Taming Her by Asha Daniels – Part One

Chapter One

“Here’s the thing, girlfriend. You need to get fucked. And I mean in such a way that you’re breathless and unable to walk for days.”

The remnants of her margarita flew past the edge of her lips and cascaded down across her bare thighs. “What did you say?” Shannon Myers gawked at her friend Amy and groaned.

“You heard me. You need a cock buried in your pussy to get you out of that ugly mood.” Amy giggled and glanced over, her grin full of mischief.

“Ugly mood?” Shannon countered.

“You heard me. Now shush while I ogle the incredibly hot bodies they have on this island. Have you ever seen anything so delicious and ready to eat in your life? We’ve died and gone to heaven, girl.”

What Shannon needed was a hard spanking, and even admitting that to herself had taken years. Failed relationships with pea-brained men had left her longing for so much more.

“No. You know what you need?” Amy sipped on her drink, her eyes full of mischief.

“Do I really want to ask?”

“A dominant man. You know, one who will refuse to let you get away with shit. Spankings. Punishments. The entire drill. That will make you happy.”

Giving Amy a hard glare, she shook her head. If the truth was that evident, then she was in trouble. “There isn’t one who exists that I’ll ever trust enough.”

“I get why, but just keep your options open. You never know what you’ll find on the islands, man.” The fake accent was followed by another giggle.

Shannon sighed and stared at the sun-kissed blond man lounging on the other side of the pool. His cock pressed the tight material out from his hips. She licked her lips and for a brief second thought about sucking him with wild abandon, then thrust the lurid thoughts in the back of her mind. Still, he was stunning. Whew! “I don’t know.”

“Don’t know? Are you freaking kidding me? They’re ripe and ready to eat like sticks of succulent candy. Yummy! Look at that one over there. What I’d like to do with his luscious body is probably illegal in several states.” Sighing, Amy nibbled on the fuchsia straw poking up out of her fruity drink and lifted her sunglasses to eye the men in various shapes and sizes surrounding the pool. “Delicious. Oh, yeah, they’re all babes in Toyland, and it’s time for this little girl to play. Can’t you just imagine some of these cocks buried inside your pussy, girl? Seriously, that would meet doctor’s orders.” Absently she feathered her fingers across the protruding outline of her rock-hard bud under her bikini top, finally sliding under the flimsy material, flicking her finger across her nipple in lazy motions, purring.

Shannon frowned and glanced across the shimmering pool, reflecting the iridescent gold of the late morning sun. Several of the young male guests preened and obviously hungered for company. Somehow the vision curled Shannon’s stomach, yet she had to admit the yummy men were hot, and she was in need. These boys are half your age. Shivering, she envisioned their naked bodies. A flash rushed into her mind of being taken over their laps, spanked like the bad little girl she was. Her pussy tingled from the lascivious thoughts. Chastising herself, she growled, remembering she came to the gorgeous island for respite and recovery, not fresh prey. “Not my type. Far too young.”

Come here, little girl.” He beckoned, the expression on his face stern.

Shannon inched closer, watching the dark haired man hanging by the bar. “What did I do wrong?”

“Nothing wrong. Just time for your spanking. You get one a day, minimum.” He plopped down and patted his lap. “Come here or I’ll have to pull out the belt.”

“Yes, sir.”

He helped her over his lap, lifting her skirt and yanking down her panties. “Now, this is going to hurt.”

Crack! Pop!

Oh!” She huffed, then jerked up.

“Stay in position,” he insisted.

Smack! Slap!

“They are half our age, to be exact, and who the hell cares?” Amy said as if reading Shannon’s thoughts. “Wow. You’re flushed. And what are you thinking, girlie?”

“Nothing important.” Shannon gritted her teeth, her fantasies rearing their ugly heads. There were too many reasons why she would refuse on all levels.

“My god, Shannon, we came down here for sun, drinks, relaxation, and some kinky sex, and not necessarily in that order. A little spanking or two won’t hurt either. Come on, girl.”

“Correction, you ran away with me to the Caymans as my best friend to help me wallow in my misery.”

“Oh, Christ, woman. You need to get laid, and that will help fix everything. You know what they say: to get over someone you need to get under another. You need wild, steamy sex with not just one, but two hunky males, and I think I know how to make that happen.”

“Please say that a little louder so everyone at the pool can hear you!” Granted, Shannon hadn’t had sex since she found out Randolph had cheated on her with a water nymph, or so she liked to call the twenty-something spicy bottled blonde with fake boobs. She remembered seeing the vixen riding her man like a stallion in heat, naked except for a dangling gold necklace. The woman—hell, the girl—was half her age, and the damning event refused to leave her mind. That had been almost six months ago.

And the worst part? She’d seen red marks on the girl’s naked ass. All the time spent together and he’d never listened to her desires, whether kinky or not.

Amy glanced over at her as she swirled her drink. “All right, I’ve had enough of this pouting shit. We’re in a place that could only be described as a slice of heaven, and you’ve done nothing but think about that freaking asshole you dated for far too long. I’m taking matters into my own hands, and, girlfriend, you will not say no to me, or I’ll find a way to make you suffer.”

Shannon grimaced and shook her head. Amy might be right, but Shannon still stung from being pushed aside for a younger version. She glanced at her finger, rubbed a thin line where the engagement ring used to be, and watched Amy saunter toward the bar. If anyone could get her out of her ridiculous doldrums, Amy, the buxom redhead who had been her best friend for years, just might be able to. There was no doubt Shannon wanted to live again, but the thought of having sex with a stranger was sinful. Salacious. But the shameless thought did indeed sizzle her cunt.

She settled in, trying to think of anything else but a mysterious man whipping her ass.

“Here we go. You’re going to love this.” Amy handed her a pineapple filled with vibrantly-colored straws.

“What is this?” Shannon asked as she raised her eyebrow.

“This is a naughty girl game called Taming Paradise, and it’s one where I won’t take no for an answer.”

“Taming Paradise? That sounds like something I wouldn’t do, and you know it.”

Amy grinned and suckled her finger. “Well, how about this: you play, lest I publish your diary over the internet.”

“You wouldn’t!”

Amy cocked her hip, tipped her glasses, and gave Shannon a saucy grin. “Try me.”

Shannon growled and climbed out of the lounge chair. “What do you want me to do?”

“Short straws. The one that picks the shortest straw has to select not one but two of these fine, hunky studmuffins. The fun part is, you have to seduce both of the breathtaking hunks at the same time or face spending the remainder of the trip inside the hotel room. Of course, you can do the nasty in the pool this afternoon for an appetizer and we’ll allow that to count as points.”

“What? Are you insane?” Shannon crossed her arms under her breasts and stared at her friend.

“You heard me, girl. Two men, at least one wild night of erotic sex, and, um… oh, yes, the selection has to be made in the next fifteen minutes.”

“Are you out of your fucking mind? Ever hear of diseases and all of the rest that goes with something this crazy?” Thoughts of going home with something contagious ran through Shannon’s mind.

“’Scuse me, everyone goes through the physical screenings in order to be able to play. These delicious, horny men are completely safe.”

“Tests can be wrong.”

“Jesus! Pick or face my wrath!” Amy jutted out her hand and turned to admire the waiter heading in their direction. “Think about it, honey: several nights of unbridled carnal sex with two hot, well-hung, and very hungry men. I think that’ll cure all your ails. Besides, there are ways of being careful, and you know it. Just let yourself go for once. You’ve done it before.”


“Let’s see. When you met the cheating asshole, remember? You met him, had one dance, and then went with him to New Zealand, for god’s sake, the next day. What do you call that?”

Shannon cringed, remembering the delicious week in paradise. She’d fallen deeply in love by the time they left the airport. “Don’t remind me.”

“Choose or else.”

“You honestly want me to seduce two strangers?”

“That’s the idea; no strings. Sex, sex, and more sex, and that’s it.”

Shannon sucked in a breath as a sexy man approached, wearing no more than a tight pair of shorts and a wicked smile. Her nipples hardened into diamond points as the growing hunger forced a single whimper from her lips.

“Are you thirsty, ladies? What can I bring you?” The tall blond waiter with a perfect sun-kissed complexion and carved, chiseled chest grinned.

Shannon’s glanced at the bulge in his tight little bathing suit, and for a brief moment she could see him tied, spread-eagled to a bed while she performed her own version of dirty dancing over his long, thick cock. The vivid images of him holding her down, spreading her legs wide and licking circle after circle over her clit was almost too much to bear. Beads of her juices flowed from the crease in her bikini bottom. Shannon shivered, realizing just how horny she was. There was no doubt she was thirsty for a tasty little treat, but doing something so scandalous was not normally in her nature.

“Then what can I bring you fine-looking ladies?” He smiled, flashing a perfect row of pearl white teeth.

“Oh… let me see. We’ll have two or your finest island concoctions because we two bad girls are celebrating.” Amy licked her lips, her gaze settling on his crotch.

“And what are we celebrating, beautiful ladies?” The man blazed a long trail down the length of both women as heat sizzled between them, his cock pressing against his tight, white shorts.

“My, my. You could truly make me forget about anything, but…” Amy laughed, holding the back of her mouth with her hand. “Oh… um… many things, my delicious friend. Freedom and passion, wild kinky sex with hot men that will fulfill our every shameless desire.”

Shannon shook her head, cringing. “You’re incorrigible.”

“No, I’m wicked, and I know what gets your motor revved,” Amy countered.

“Well, if you both want to play, then I’ll see what I can concoct for two such luscious women. Neither of you should be denied anything that your body or mind desires. You can find every sinful need, every wild pleasure here on this island, and many volunteers that will enjoy nothing more than fulfilling your every fantasy.” His voice dipped to a dark and dangerous level that dripped of wanton sex as he nodded, his gaze lingering across Amy’s breasts.

“Whew, I… um.” Fighting a bubbling giggle, Shannon knew she could see one or five nights locked in a room with the naughty wild cat.

