freed he exhaled slowly. “You’re going to learn not to disobey me. Remove your panties.”

“Yes… Yes, sir.” Her voice trembled, the look on her face one of trepidation.

Jefferson stroked his cock, the way he felt having her this close, this enthused, so powerful. He couldn’t take his eyes off her as she wiggled her panties down her hips and thighs. The sight of her fully naked, her gorgeous body shimmering in the dim lighting, was enough to steal his breath. He had to remind himself tonight was the beginning of a new chapter, a movement forward in the journey of their life. “Beautiful. God, you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you, sir.” Meadow smiled and inched closer. “May I please you?”

“Mmm… Yes.” When she lowered to her knees, crawling forward, her eyes never leaving his, Jefferson had to fight to calm his nerves. He adored this woman, yet he was going to take full control and tonight was all about the power exchange—the final time. The moment she was between his legs he placed his hand on top of her head. “Suck me. If you’re a very good girl I may fuck you in the ass.”

Without issuing a single sound she rubbed her hands up on the inside of his thighs until she reached his groin. She tipped her head back, the look on her face full of reverence. “Sir.” Giving him a simple nod, she unfastened his pants.

As she unzipped his pants and slipped her hands inside he tapped the end of the belt against her back. The single tiny whimper fueled him. The moment she wrapped her long fingers around his cock, stroking up and down with a gentle touch, he snapped his wrist, issuing a single slap along the small of her back.

She shivered, a moan pushing past her lips, but continued rubbing his cock. Her eyes flashed as she wrapped her other hand around his balls, rolling the tender sac between her fingers.

Crack! Pop!

The two strikes were mild but the way she reacted drove him to a point of frenzied hunger.

Slap! Crack!

“Oh!” she whimpered.

“Jesus.” He couldn’t help but issue the sound of pure bliss. Dropping the belt, he shook his head. There were so many emotions racing through him. “Suck me, baby.”

For a few seconds she continued stroking before bringing the tip of his dick to her mouth, rubbing his cockhead back and forth across her lips. She darted out her tongue, licking across the sensitive slit.

Jefferson kept his hand on her head and jutted his hips forward. “I said, suck me.”

Obeying instantly, she opened her mouth, taking the tip of his shaft just inside, slathering him with saliva. Sucking, she swirled her tongue around the head as she grunted.

Shuddering, he tugged on her hair as she used her strong jaw muscles. My God, the woman could suck. Tipping his head back he glared at the ceiling, his heart thumping against his chest. As she took him down an inch at a time he relaxed, allowing her to take what control he was going to give her. The thought of being her dominant, of having her submit was awe inspiring. For her to be like this, to allow them to grow closer once again, was something he would never forget. “Yes. God.”

Meadow took his entire shaft into her mouth, sucking as she inched down. When her lower lip was on his balls she moaned and held the stance.

The woman was amazing. The moment she looked up at him, the gleam of adoration in her eyes, he began to fuck her mouth. As her wet mouth wrapped around his cock, sucking every inch of him, he realized he was hungering for more. He had to have this woman, needed to fill her and fuck her. He was so hungry, desperate to have her and he continued driving his cock into her mouth, every part of his body tingling with a raging power unlike he’d ever known.

She shifted and moaned, the sound of her sucking filtering into the air.

He so wanted to come in her mouth, to fill the back of her throat with his jizz, but tonight there had to be more. Just as he was on the brink of exploding into the back of her mouth, he pulled out completely, growling when he heard a single hiss escaping her mouth.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing is wrong, my sexy woman.” He laughed hearing the strain in his own voice. Reaching down he grabbed her under the arms, pulling her to her feet. “I have to fuck you.” The words were as carnal as he’d ever heard coming from his mouth. Lowering his head, he bit down on one nipple as he twisted the other in his fingers. He loved the sound of her mewing, the guarded noise of pain as she shivered, her hands gripping his arms.


He grunted as he sucked on her tender bud, savoring the sweet flavor. His aching cock reminded him of his need. Dear God, this was something he’d wanted for so long. Within a mere second, he turned her around, pushing her waist over the edge of the table. “God, you’re such a bad girl.” He slapped her reddened cheeks twice before rubbing the tip of his cock up and down the length of the crack of her ass.

Meadow shoved her arms out, gripping the other side of the table and pulling her body up. “I want you, sir. I want to feel you inside. God, I do.” Her laugh was mixed, the sounds scattered.

Every part of his body was shaking with need. He gripped her hip with one hand, pushing the tip of his cock to her sweet pussy lips with the other. As he watched a single bead of perspiration drip down to her back, sliding off to the side, he sighed. Then he impaled her with the entire length of his cock, the force driving her belly against the hard wood.