“That one would be a very tasty morsel to nibble on all night long. Now pick, girlfriend, or else.” Amy chuckled, pursed her glossy lips and glanced across the decking. “We can sink our teeth into some truly hot men.”

“You’re serious? You want one of us to seduce two young men that we’ve never met?” Shannon blushed as the hunky waiter smiled, knowing exactly what they were talking about.

“You bet.”

The waiter gave them both a heated look, his gaze drifting up and down the length of both of them. “Be right back, ladies, and I’d be honored if either one of you would like to taste the merchandise.” As he walked away, a sinful smile graced his lips.

“Jesus, Amy. Let’s just grab anyone. Or, better yet, just throw our naked bodies across the bar. God, you’re bad!”

“We could do that.” Amy sucked her finger as she watched the man walk away. “Oh, my, that one would look good slathered in honey and a touch of whipped cream. And don’t tell me you don’t want a piece of him. I saw the look on your face.”

“I think I like my men a little less gratuitous.” Then again, Shannon wasn’t sure she would know. “Tell me, what does the loser get out of all of this?”

“Well, I want both of us to enjoy a wild week. The game will end when one of us can prove she indeed had her way with two men in the allotted time. The winner, so to speak, gets to select first and has a full hour to play. That’s the yummiest benefit, but we both are going to be participating.”

“And just how are we supposed to be able to prove anything? Video?” That kinky thought alone was enough to send shivers racing down Shannon’s spine.

“That’s not important, really. What is important is to get you back to the land of tantalizing sex.” Amy inched forward and smiled. “Come on, girl, take the plunge.”

Shannon shook her head and allowed herself one long, lurid look at the crop of men shimmering from the heat, glistening from their recent swim and simply relaxing with tall, cool drinks in their hands. Her pussy quivered in anticipation of having one or more of the hunks driving into her with famished greed. Then there was the concept of a spanking. Could she actually convince one or both to spank her like a bad little girl? She reached out to shake Amy’s hand. Whispering words of encouragement to herself, she prayed she wasn’t going straight to hell for such an outrageous act. “Girl, you’re on.”

Amy laughed, shoving the handful of straws closer. “Then the first pull is yours.”

Shannon drew. “Long.”

“Also long,” Amy said with her straw in hand.

“Long again.”

“Hmm… Isn’t this interesting?”

“Did you rig these?” Shannon accused as the waiter glided back toward them. Swallowing hard, she eyed his mischievous look as Amy drew another long straw.

Almost absently Shannon watched every move the gorgeous stud made while he eased the tropical kiwi-colored drinks onto the small table. With a saucy look he tossed his hair over his shoulders and licked his lips as he turned his gaze directly toward Shannon. She shot him a little-girl-caught-with-a-forbidden-stick-of-candy look and selected again, praying she would actually grab the shortest straw. This game was indeed delicious.

Amy chuckled. “Lucky bitch!”

Shannon blinked at the extremely short tangerine piece of plastic, garnering the distinct feeling she’d been set up.

“Alright, then, drink up, girl. Your fifteen minutes of fame begin in one minute.” Amy slid her hand across the waiter’s chest, feathering his nipple briefly before tipping her head to brush her lips across his. “Hmmm… cinnamon. Lovely.”

“What an incredible treat.” He kissed her cheek, his tongue darting out to lick a line across her temple before pulling back. “Please, ladies, let me know if you need anything else. Just ask for Chaz. I’m very good at giving all types of delicious pleasure.” With a sultry look he sauntered away, his hips showing every sensational muscle that god gave him.

“Perhaps that salacious creature should be number one,” Amy suggested.

“He’s barely out of puberty.”

“So long as they’re legal, they’re fair game, and your fifteen minutes begins now. Take a quick walk around the pool and make your selection before I head out to choose my prey. You want first dibs, don’t you?”

Dibs? This wasn’t a meat market, but as Shannon glanced around the pool, steeling her nerves, a chill trickled down her back. Every man suddenly seemed ripe and ready. She gulped a good portion of the stiff drink and brushed her long blonde tresses from her face, noticing two chiseled men in particular who were insanely gorgeous, well-built, and seemed to have their eyes pinned on her. “Mmm… one hour is what you said, so you keep your hands off any of the gorgeous studs, hear me?”

“Oh, I hear you, all right.”

Shannon fluffed her hair, grabbed her gauzy crimson cover-up skirt and wrapped it around her waist, then threw her head back, thrusting all caution and most of her sanity into the wind. As she crossed the pool area toward the other side, somewhere in the back of her mind she knew she hadn’t lost her touch with turning men on, although raw feelings of anguish still remained buried deep within her.

The outdoor restaurant fronted the edge of the cresting ocean, allowing the soft sprays of misting salt to spill over the tile floor adding to the exotic atmosphere. Shannon breathed in the rich scent of coconut and sea air as she moved to the front of the bar and gazed at the crowd of uncoupled patrons relishing the warm breezes. There was no way she couldn’t notice the two scrumptious men from before staring at her intently as they spoke quietly together, their eyes remained stroking her body. There was also no way she could miss the Speedos they wore like skin-tight gloves, or the fact they both had raging hard-ons.

“Whew.” Shannon had to look away for fear of combusting into a molten puddle.

Licking her lips, she sauntered past the edge of the long mahogany counter and leaned over, allowing her full breasts to peak from the lacy emerald top. Her nipples were dangerously close to being exposed.

“What will you have, pretty lady?” The bartender smiled as he placed down a cocktail napkin.

“Top shelf margarita on ice.” Shannon glanced at her watch. How had six minutes been eaten up already? Oh, her nerves were on edge. How the hell could she do this? Amy was right. Every guest was required to go through a rigorous screening process before his or her reservation was confirmed. Disease wasn’t what was bothering her. Shannon’s fears were based on experiences in the past. Just thinking about the basic betrayal was enough to defeat her courage. She’d hoped for so many things in her relationship with Randolph, but he hadn’t cared in the least about her needs or her kinky desires. Maybe fate or karma had intervened. Maybe.

“Coming right up.”

She closed her eyes and allowed the dark strains of Def Leopard to flow through her tense muscles. Somehow Pour Some Sugar on Me would never be the same again.

“Kia Ora.”

The husky timbre raced down Shannon’s spine, sending goose bumps up her back.

“Kei te pai,” Shannon answered. She was a sucker for a sultry man with an accent, and the Maori dialect native to New Zealand had always intrigued her. The memories of learning and sharing came back to her easily. It was a language full of passion, and it reflected a people that gave reverence to all creatures. The moment she glanced into what could only be described as the most sensuous pair of sapphire blue eyes twinkling in the dim lighting she’d ever seen, Shannon knew she was in deep trouble.

“My, my, beautiful lady. Kei te pehea koe?”

The man’s soft words alone sent electric pulses skating through her pussy, and after a moment of calming her nerves, Shannon swallowed hard and turned to completely face the man with the tantalizing accent that had been watching her from afar. Randolph had taught her a few expressions in their years together, and hearing the words brought back too many raw memories.

“I’m more than fine, and unfortunately I know only a few other words of your beautiful language.” Shannon’s breath caught in her throat and a single bead of perspiration slid down the back of her neck. While his eyes were indeed an invitation into his soul, it was his shoulder-length, sun-kissed hair that created vivid images of entwining her fingers around several locks while they made love in a hammock by the beach.

“I’d love to teach you, karihika. Sexy.” He took her hand into his, caressing her palm with just his thumb and eased toward her.

You could teach me anything, including how to enjoy your delicious cock.

“Thank you. I would love that.” She felt sexy. She gasped as he kissed her hand, his tongue darting out to trace a tiny circle across her fingers. While he caressed her hand, Shannon drank in his tanned companion. There was no way that two men were this good-looking. The yin and yang of each other—the stunning blond was all carved surfer while the dark, brooding man appeared rugged and dangerous. She could see them naked, waiting for her hot, moist mouth to consume every drop of their creamy goodness.

“I apologize for my inconsideration, karihika,” he said, clearly noticing Shannon’s intrigue with his friend. “I’m Brandon, and this is Kyle.”

“I’m Shannon.”

“Enchanted.” Kyle tipped his head at the same time the bartender slid the drink behind her and chuckled.

God, the man was like some Indian creature from the heavens. Whew! Shannon realized she was in so much trouble.

“This island is beautiful but no comparison to your stunning face, your voluptuous body,” Brandon purred.

Shannon knew the line was perfect, but somehow she was drawn like a bee to a slick of honey. “Hmmm… and you’re quite tasty yourself.” Shannon caught the impish glance between the two. Was it suddenly very hot in the overcrowded bar?

“Are you enjoying your stay on the island?” Kyle asked, his dark eyes drinking in every aspect of her body.

“Very much.” Shannon could barely keep from reaching out and touching his carved chest.

“Are you alone?” Kyle asked.

“With a girlfriend.”

“Ah,” Kyle said quietly as another knowing look passed between the two men.

“Kyle and I are taking respite from busy schedules,” Brandon sighed.

“Are you both from New Zealand?” Shannon asked, attempting to act casual.

“We are. Have you ever visited?” Brandon gave Kyle a nod.

She caught the look and wondered what they had up their sleeve. “Yes. Beautiful country, but so far away.” Damn, their accents made her hot.

“Nothing that a plane ride couldn’t cure,” Kyle breathed, crowding her space.

As they inched closer to her, she pressed the back of her hand over her mouth. There was no doubt they had something in mind, and the trouble was, she was more than ready to play. Shannon fought the bubbling whimpers that floated up from the depths of her belly. This was so not her normal behavior.

“May I tell you that you are a very sexy woman?” Brandon whispered.

“And one that deserves all the pleasures that a man can give her?” Kyle added.

She licked her lips and closed her eyes as Kyle’s fingers danced across her back, sending a ripple of hunger through her cunt. “I—um, thank you.” Every part of this was insane, but for the first time in a long time Shannon felt alive. And very wet.

Kyle inched closer, his hot breath skating across her throat. Darting a single lick across the heat of her skin, he chuckled. “Attahua.”

There wasn’t a part of her that wasn’t on fire.

“Shannon, if I may be so forward, would you mind taking a walk with Kyle and me?” Brandon asked as he gazed into her eyes. “I believe we could all enjoy our drinks in a much more private location and perhaps get to know each other. There are some gorgeous secluded beach areas with cabañas that we could consider taking in the late afternoon sun together? I promise you that you’ll enjoy our company.”

The husky timbre of Brandon’s voice stated clearly what they wanted to do with her, to her. Boy oh boy, had they pegged her or what? Oh, she caught the little naughty gestures, the thirsty tones, and for some reason wanted to explore. Still, this was unchartered territory for her. Her lower lip ticked as she gazed across the room attempting to gain courage. “I’d love to.”

Brandon held out his arm and grinned. “After you, my lady.”

Glancing into his eyes, Shannon suddenly had the distinct feeling she knew him from somewhere. His face was warm and inviting and a tremendous sense of comfort washed over her. As they walked, she stole quick glances, relishing in the vision of his pure masculinity. He was obviously young, no more than twenty-five or twenty-six, but he had an air about him that was sophisticated, almost worldly. Game or no game, she craved him with every ounce of her being and was shocked at her blatant thoughts of ravaging his body on the crisp white sand.

“Vacation?” Brandon stopped briefly and took her hand, guiding her close to his muscular chest.

“Of sorts.”

“Running away, perhaps?” Kyle asked the heat of his body pressing into her back. A single pulse of his breath danced across her shoulder.

“In a manner of speaking.” Her voice barely a whisper, she realized she was quaking.

They talked easily together as they strolled past the teeming activity of sun worshippers and toward a long bank of stairs that led to the beach. In a few short moments they seemed to grow comfortable with each other as if they were old friends.

“If I may be so bold,” Brandon said casually, “it seems that you’re the kind of woman who appreciates a dominating man.”

Taken aback, she had no idea how the man had grabbed onto the reality of what she craved. She could feel the heat rising in her face and had difficulty looking him in the eye. “What would make you say that?”

“Just your demeanor. The way you’re responding to both of us,” Kyle answered, making certain to give her space.

She thought about how to answer. “I’m a woman who appreciates trust and respect as well as a powerful man. However, gaining my trust is… Let’s just say I have certain issues.”

“You were hurt before,” Brandon offered.

“By an asshole,” Kyle added.

Chuckling, she had no particular reason to trust these two strangers, but she could feel a sense of closeness building. “The honest answer is yes. He didn’t understand me in any way, and he grew bored with our relationship.”

“A food for a man,” Kyle whispered.

With each passing moment Shannon’s resolve melted, perhaps from the flow of alcohol or the heat of the sun. The simple fact was, she could lose herself in the two stunning hunks, and for some nutty reason she trusted them. Her heart skipped several beats feeling lighter than it had in too long. Maybe Amy wasn’t so insane after all.

They continued walking for several minutes, their bodies touching.

“Are you looking for a submissive woman?” she dared to ask. She caught the look between them, as if they’d been waiting for her question.

“Let’s just say we truly appreciate the amount of trust it takes to submit. But we’d never force ourselves on a lady for any reason.” Kyle stopped and turned in her direction, inching closer.

She inhaled, delighting in the intoxicating scent of his cologne as well as his testosterone.

“You’re truly one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever seen, Ataahua.” Brandon kept his gaze locked onto hers as he lowered his head, brushing his mouth across the edge of her chin and up slowly to tease her lips with soft kisses.

As his hand slid around her waist to the small of her back, Shannon became lost in the longing. Her tongue darted out to taste his, a single sip, a shameless taste of a stranger, yet one she felt more than just a physical attraction to. She allowed the kiss to linger as the heat of both men pressing into her lit a fire that had been tamped out. Shannon shivered as the kiss became more passionate, Brandon’s lips hungrier, his desire obvious as his cock throbbed through the thin material of his swim trunks. She felt “beautiful,” as he’d called her.

Kyle moved against her, placing one hand on her hip, forcing her back against his rock-hard erection. “You’re indeed very sexy, Shannon. In truth you leave me hemanawa.”

Breathless? God, the man knew how to sizzle a woman. Closing her eyes, the feel of both men touching her, tasting her, forced a moan past the delicious kiss. Brandon eased his hand up her waist to graze her breast. Instantly her nipples ached, and she wanted to beg him to suck and lick her flesh. Her legs shook as the wafting scent of her desire flowed between them, and instead of embarrassment she felt an uninhibited freedom.

Brandon eased back and cupped her chin, tipping it to stare into her eyes. “Come, beauty. We have a lovely evening ahead of us, and, if I may be so bold, I’d love to taste all of you.”

Shannon shivered from his blatant request, her own burning needs screaming to be sated. She slid her hand down from his carved chest to his waist, allowing her fingers to dance down and tease the tip of his cock as it hit the seam of his bathing suit. Easing a single finger past the tight elastic, she feathered the swollen head and licked her lips. “I think I’d like that.”

Brandon’s eyes grew wide, and as he captured one last kiss Shannon forced her fingers down farther to hold his cock, stroking with gentle touches. He grunted, pressing his groin forward.

Where had the wild wanton woman come from? It was all she could do not to drop to her knees and wrap her lips around his cock with crazed abandon. “Oh… my…”

Kyle brushed his lips across her neck as his growl turned feral. He was a wildcat in the wilderness and he had caught her in his trap. “Don’t forget about me, lovely lady, as I plan on enjoying every part of you as well. I have the need to devour you and take your body to new heights of pleasure.”

His words dripped of the savage man living inside his chiseled features. Oh, she had no intention of forgetting about the incredible dark-haired hunk that stood several inches taller than Brandon. He was equally as gorgeous, with warm chocolate eyes and a tiny cleft in his chin. His hair just touched his broad shoulders, and his rich, light mocha skin was weathered from days of hard physical labor. Even his accent was heavier, almost craggy, and so damn sexy. “Mmm…” What in the hell had Amy started?

They walked along the shoreline, and each seemed mesmerized by the sun shimmering against the cresting waves just as the glowing sun began its descent into late afternoon. Her pussy quivered in anticipation of the game as the view of the secluded cove took her breath away. “It’s breathtaking.”

Brandon looked at Kyle and nodded. “We found this slice of paradise just yesterday and hoped to find a lady to share it with.”

The knowing look that passed between the two told Shannon many things. One, they weren’t new to picking up women, and two, they were also into sharing. She nibbled on her bottom lip, and her nipples hardened into little pebbles at the thought. Go on, girl, you deserve this. Taking a long sip of her drink, she licked the rim and looked each in the eye.

“You boys into skinny dipping?” She set her empty glass down onto the sand and placed her hands onto her hips.

Brandon laughed and reached for her. “You’re playful as well as luscious. A dangerous combination.”

God, she could stare at his gorgeous face all day, but instead she scuttled away, grinning and unfastening her skirt, holding the material out to the side. “Is that what you think?” The filmy material fluttered to the sand. “Can you boys handle this, or too hot for you?” Shannon twirled in circles, tempting and teasing as she unfastened her top and, in the most daring manner she could imagine, pitched it to the side, allowing them to see her firm breasts for the first time.

“Oh. My. God,” Kyle breathed and moved forward. “I think this girl needs a round of discipline to keep her in line.”

“I definitely agree. A hard spanking is in order.”

“Oh, no you don’t,” she said as she waggled her finger and darted away. However, she was trembling from the thought alone.

The cat-and-mouse game began. With deft fingers she lowered her bikini bottoms, flung the wisp of material over her shoulder and took off in a dash toward the surf, praying to god she didn’t look ridiculous racing toward the ocean.

Kyle laughed as he headed in her direction, catching her by the arm. “Not so fast. Bad little girls desire harsh punishment.”

She could tell he was serious. Panting, she wiggled, trying to get out of his grasp. “I think I’ve been very good.”

“We’ll be the judge of that.” Brandon plopped down on the sand, reaching for her.

His eyes twinkling, Kyle pushed her back. “And we both say you need to learn a lesson. Going off with two strangers. Very naughty.”

Tossed over Brandon’s lap, she flailed as the man pushed his hand down on the small of her back. “What are you doing?” While she was half-playing, she was also mortified. What if anyone happened upon them?

“Let’s see. I think I should give her twenty, then you should,” Brandon offered.

“Only if she doesn’t fight us,” Kyle stated as he rubbed his jaw.

Shannon tried desperately to get away, half laughing as Brandon rubbed her ass. She was lost in a cloud, a hazy fog, remembering the single boyfriend who’d disciplined her on a regular basis.

And that had nothing to do with the two-timing Randolph.

Smack! Crack!

“Oh! That hurts,” she moaned.

“Spankings are supposed to hurt, pretty lady.” Brandon’s voice was laced with a sensual husk.

Pop! Smack!

She moaned and closed her eyes, swearing she could hear the sound of others.

Whack! Slap! Pop!

“Your ass needs to be reddened,” Brandon commanded.

“Very much so,” Kyle added.

Slap! Pop!

Whimpering, a part of her wanted to beg them him to stop. The other wanted nothing more than for the rugged man to continue.

Crack! Whack!

With every hard smack, his hand peppering back and forth across her naked ass, she was lulled into a moment of raw bliss.

Pop! Smack!

“My turn,” Kyle growled, easing down beside his friend.

She was aware of Kyle taking her into his arms, rubbing his fingers down her spine to the crack of her ass. Wet and hot, she was tingling all over.

“Twenty. Is that what we decided on?” Kyle whispered as he slid his hands between her legs.

“Hard,” Brandon murmured.

Whap! Slap!

Somehow his hand seemed stronger, the pain intense. But she loved every second.

Crack! Pop!

“You are obviously disobedient, but we can help with that,” Kyle stated as he caressed her ass.

Smack! Crack! Pop!

Shannon was shocked that tears popped into her eyes. Shaking all over, she palmed the sand, pushing up.

“None of that.” Kyle pushed her back down. “We have the rest of your spanking.”

Slap! Whack!