“Fuck.” He heard the combined sounds and smiled. The way her muscles gripped his dick was nothing but a wowing moment. “Jesus.” Dropping his head, he had to laugh seeing three more beads of sweat scattering across her back. Very slowly he pulled out his cock until just the tip was inside. For a few seconds he held the stance, his entire system tingling as he watched her back heaving. There was something about the way her body reacted to him, her need so evident in the way she purred that stilled him.

“Oh… sir I…” Her lower lip quivered as she turned her head, pushing one hand against the table.

The angle pushed her pussy against his cock and he was unable to hold back. “God, woman.” He drove his cock deep inside, his hard thrusts powering his hunger. With every savage thrust, every long drive he heard her whimpers, the languishing moans as she shifted and wiggled. The sound of his balls slapping against her naked ass was so damn delicious. “Yes…”

Meadow pushed up, her body arcing as she tried to meet his brutal thrusts. She moaned as she thrust her ass back, using her upper body strength to maneuver her body.

With every drive, every plunge into her wetness he was drawn into her, into their life together so much more. He had to have her. He had to own her. Jefferson was going to become her Master.

For several minutes he held back his orgasm, longing to please her, to show her how much he cared. When he could hold back no longer he gripped her hip with one hand and jerked her hair back with the other. He pulled out his dick, slipping the tip just inside her asshole.

Meadow moaned. “Fuck me, sir. Fuck my ass.”

Current raced through Jefferson’s body, stealing his breath. He thrust his cock all the way inside her dark hole and the warmth and the tight space made him gasp. He pumped in and out, savoring her gasps, the way her muscles tightened around his shaft. The second she pushed back and lifted from the table he erupted inside. “Yes!” For several seconds his entire body tingled, every cell in his body on fire. This was what hot sex was made of.

They remained together, not speaking as their hearts beat rapidly.

Jefferson had never felt this close to anyone.

“Mmm…” Her soft sounds were full of passion.

Jefferson kissed the back of her neck and took a step back. “Beautiful.”

“Hot,” she purred.

He laughed. “You’re right.” Leaning down he grabbed his belt, holding the thick leather strap into the air. He couldn’t help but study what he would forever see as a disciplinary implement. Tapping her on the ass he clucked his jaw. “Now, for your punishment. Do you remember why I’m going to belt you?”

Shifting, Meadow wiggled her ass. “Yes, sir. I’m a bratty assed, mouthy bitch.”

The words seemed to sum up the woman perfectly. “Yes, you have been. You need harsh punishment.”

“Oh, yes, sir.”



Meadow adjusted her suit jacket and realized she done the same thing just about ten times. Nervous? Hell yes. Why? Because she was ready to face the judge and argue her case. In three short days she’d changed as a woman. The thought was exhilarating. She was wet, her body tingling, but first things first. The case. “Mmm…” Waiting for an audience with Judge Sampson was trying.

“Are you ready, Counselor?”

Hearing his voice, the husky and ultra-sexy sound of the man who owned her, she trembled. The past three days had been amazing, life altering perhaps. “I’m ready for more than you think, Counselor. Just try me.” Feeling the way he touched her behind, the subtle reminder he was in charge of her discipline, was freeing. She couldn’t help but grin.

“Good girl. Then let’s get the case done. Your client? Let’s work out a deal.”

Meadow turned to face him. “With regard to this case?”


She shook her head. “No deals. Period.”

He laughed as they walked into the judge’s chambers.

“Uh-oh.” Meadow didn’t think this was going to go very well.

“I should have known,” Jefferson whispered. “I have a bad feeling.”

There was a cold breeze that blew over them and the way the judge was glaring reminded her clearly this was ‘D’ day. “Judge Sampson.” Meadow cleared her throat and tried to look authoritative.

“Ms. Wilkens. Mr. Dimani. Have you come to some sort of agreement as I suggested?” Judge Sampson asked.

“Yes, sir.” Jefferson answered.

“And what is the outcome, Counselor?” Judge Sampson raised his eyeglasses.

Jefferson cocked his head.

Meadow smiled, knowing exactly what her Sir wanted to say. “Judge. If I may answer the question.” She took a step forward, nodding out of respect. Everything was entirely different now.

“By all means.” Judge Sampson gave her a look.

“Sir, I’m a well spanked woman and proud of it.”

Judge Sampson sighed, studied them both, then smiled. “Then we proceed with this case.”

She sighed with relief. “Thank you.”

Leaning over his desk the judge smiled. “And may I say, excellent work together. Excellent. You’re a willful woman and I have no doubt Mr. Dimani is good for you.”

When the man walked out of the room she breathed a sigh of relief. “Yes. He is.”

Jefferson moved behind her and patted her ass. “I am. Don’t you soon forget it.”

“As if I could. Sir.” She smiled and nuzzled into him. What an amazing change in her life.


The End

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