Clenching her eyes shut, she panted as the spanking continued and when Kyle exhaled and eased her onto the sand, she felt euphoric.

“You did very well.”

She wasn’t entirely certain who’d spoken. After brushing the loose strands of hair from her face, she managed to jump to her feet, giving them both a heated look. “Is that all you have?”

“Crap. She’s a feisty one,” Brandon said, then laughed.

This was more freeing that she could have imagined. She tumbled into the salty water as a wave crashed over her, knocking her to the wet sand.

Seconds later two sets of hands jerked her from the comfort of the warm water and directly in Brandon’s arms. She gasped the moment his hard cock grazed against her belly. The men were now naked, affording Shannon her first glimpse of what could only be described as the most gorgeous thick cocks she’d ever seen. Whimpering softly, Shannon resisted the urge to grab Brandon’s.

Kyle gingerly parted her legs and danced his hands up from the inside of her knees to the tender flesh of her inner thighs. “Sexy woman, and so very hot. You have no idea what you started.”

Oh, hell, yes, I did. The dark baritone of Kyle’s accent shimmied off her back, and she fought the whimper that caught in her throat. When Brandon captured her mouth and thrust his tongue past her lips, she could taste the harsh edge of his whisky and a hint of spearmint candy. She wrapped her arms around his neck and stood on her tiptoes as the kiss became a force of passion and wild abandon. Brandon’s hands slid down her back to cup her ass as Kyle reached between them, caressing and fondling her breasts, pinching her nipples until her pussy flowed from the sweet anguish, sizzling her blood.

Their tongues entwined as Brandon held her, grinding his hips into her, his hand opening her ass cheeks and lifting her legs from the sand.

Kyle brushed the golden locks from her neck and pressed kisses across her flesh, then his tongue darted out to mirror the efforts of his mouth.

“You taste like sweet cherries, ripe and fresh for picking,” he whispered across her skin.

Every part of Shannon’s body shook as Brandon and Kyle drove her into a wild frenzy. She entwined her fingers in Brandon’s long locks as the musky hint of his exotic cologne wafted across her nose. Somehow the warm scent was dangerously inviting and a reminder of just how much she loved having a man take her hard and fast.

Brandon eased her back toward the surf, his kisses growing more frenetic and laced with a dark hunger. He jerked her body to his, holding her tightly as if she might run. “Ataahua, you still me.”

Shannon inched her fingers across his hips and down to the softness of his pubic hair. As his hard cock throbbed in her palm, she shuddered and craved being devoured to the point of exhaustion. He was long and thick and hard, and no doubt hungry for her. She broke the kiss and nibbled Brandon’s lower lip as Kyle eased her back against his cock. Dear god, was it truly possible that both men were built like brick shithouses? That little bad girl that had always existed in Shannon knew the answer. Holy hell, they were hot, studly, and offering their bodies on a silver platter, and she was famished.

Kyle’s fingers slipped inside her pussy, flexing open and closed in an orchestrated dance, sending a cascade of tingles racing down her spine. All the while he licked and bit her shoulder as he whispered words she couldn’t completely understand, but every whisper of heated breath sent another series of sizzling jolts deep within her pussy.

Brandon yanked her hair, forcing her back into a deep arch and sucked her neck, licking the soft underside of her tender skin as he slid one hand over her breast, pinching and twisting her sensitized flesh.

Shannon moaned and would have been lost to gravity had the water not kept her afloat. The sting of the spanking was a powerful aphrodisiac, and she wanted so much more.

“We both want to please you,” Brandon said quietly.

The soft waves pushed the three of them together, and an amazing rush of sensations flooded her body as Kyle pressed two more fingers inside. Brandon eased his hand over hers, encouraging her sensual movements as he squeezed her fingers around the thickness of his shaft. Needing no guide, Shannon moved up and down on his cock, noting every vein, her thumb moving back and forth across the thick head.

Kyle forced his fingers in deeper, driving into her as his other hand wrapped around his leg to tickle her clit in circle after circle, teasing her until she shivered.

“We want you. Will you allow us to make love with you, beautiful baby?” Brandon’s whispers were ragged, hoarse from the intensity of his longing.

“Will you allow us to give you every pleasure you so desire?” Kyle added, his destructive glance telling her that his beast had risen.

“Yes. I… yes.”

Every single movement of their hands, their cocks and their lips drove Shannon to the utter brink of sexual rapture and back again. It was as if she was submitting to a pleasure beyond her control. Kyle drove his fingers in and out of her slick pussy as his other hand eased her ass cheeks apart. He slid the tip of his finger inside her dark hole, wiggling back and forth. She threw her head back and clawed Brandon’s arms as he lowered his head and nipped first one nipple and then the next, drawing the flesh between his teeth and biting. The water lapped them with gentle waves, and Shannon was transported into a mindless field of nothing but tumultuous sensations.

“God. Oh, god…”

Kyle pressed another finger and then another inside her ass as his other hand worked in delicious unison, driving her off her feet and into Brandon. Removing his fingers from her pussy, he grunted as he continued thrusting his fingers into her ass past her tight ring of muscle. “I’m going to fuck you here,” he breathed.

Dear god, I hope so. “Ooohhh… Je-sus.” Shannon tried to focus, yet the warmth of the water and the incredible sensations of their erotic actions created a shower of vivid colors and swirls stealing her vision. Her heart was ragged as it beat frantically against the walls of her chest.

Brandon wrapped Shannon’s legs around his waist, positioning her hips over his cock, the tip just sliding inside. “Do you want this?” His stunning eyes shimmered from the glint of the sun as he held her still his gaze becoming almost feral from hunger. “I don’t know if I can be but so gentle.”

“Don’t be.” She captured Brandon’s mouth, easing her tongue past his swollen lips. The sheer taste of him sent her into the depth of rapture.

In one long hard thrust, he plunged into her drenched pussy, driving into the mouth of her womb.

Shannon shivered violently and broke the kiss, tipping her head back and whimpering. “Oh, oh. Jesus, so good.” Kyle lifted her ass, changing the angle. Dear god, he was going to take her in her most forbidden place. She clawed Brandon’s shoulders as he used the power of the water to hold her, thrusting harder and deeper. Kyle’s cock slipped into her ass, sending electric jolts throughout her system, she held her breath, experiencing the first slice of pain, delicious and agonizing. “Ooohhh!”

“Relax beauty, I’ll be gentle.” Kyle slid his cock in gingerly an inch at a time as Brandon followed his rhythm. With slow and easy strokes, each man thrust deep inside, working together in a seamless dance.

Shannon’s pussy and ass muscles clenched over the scintillating combination of cocks driving into her, their movements getting more savage. Hungry. Locking her feet around Brandon, she closed her eyes and allowed the incredible sensations to rack her entire body. Two men taking her as the misting water sprayed over their heated bodies was naughty and wonderful, and elation washed over Shannon at the wickedness of the act. God, she was turned on as hell. How did this happen?

“Do you feel good, ataahua?” Brandon whispered, lowering his head and licking from the soft swell of her earlobe across the edge of her chin and down to the hollow of her throat, where her pulse jumped erratically.

“Mmm…” Shannon’s head lolled back, and a moan escaped her lips. Every nerve in her entire body was on fire as both men drove into her harder and faster. Her pussy quivered and milked Brandon while her ass finally accepted the invasion and gripped Kyle tightly like a vice unable to let the delicious treat go.

In and out they both plunged into her as each man whispered the beautiful words of the sensuous Maori language.

“Come for me, baby, come for us,” Brandon purred as he kissed her lips, crushing her mouth with his.

Shannon was lost in the swell of emotions as the first wave of what she knew was going to be the most intense orgasm she’d ever experienced sizzled from the tips of her toes, danced across her legs and racing up toward her pussy. Kyle and Brandon plunged into her and the moment the white-hot heat of the blinding orgasm slammed into her like a runaway train, she jerked her head back and screamed. Shannon held on tightly as the orgasm shook every part of her body violently. The sensuous moment of rapture released its shackles only moments later. Tossing her head back and forth, she tried to focus on anything around her.

“Come again, beauty,” Kyle’s demanded.

Brandon thrust into her over and over again with long powerful strokes until he tipped his head and grunted jerking Shannon forward with such force that all three tumbled forward. As they fell into the surf, he laughed the low timbre of a sated man. “Ataahua, karikika. I could do this forever.”

“You’re incredible,” Kyle whispered.

Shannon stared into Brandon’s haunted eyes for what seemed like eternity. She knew he was someone from her past, a mystery man meant to tease her into submission. His gorgeous eyes were laced with a knowing of the women he’d just made love to.

Chapter Two

“So, you got your wish this afternoon, didn’t you? And in spades, I might add,” Kyle said, eyeing Brandon as they sipped their drinks on the hotel balcony. “I have to say. Pretty amazing.”

Their trip had been planned on the spur of the moment, and while Brandon was glad he’d asked Kyle along to join in on his nefarious plan, there was a moment of jealousy seeing his friend plunging into Shannon’s tight little ass that had caught him off guard. She was simply too much of a prize to resist, and one that both men wanted.

“Yeah, I guess I did, and you sure as shit didn’t seem to mind fucking her like a wild stallion.” Brandon sighed, shaking his head.

Kyle chuckled. “Let’s recap. We just had some of the hottest sex we’ve ever had with a gorgeous older woman, and you’re down in the dumps? Did I miss something, or did you not beg me to come with you and find her? No, I think your words were ‘to seduce her to the point of utter blissful ecstasy,’ so, to answer your question, I loved the hell out of fucking her.”

“I know, man, but I guess I thought it might be a pipe dream to find Shannon here. I mean, I just caught the tail end of the horrible message from Shannon after she found out about Randolph cheating on her. Hell, I had no idea she’d want me, let alone us, or care, or even be able to enjoy anything. Damn it, Kyle, she sounded devastated. Seeing her this way, I don’t know. Just caught me off guard, I guess.”

“You call him Randolph?” Kyle gave him a curious look.

“Now I do.”

Kyle shook his head and looked away. “I’m not even sure I want to know why.”

“Oh, I know that look. Spill it,” Brandon demanded. He knew he was playing with fire on several levels. If he failed, she would be lost forever.

Kyle hesitated as he rubbed his eyes. “You ain’t gonna like it, man.”

“Kyle. Just tell me whatever it is you need to tell me.”

“Look, I hate to tell you this, but when I went to grab our drinks, I overheard a bartender talking about two hot American girls who were playing a tasty game.” He sounded sheepish.

Puzzled, Brandon turned to face him. “Game?”

“He only heard part of the conversation. but his game supposedly involves being the first one to get two men into bed. I thought you might want to know perhaps she’s not as destroyed as you believe her to be.”

“You have no idea what you’re talking about. You didn’t hear the strangled message. You don’t know her!” Brandon slammed his fist against the iron railing, enjoying the slice of pain. God, the anguish he’d felt for years was overbearing.

“Jesus,” Kyle muttered.

They remained quiet for several minutes as the tide pulsed against the shoreline.

Kyle groaned and brushed his hands through his hair. “Look, you’re right. Then again, you don’t really know her either, do you? At least, according to what you’ve told me during these past two days. You don’t know anything about her life now, except what you’ve overheard.”

“Fuck you!” Incensed, Brandon growled and glanced back at the drifting waves, fighting the anger that burned within him. He loved the ocean and normally just being around the water calmed him. Today, the battering waves just reminded him of lost time. He knew Kyle was trying to rein him in, but the anguish burned within in like a white-hot beacon from hell. “I know all the wonderful aspects about this woman, and I know I have to try.”

“Try? I think you’ve accomplished more than that, friend. However, if Shannon is playing a game, she might not be the woman you think she is.”

“Think of it this way: in a sense we are doing the same thing. Teasing her about submission, about us dominating her? Even going as far as spanking her? That took balls. You have to admit that. So, what’s the difference?”

“The difference? Are you kidding me?” Kyle laughed.

Brandon kicked the railing and jerked around to face him. “Damn it, Kyle! Yeah, what are we doing here with her? What business did we have fucking her like animals? Huh? Come on, you tell me!”

“Calm down!” Kyle hissed, lowering his head. “Look, she’s lovely, and I know how much you care. Okay? What I’m telling you, dear friend, is that I don’t think Shannon considers us anything special. Granted, if what you told me is true, no wonder she fucked us hard and heavy. I don’t blame her.”

Brandon winced. “Yeah, I suppose she couldn’t, but damn, I want her too. Shannon deserves to be happy. Hell, she deserves so many things.”

“I hear you.” Kyle inhaled deeply. “You gonna tell her the truth?”

“I don’t know now. I… hell, she won’t get it. I was going to slowly work up to it, you know? I never imagined this afternoon would happen the way that it did. No way in a thousand years did I anticipate being so close and being able to taste her. All the years I’ve dreamed of being with her and to finally have my cock inside her sweet pussy, Jesus.”

Kyle laughed and sipped his drink. “I think it’s a little bit too late for working up to any soft conversations. You know, I’m a little surprised she didn’t recognize you.”

“It’s been six years.” Six long years. He’d thought about her so many times, hating what she’d gone through. Perhaps hating himself for not standing up.

“Hey, I’ve only known you for three, but have you really changed so much that she doesn’t know who you are? Not even an inkling?”

Brandon shook his head and thought about the long years away at school. “Let’s just say that I was fat, five inches shorter, and still had a bad case of acne.”

Kyle burst out laughing. “Really? Holy shit, man, then I can say you sure have blossomed. Okay, I get why now, but that doesn’t change the fact that you need to tell her what the hell you’re doing.”

“Correction: what we’re doing.”

Kyle shook his head. “I’m nothing but a crutch and you know it. Tell her!”

“I don’t think I can after what happened.”

Kyle studied him and walked closer. “Wait a minute. This isn’t about one-upping at all, is it? You genuinely care for her, don’t you? Hell, buddy, you’re blushing.”

Brandon shrugged and hid behind his glass his hand shaking as he took a large gulp.

“Holy shit, you’re in love with Shannon! This isn’t just about sex. My god, how did I not get it before?”

Brandon closed his eyes and envisioned the very day he met her a mere six months before going away to college. He remembered the scent of her floral perfume and the warm smile as she held out her hand. She’d blushed as her eyes twinkled when he bumbled his way through hello, his hands clammy, his heart racing. Hell, he could barely talk to her for two months. There was no doubt Shannon had brought a breath of fresh vibrant air into their lives with her kickass American attitude and her exotic sense of style. But it was the way she took time with him that he would always remember.

“Since the day I met her.” There was something about the way the sun-kissed bands of gold running through her hair that made him shiver. “She’s karihika, and I adore her.” No, “sexy” was not the correct word for her. Her incredible beauty, both body and soul, were a tiny slice of forbidden heaven and something that amazed Brandon.

Kyle chuckled and finished his drink. “I can tell you this much: your father is a motherfucking asshole for doing that to her. And if you don’t make her happy and sweep her off her feet, I sure as hell will.”

Brandon watched Kyle saunter back into the hotel room before he turned and stared at the sunset. He held his hand so tightly around the thin glass that he feared crushing it. Jesus, what am I doing? Trying to figure out how to dig out of the hole he was smack in the middle of was daunting indeed. There was no way Shannon would forgive another betrayal, first his father for sleeping with a worthless tart and now his deceptions.

“I’m in deep shit.”


Shannon slid her fingers across her swollen clit. The tender tissue was still sensitive. She closed her eyes and remembered the feeling of Kyle’s and Brandon’s mouths tasting her flesh and their tongues tracing circle after circle over her flushed skin. Their hands, rough then suddenly gentle at times, had driven her nearly mad with pleasure, and the memory of one man buried in her ass and the other in her pussy still left her breathless.

Sliding her fingers around her swollen nub while her other hand squeezed her perky nipples, she envisioned the event. Even her ass still bore the red marks of their combined spanking. How had they been able to pick up on her desires? Were they that intuitive, or did she simply wear all her emotions in a way everyone could see them?

Shannon whimpered, thinking about Brandon and the way he stared into her eyes so intently, as if his entire being was going to devour her in mere seconds. No man had ever looked at her in such a shameless yet blatant manner.

“Brandon, oh, you sexy creature. God, what have you done to me?”

She pinched one nipple and then the other as her naked legs beat against the counter. Leaning against the cold tile, she steadied herself as her fingers dipped into her slick pussy, pulsing in and out. She imagined Brandon taking her again, trusting his hard, thick cock so deeply inside her heat that stars floated above aimlessly.

“Yes… oh, yes.” Almost frantically Shannon thrust four fingers inside her cunt as far as she could get them while she moaned, envisioning Brandon’s mouth covering her nipple, sucking and biting down with enough pressure that she screamed out his name.

“Ooohhh… my, oh, my god.”

Unable to focus, her entire body rattled from the approaching climax. The orgasm rushed through her, sizzling her blood and forcing her legs to shake violently. Tipping her head back, she whimpered and moaned as her fingers slid back across her clit, tracing circles and lines haphazardly. Her legs danced against the counter and the heat from her breath created a jagged formation of steam on the mirror. She jumped as her climax raced through her system, her heart racing as she jerked her head back and forth and wailed, wishing Brandon were with her, driving into her.

She kept up her frenetic actions as her tender flesh begged for release, and the moment the second climax rushed through her system, the scattered vision of his face and startling eyes floated in front of her. “Shit. Shit. Shit!” She continued thrusting inside, harder and faster as her cunt muscles clenched around her fingers. The only thought that burrowed into the back of her mind was tasting Brandon again.

For a moment Shannon gripped the counter, afraid she’d fall to the floor. Shaky, she eyed her wild look in the mirror and laughed. She’d never had an explosion by herself that was so uninhibited and a powerful reminder that she could regroup, find another man she allowed into her life. It was amazing what incredible sex could do. As she waited until her heart rate returned to normal, naughty little thoughts about taking Brandon’s cock into her mouth, swallowing him until the swollen tip hit the back of her throat, raced through her mind. Shannon had to taste his sweet, tangy cum. She reached out and penned Brandon’s name in the steam, grinning like a little kid.

Finally able to stand, she wiped the beaded perspiration from her upper lip as well as from around her eyes and managed to pull on a tiny violet thong. The matching lacy bra was next, and she shook her head as she reached out and traced his name in the mist of her breath on the mirror.

“Good god, girl, you are positively glowing. Glowing? Hell, you look like a kid caught with her hand in the cookie jar. I can see you got laid. Well, and by the look of you I would say that the man made you wild, horny, and uninhibited. Am I right?” Amy gazed down the length of her best friend and grinned. “I think our game of Taming Paradise suits you.”

Shannon cringed but smiled as she shrugged her shoulders. Thank god Amy asked her to run away to the islands. “Let’s just say I managed to let go for a little while.”

“Uh-huh. Not conceding the contest yet, but we shall see. And…” Amy laughed, pushing her way into the bathroom. She sniffed the air and glanced at the writing on the mirror. “I see you’re still hot and hungry and perhaps a bit taken with our fine young fellows?”

Shannon jumped as a flush crept up her neck, the heat tingeing her cheeks. She grabbed her simple dress and forced the material over her head, shimmying into it quickly. Completely embarrassed, she grabbed a towel and wiped the remnants of her depraved venture off the mirror.

“No need to be so jumpy. That’s what I wanted you to do.”

“I have no idea how it happened so quickly, but they were there and we started talking.” She eyed her freshly applied makeup, now glistening from her naughty-girl moment. Somehow even through the steamy event, it was still in place and perfectly matched the stunning emerald green sheath. Shannon was thankful Amy had talked her into spending so much money on a single dress. It hugged every curve perfectly and accentuated the strawberry streaks in her golden locks.

Amy patted her shoulder. “Happiness and lust look good on you, hon. Go with it. Pleasuring yourself goes along with it too, and you know that. I’m happy they seemed to, um… agree with you.” She giggled and put her hand on her hip, giving her a naughty girl glare. “You going to see the studmuffins again?”

“I shouldn’t, but I think I will. They invited me to some secluded beach front restaurant for dinner with no inhibitions and where everything is on the menu, as Brandon put it.”

“No inhibitions, eh? Hmmm… There’s one restaurant and club here that is very hedonistic. I wonder if that’s what they’re planning. That would really kick up the heat in this game. I might have to up the ante.”


“You know, like, where anything goes. A little voyeurism, BDSM, playrooms full of all kinds of kinky equipment and toys.”

“I take it you’ve tried these kinds of places before?” Shannon asked, eyeing Amy as she stripped out of her beachwear.

“Maybe a time or two when I was a bit younger, and I honestly think you might be surprised just how much you enjoy something a touch kinky and out of your comfort zone. Imagine any fantasy you ever thought of in your mind coming true.”

Shannon gulped and stared at herself in the mirror. Every fantasy?

Amy turned on the shower and glanced back at Shannon. “You look hot as shit so go with it. They provide safe environments for all participants. Including rounds of spankings. By the way. Looks like you got your wish.” She pointed to Shannon’s ass.

“The craziest thing happened. They knew how much I craved submitting, as well as how much I wanted a hard spanking. Weird, huh?”

She moved closer, eyeing her friend. “That is weird. That’s not something you just pick up, but fascinating. You didn’t seem to mind.”

“Honestly? No, I didn’t.” Shannon had to admit, their intuition of her was amazing.

“So, that begs the question. Do you trust them?”

“I… I think so.”

“If you don’t, then you won’t have a good time, period. You have to be able to relax to allow your mind to enjoy things you may never try again. So, you have to think about that.”

“You know, for some reason I do, Amy. I can’t explain it.”

“Then have fun. Where else are you going to find two men that look like that ready to fulfill your greatest erotic desires? You have a very kinky side and needs that rival mine.” Amy stepped into the shower and closed the curtain. “Your diary doesn’t lie.”

“Remind me to burn that damn thing when we return.” Shannon glanced at her watch, her nerves sizzling from the fear of the unknown and from her awakened hunger. Her pussy clenched just thinking about two men tasting her again. My god, she was on fire. “What are you doing for dinner?”

“You mean who am I doing? Well, see, Chaz has a friend.” Amy’s sparkling laughter filtered throughout the small room. “We did the nasty in the bathroom of the pool house earlier, and now I think he’s going to take me to see the sights, if you know what I mean. He has the most perfect cock I’ve ever seen on a man. The damn thing is so long and so thick it almost didn’t fit.”

“We’re both certifiable.”

Amy stuck her head out of the curtain. “No, girlfriend. We’re two hot women who needed to get laid. And remember: what happens here stays here, so have fun.”

“Yeah, I hear you. Just be careful.”

“Careful is for ninnies!”

“You’re terrible.” Shannon grabbed her purse and left the bathroom, hearing the distinct sound of a sports car pulling up outside on the dense gravel, the engine revving. As she stared out the window, her eyes opened wide. “Holy shit.”

The sleek black convertible had to cost more than she made in several years, but it was the two men climbing out of the sporty beast that literally took her breath away. Granted, seeing men in tiny little swim trunks was a delicious treat, but she loved stunning hunks dressed in crisp suits as if ready to take on the world. The yin and yang continued with them, with Brandon dressed in a dark suit and Kyle in off-white. She felt the first trickle of her pussy juice easing past the thin elastic of her thong.

“Get a grip, girl.” Shannon took careful strides out the door and stood gazing at her prize, her hands shaking. As both men walked forward she sighed, knowing she could get used to such delicious attention.

“Hello, ataahua. You look incredible tonight.” Brandon took her hand and pulled her forward, capturing her lips as he slid his hand around her neck, keeping her still as he ravaged her mouth.

Shannon moaned as his other hand glided down her back to cup her ass. The heat between them already building, her nipples hardened into diamond hard points scraping against her lacy bra. She heard Kyle’s husky chuckle as he brushed the damp hair from her neck and leaned in to lick away salty beads of perspiration.

“Beautiful indeed, and very tasty,” Kyle added.

Brandon broke the kiss and smiled. “You ready for an adventure?”

“I’m not sure.”

He laughed and took her hand, licking a single long line down from her wrist to the tip of her index finger. “No worries, love. I won’t allow anything to happen to you. At least, not anything that doesn’t give you a slice of ecstasy. You’re a quite special to both of us. But you need to remember that you belong to us tonight.”

“Mmm… I believe you.” She was ready to believe almost anything at this point.

“Come,” Kyle whispered as he led her to the car.

Brandon held her tightly nestled in his lap, one hand firmly grasping her breast as Kyle drove through the curvy side streets to the other side of the island. The narrow roads were crowded with teeming activity filling the streets. The wild pulses of music, coupled with laughter floated across the air as the night fell in soft whispers across the lovely slice of heaven.

As Shannon settled against Brandon, enjoying the sensations of his throbbing cock and strong hands, Kyle left the cobblestoned streets for a dirt road that led them closer to the beach. The scent of the ocean was a reminder and a wondrous aphrodisiac. As the moon was just beginning its shimmering ascent up from the swelling ocean, he powered the car into a dimly lit parking lot that was full of cars.

“Where are we?” Shannon glanced around and could easily tell the gated and enclosed compound was quite large. From the shadows she could just make out the tall and expansive fence that trailed in both directions. She swallowed hard, knowing this had to be the place Amy talked about. Dear god, can I handle something this kinky? From the few couples that sauntered toward the gate, she could easily tell the establishment was posh by the intense look of the guard and the clothes the guests were wearing. As Brandon pulled her out of the car she glanced down at her dress and over to the buxom blonde wearing dazzling pearlescent silver on the arm of the distinguished man who passed through the gates.

“You look stunning, my ataahua. This is a very well-known establishment with an excellent reputation. This exclusive club is called the Fantasy Box, and Kyle and I wanted to share it with you for the first time. From what I understand, every burning desire, no matter how kinky or perverse, is catered to. They even capture the wicked escapades on video for would-be voyeurs. Perhaps that’s something you would like?” He kissed the side of her neck, tickling the shimmer of her skin as he drew her back into his chest.


“Ah, the lady likes to play. Excellent. Then we’ve come to the right place.” Kyle took her arm and together the three walked toward the gate.

“You have reservations?” the burly attendant asked.

“Sutterling, party of three,” Kyle answered, drawing Shannon in for a kiss, pressing his tongue past her lips.

Shannon got the feeling his sensuous move was for show, but the simple touch of his lips against hers sent electric sparks cascading down her spine.

“Of course. You’re expected. The host will show you to your canopy.”

Kyle broke the kiss slowly and licked around the edge of her mouth. “Tasty.”

“Canopy?” Shannon blinked furiously as she eyed the attendant’s masked face.

“Yes, we selected a particular area to begin our foray into rapture, and it’s a surprise, but one we think you’ll enjoy,” Brandon whispered as they walked toward the massive set of wood doors.

“What does that mean?” Her voice was barely audible. A slice of fear matched her level of desire, and the dichotomy sizzled her blood, raising the pressure dangerously high.

“It means that this is a land of fantasy, love. I could have selected many rooms and areas within the compound for us this evening, but I thought you might enjoy the ocean once again while we have dinner. We can explore the buildings and grounds to our hearts content. However, we need a landing spot in the beginning. Besides, we both want time alone with you to taste every delicious morsel of your flesh.”

“I plan on feasting on your succulent pussy first,” Kyle breathed. “After another spanking.”

“At least one,” Brandon teased. “A fabulous way to start the evening.”

Shannon shivered as both hungry men undressed her with their eyes. Brandon’s voice dripped with a level of blatant sexual desire that almost stilled her heart. And Kyle? The feral look in his eyes told her exactly what he was going to do to her: take her with a hard and rugged stance like the rough-hewn man that he was. Oh, god, she was way in over her head. While Randolph had certainly introduced her to some fairly kinky events, and they’d taken to enjoying certain levels of BDSM with her being the complete submissive, they’d never shared their erotic hungers in public. This was something else entirely.

The doors opened as if automatically, and the host nodded. “Good evening, and welcome to The Fantasy Box. Shall I explain the rules to you?”

“Thank you, but we’ve been well versed,” Kyle said quietly, his baritone timbre reeking of authority.

“Very well. Allow me to show you to your beginning station. Dinner will be served in thirty minutes, and the sparkling beverage you requested has been prepared. Drago will be serving you this evening,” the host explained leading them farther into the club.

Shannon stared past the well-dressed man as he led them out a set of floor to ceiling glass doors and down a series of stairs leading toward the beach. Iridescent lighting was positioned along the perimeter, placed on cables holding them just out of reach. The effect of the glimmering lights dancing off the water was haunting, reminding her of something straight out of a gothic romance novel. She blinked several times before she realized what she was seeing.

The large platforms were scattered across the beach in what appeared to be canopies enclosed on three sides with translucent material in the softest white, fluttering in the breeze. From where they’d landed it was easy to tell that the front side was open to the ocean. The areas allowed for seclusion while giving the illusion of being open to the public.

“Best take your shoes off, miss.” The host stared down at her high heels and frowned.

“Oh, yes.” Fumbling, she took them off just as Brandon scooped her up into his arms. “Whoa, you can’t!”

He laughed. “Still worried about being too big?”

Her breath caught. “What did you say?”

“I… meant that it seems all tall, beautiful women are worried about being carried. You’re light as a feather, waiti. So sweet.”

What was she missing? The nagging feeling that they knew each other filtered into her mind again. She couldn’t put her finger on where, but she would swear they’d met somewhere. There was no time to ask before they began following a dimly lit path away from the others. Shannon heard the rushing sound of a waterfall just as the spectacular vision erupted before her like a wondrous gift from god.

“Do you like?” Kyle asked.

“Oh, my, this is incredible.” She shook her head, trying to drink in the entire vision.

The hidden lagoon held a perfect fronting view of the ocean, yet the almost pearlescent glow from strategically placed lights was dazzling. Inviting. Bewitching fantasy indeed; the area was breathtaking.

Brandon eased her down onto her feet and smiled. “I had a gut instinct that you perhaps enjoyed the sensual concept of making love under the warming spray of a waterfall. Was I right?”

“Making love under a waterfall is something I have always dreamed of doing. This is amazing. I have no idea how you knew.” Had Amy somehow cooked all of this up from reading her diary one time?

“Come, ataahua, there is much more for us to see and to experience. We have an exotic location to play and to begin learning about each other, our bodies, our shameless needs,” Brandon breathed.

Shannon caught the clip in his voice and fought the whimper that threatened to expose her fear. Could she honestly do this? All the nights she craved a shameless adventure, and now it was presented like a wanton feast for the soul. Why was she trembling? “I…”

Kyle cocked his head and held out his hand, waiting patiently. Finally she took his hand, grasping it tightly. While she was still afraid, she knew this was something she hungered for.

Under Kyle’s watchful eye, Brandon led her down the path into the shadowed darkness to a canopy gilded in gold. “For us to enjoy. Do you approve?”

She shook her head in amazement. Could a man truly know all her fantasies by instinct alone? Every dream she’d ever had about romance, being with a man, and a touch of erotica seemed to be coming true. Their canopy was open on two sides, allowing for a view of the ocean and the lagoon. The oversized bed, flanked by pillars of torches, glowed in the light becoming a sensuous invitation into a den of sin. Violet, fuchsia, turquoise, and gold pillows were haphazardly placed along the perimeter of the tent, adding to the erotic feel. A subtle breeze fluttered across the torches casting shadowed flickers dancing over the entire space.

“This is breathtaking, sinful,” Shannon breathed, stepping into the space. “Shameless” was really the word she was looking for. She stole a glance at Brandon’s wolfish eyes and knew exactly what they planned for her.

“Drago will be with you shortly. Please enjoy, and if you should desire to partake in any of our other amenities, please do not hesitate to tell him and he will make the appropriate arrangements.” The host bowed and turned, quickly leaving them alone.

Shannon glanced at Kyle’s dark expression and shivered.

“Acceptable?” Kyle asked, crossing his arms, his eyes skating down the length of her body, wearing the look of a famished man.

She glided toward him, studying his features. Gorgeous in his own right, the twinkle in his shining rich chocolate eyes matched his almost fiendish mannerisms. “More than acceptable. This is incredible. I’m in awe.”

Kyle smiled and removed his jacket. “Then we don’t need to be so formal.”

“No, I…” Visions of their naked bodies, her mouth suckling a cock while another filled her quivering cunt, flashed in her mind.

“Good.” He pitched the crisp linen onto a small chair and jerked his shirt from his form-fitting pants as he advanced toward her. “Because I’m very hungry tonight.”

Shannon gasped as he yanked the shirt over his shoulders and pitched it onto the floor. She took a giant step back and hit Brandon’s chest with a thud. No doubt in her mind, she wasn’t going anywhere. As Brandon’s fingers slid her dress up and eased the rough tips toward the lacy edge of her panties, a single moan escaped her lips. She whimpered the moment a single finger glided past the soft elastic and directly into her heat, sliding easily inside her dripping pussy. Her muscles clenched, wanting more. “Oh, my.”

“You’re so hot and ready for us,” Brandon whispered. “Would you prefer my cock was inside that sweet little hot box of yours?”

“I… yes…” She closed her eyes as Kyle pulled her dress up from her thighs and deftly removed it without a single pause. The wafting breeze sent chills dancing across her body like tiny petals of a velvet rose being feathered across her skin. If this was seduction, then she was hooked forever. Lost in the moment, Shannon knew her panties were being lowered and removed and her bra being pitched away, and while she should feel nothing but embarrassment, she felt a freeing moment of sheer joy and ecstasy while the two men that she already had grown to care about showered her with tender whispered words of lust and yearning.

“You belong to us tonight, and we’re going to fulfill your every fantasy and force you to come until you scream out our names. I want you writhing with passion, my sexy vixen, and then we shall punish you for being so wicked,” Brandon whispered as he circled around her, his fingers brushing across her skin, his breath skipping across her face and neck. “I want you to ride my cock hard tonight until you are burning with need for so much more.”

“And I am going to lick that sweet pussy of yours until you can no longer feel anything but the rapture of my body taking yours.” Kyle cupped her chin and lowered his head to crush her mouth with his, allowing the kiss to become a passionate dance of their heated bodies. He slid his arms around her drawing her naked body against him, cupping her ass as he pressed his tongue past her lips, tasting her.

Shannon eased her hands around his waist and up his supple back, caressing his carved flesh as the kiss became a lustful dance of man and woman. It was as if every ounce of her was tingling from anticipation. His cock pressed against her belly, and the moment he broke the kiss he eased her down onto the soft covers of the bed, his hands moving to pinch her nipples as he dropped to his knees. She whimpered as he kneaded her tender flesh, dipping his head to lick first one nipple and then the other. Shannon tossed her head back as he bit down, and while the pain thrashed through her, the pleasure was close behind filling her with a need she had not experienced before. Desperate. Sizzling.

Ooohhh… yyyeeesss…”

“You’re mine to taste first.” Kyle forced her legs up and out, exposing her shaved pussy as he pushed her down onto the bed. “God, you are so karihika. I’m going to feast on you for days.”

Shannon stared up at Brandon, who slowly removed his clothes while he watched his friend lower his head to take the first sip of her cunt. The moment his tongue sliced across her clit she closed her eyes and gripped the soft covers, melting into the sheer pleasure of being eaten by a man. Whimpering from every swipe, Shannon opened her legs up farther to allow him all of her, every drop of her cream. She heard the soft thudding of the waves hitting the shoreline as her heart thumped into her chest, creating an alternate beat of lust and need. The dichotomy sizzled every nerve ending until every sensuous touch became a cataclysm of raging desire. Kyle licked her in slow, deliberate swipes from the edge of her tender clit to the base of her pussy.

“You taste like sweet ambrosia of the gods, beauty. I could eat your sweet cunt for hours,” Kyle purred, his hot breath skating across her heat as his fingers eased inside her pussy.

Shannon’s eyes fluttered open to see Brandon staring down at her, his smile laced with a blazing wanton need. Kyle’s tongue drove into her pussy, pressing against his fingers and it was all she could do not to explode almost immediately. “Oh, god!” Grabbing Kyle’s head, she held it tightly as he continued his feast, his mouth and tongue working in a powerful unison with his fingers.

Brandon crawled onto the bed and whisked his hair down across her breasts. “You’re a vision tonight. Perfection.”

Kyle gathered her legs into his hands and forced her wide open, his fingers digging into her tender flesh. He lapped at her with wild abandon to the point a dazzling stream of light sent shards of vibrant colors across her eyes. For a moment she was unable to see anything. “Mmm…” She clawed the bedding as the first grip of pain from Brandon’s mouth and teeth biting down on her nipple created a tidal wave of intense emotions and sizzling tingles. Never had Shannon felt anything to rapturous in her life.

“I could eat you for days,” Kyle’s whisper sliced against her inner thigh. “I matekaitanga for you.”

Hunger… oh, the passionate word said with his breathless and utterly dangerous flair sent another shock racing down her spine and directly to her pussy.

“I could suck on your hardened nipples for weeks,” Brandon purred.

Shannon grasped Brandon’s hair with one hand and entwined her fingers with Kyle’s with the other. All of her inhibitions gone, she pulled both men toward her body and willed them to take her to heights of euphoria she’d never known.

As they licked and tasted, extreme rapture overtook her system, sending her catapulting in to the stratosphere, and she jerked up from the bed, screaming, wailing their names as the strangled cries floated across the small confines and out to sea. “Oh. Ohohoh!” Lost in ecstasy, she barely heard the muffled sounds of someone standing close.

Kyle refused to stop, his tongue working over her swollen clit even as the man stood at attention.

“Drago?” Brandon asked his hands still on Shannon’s breasts.

“Dinner will be ready shortly.” Drago’s voice was smooth and monotone, oblivious to the blatant act of sex he was witnessing.

Shannon fought to cover her naked body but was thwarted by the men ravaging her. She kept her eyes closed as the simple exchange took place.

“Come again, beauty, before dinner.” Kyle’s voice was a husky whisper.

“Oh. My. God!” There was no way Shannon could hold back the raging storm. As Brandon bit her nipple with enough force that her body was raked with anguish and her second climax turned into a nearly violent wave, jerking her body from the soft confines of the bedding. Her scream now silent, she could no longer see or hear anything but the thudding of her heart sending racing trickles of steam into her blood.

“You’re beautiful and wonderful, baby. I love pleasuring you,” Brandon murmured, caressing her entire body, his fingers brushing down her arms and legs.

“You taste like no other, my beauty, and I plan on feasting on you again,” Kyle growled.

Her eyes fluttered open and closed for mere moments until the feeling of extreme pleasure forced her to close her eyes and nuzzle into the softness of the bed. Every part of her body quivered, and she felt delirious with satisfaction.

“Dazzling indeed,” Brandon breathed as he moved off the bed.

Sated and sleepy, Shannon lay spent as she heard the sounds of a champagne bottle being opened. Every muscle, every cell tingled as she fought a giggle. Languishing in the soft bedding, she allowed her mind to wander, paying no attention to the sounds around her until the jerking of her body back to the edge of the bed forced a cry. “Aaahhh!” Her legs were drawn back wide, exposing her slickened pussy to the slight breeze. “What?” Her eyes flew open as Brandon hovered over her, champagne bottle in hand.

“I think you need to be cooled off,” he told her grinning.

He tipped the bottle and poured the cold bubbly across her glistening pussy until Shannon cried out. The sparkling liquid created an instant shock as the cold liquid fused with the heat of her cunt. “Brandon!” She screamed into the night sky only seconds before he dropped to his knees and buried his face into her pussy, licking with wild abandon. She tried to push his head away as the conflicting sensations of hot and cold tortured her swollen flesh. Panting, she clawed and squirmed, but it was no use as his muscular hands held her down. “Brandon!”

Brandon lapped and sucked the chilled liquid from her pussy while his fingers danced inside, opening and closing as her muscles clenched around the invasion. “Good, so good. You’re incredible.”

She laughed nervously and whimpered as another orgasm refused to wait. The powerful climax jerked her body up from the bed and from his strong arms and the strain of the intensity stopped her heart for long seconds. Never had she felt such ecstasy and wild abandon.

“That’s it, baby.” The moment she came Brandon jerked her up, thrusting the entire length of his cock deep inside her pussy, plunging in and out, as the single orgasm became two and then three.

“God, ohgod, ohgawd!” Clawing Brandon’s arms, the fire of their passion tore through her ravaging her cells and sending shimmers of luminescent light fluttering across her vision. It was as if all time and space stopped as he continued his long, hard thrusts. She lowered her head, her lips crushing his as he used his strong leg muscles to keep them upright. When she finally broke the amazing kiss, she was dazed and dizzy.

“God, you’re so tight, hon, so wonderful. I could do this every day.” Brandon held her tightly and gazed into her eyes, his cock now pulsing gently into her.

Breathless, Shannon wrapped her legs around Brandon’s waist and her arms around his neck as their eyes remained locked onto each other.

“Humarie.” Her inflections in Maori were practiced, although rusty, but the look on his face was enough to still her heart. He was absolutely one of the most handsome men she had ever laid eyes on.

Brandon pushed into her gently as his lips brushed across hers, their hearts beating together. “I need to tell you something.”

“Anything. You can tell me anything.”

He hesitated, his eyes twinkling, before he grinned as the serious moment passed and the mischievous side took over. “You’re one sinful little girl and need to be royally fucked before dinner. But the spanking is first and foremost.” His laugh carnal in nature, he jerked her body up from his cock and thrust her down onto the bed on all fours, smacking her ass hard several times with the flat of his hand.

Crack! Smack!

“Brandon!” The shock of his actions matched the immediate heat building in her ass.

Pop! Smack!

“If you belonged to me I’d to this at once a day, maybe more often. Do you understand me?”

Slap! Crack!

“Yes, sir.” The words came easily to her.

“Sir. That’s perfect,” Brandon whispered.

Whack! Slap!

“No, twice a day,” he murmured.

Crack! Pop!

“Oh, yes, sir,” she managed, clenching her fists.

“But my belt would be used,” he said as he fisted her hair, running his fingers through her long strands.

Whack! Pop!

Two times in one day was too much to think about. This man somehow knew all of her innermost secrets, her most wicked desires, and, lordy, how everything in her body quivered. As she lowered her head in acquiescence, he reached around her thigh to flick her clit and slide a single finger inside, pressing so deeply she moaned.

“You belong to me tonight. Just remember that, ataahua.” Giving her a long lick across the back of her neck, he held her down and pressed her legs apart, slapping her again.

Slap! Whack!

“Ah, the lady is a naughty girl indeed.” Kyle eased onto the bed, slowly stalking his prey until he lifted her chin and licked his lips. “So damn tasty, like the finest shot of cognac trickled over a ripe, succulent strawberry. Now it’s time for you to have your fill of my cream.” He took her head into his hands, guiding her mouth down over his pulsing cock. He slid the tip back and forth across her swollen lips as her tongue darted out to lick the sensitive slit. “Suck me, woman, before I go mad with jealously. While he may lay his claim on you ultimately, tonight you shall pleasure us both.”

Kyle’s possessive tone alone forced a whimper from Shannon. Damn, the man’s cock was a beautiful creation. The sight of his blood-engorged tip, throbbing, the purple veins pulsing, sent rumbles quaking through her body. The second her mouth wrapped around the head of Kyle’s shaft, Brandon gave her another series of slaps, thrusting her forward, impaling her mouth with the thick muscle.

Crack! Slap! Pop!

She moaned around the thick invasion, unable to focus.

Whack! Smack!

“Yes, very wicked indeed. Are you ready, beautiful one, for both of us?” Brandon growled, the sound nothing but beastly and savage. Giving her no time to respond, he plunged his cock inside, hitting the mouth of her womb.

Shannon scrambled as she was forced to take the entire length of Kyle’s shaft into her mouth. She willed her throat to relax, her strong jaw muscles clamping down as Brandon grabbed her hips and kept her upright. She wrapped one hand around Kyle’s heavy balls and the other around the base of his cock, kneading and massaging the thick shaft. She squeezed first one ball then the other with just enough pressure that he jerked his head back and emitted a loud moan as his body shook from the electric jolts.

Pulling his dick all the way out, Shannon licked circle after circle around the tip, allowing her fingers to feather up and down his shaft, tickling his balls. Shannon took him down an inch at a time, opening her throat more and more to accept one of the thickest cocks she’d ever had in her mouth. There was something so sinful about having two men, succumbing in every manner they demanded. This was sheer ecstasy.

“Do you like having two men fill you?” Brandon’s asked, surging forward.

“Mmm…” Finally reaching the base of Kyle’s cock, she struggled to hold on as he swelled in her mouth. His long, thick shaft filled her completely, yet she savored the way it tickled the back of her throat.

“Oh, shit, beauty, this feels so damn good, so hot.” Kyle held her head steady and fucked her mouth in long, slow, and deliberate motions. He drew his dick almost all the way out, past her lips, then plunged his thick shaft deeply inside again.

Shannon struggled to hold on as both men began thrusting harder and faster. Her pussy clenched around the thick invasion tightly like a vice, milking Brandon’s cock as the friction sliced against her well-spanked ass, forcing her to whimper. Brandon drove so deeply inside that every muscle ached from the intense invasion. The force pushed her knees up from the bed, and if he hadn’t been holding her she would have tumbled forward.

“God, you’re so tight Shannon, so damn good.” Brandon lowered his head, peppering her back with long licks, one hand reaching down to tease her clit, tracing circle after circle over the hard bud.

The first pearl beads of Kyle’s pre-cum flowed into Shannon’s mouth and she quivered from the taste alone. The tangy yet sweet aroma of the man was delicious and almost sinful.

“Take me, beauty, take all of me.” Kyle’s strangled voice was barely audible, and his fingers entwined in her golden hair. “God, woman, you’re going to make me come.”

Brandon drove into her harder and faster, his balls slapping against her ass. “Come, baby, come for us. Come on my cock.”

She whimpered as electric heat raced the oncoming climax over her like a tidal wave. Shannon struggled to keep it at bay as her body was thrust back and forth from one man to the other, each man fucking her relentlessly until she shivered from the ecstasy that roared through her system.

“Jesus Christ!” Kyle struggled to hold onto her as his entire body shook violently. The hot sperm erupted from the base of his balls up through his shaft like a ravaging storm. As he exploded into her mouth, he gripped her head tightly forcing her to take all of him.

The hot cum filled Shannon’s mouth, and as she held him, her fingers caressing wildly, the taste of him was sweet and salty, sliding down her throat. She lapped and sucked, taking every last drop until suddenly the orgasm flashed through every blood cell, freezing every motion in her body from the incredible rapture that sent a series of shivers and shakes down her spine. The mind-splitting climax became two just as she heard Brandon hissing from behind her.

Brandon pumped into her hard and fast as his fingers dug into her tender flesh. “Mine forever, my ataahua!” He threw his head back and screamed as his orgasm ravaged his body and slammed him against her body. “My dream coming true, ataahua. My longtime dream coming true!”

Chapter Three

Brandon studied the amazing woman he relished calling “ataahua” sitting by the edge of the lagoon, her long blonde hair shimmering in the moonlight, and felt the familiar tug in his heart that wouldn’t go away. While the word suited her, Shannon was so much more. She simply gave him all that he needed, allowing him to be completely himself, something no one else had. There was no doubt that she’d captured his soul. There wasn’t a single nuance about her that had escaped him all those years ago, and now her feminine wiles still flustered him. The way her hand fluttered across the nape of her neck when she was nervous and the way her laugh dropped to a low, sensual timbre when she was excited about something simply sent tremors down his spine. Brandon knew he was in love with her the first day they met in his father’s study, and the burning emotion had just grown with each saucy smile and every touch of her gentle hand.

So many years had gone by, far too many that he’d allowed, refusing to thwart his father in any manner. And she’d suffered because of the man’s greed, his belief that he was bigger than anything or anyone. A fire burned in his belly, one of anger as well as guilt.

When Brandon thought about his father he growled. The man had always been a beast, and Brandon had tried on several occasions to warn her about his proclivities and needs, but he never got past opening his mouth and standing like an idiot in front of her. And every time he faltered, she’d smiled and kissed him on the forehead, telling him that he was adorable. He chuckled, thinking about how ridiculous he must have appeared, how childish. While they’d been flirtatious, he longed for the shoals of intimacy with her. Shannon was simply the most incredible woman he’d ever met. Her wit and verve alone kept him awake long nights dreaming about being with her forever.

“She’s truly beautiful,” Kyle said quietly as he inched forward.

“She is.” He gave his friend a sideways glance.

“I mean that in body and spirit too. I can understand why you’ve been pining away for her all these years. The question remains, buddy: when you going to tell her?”

“Tell her about my deception?” Brandon asked under his breath.

“Tell her how you feel first.”

“Me pehea atu hoki?”

Kyle shook his head. “You’re asking me how you should feel? It’s written all over your face how much you love her. I’m surprised she hasn’t picked up on that. She will. You’re not good at hiding your feelings.”

“Randolph has a way of crushing one’s soul. I know that well. Sadly, she’s not the girl I remembered from before. Her eyes are haunted. I think he came close to breaking her spirit. I don’t think she can tolerate another round of betrayal.”

Kyle put his hand on Brandon’s shoulder. “Well then, while I don’t know your father, I do know you. And I think, my dear friend, that you’re just the man to bring back all that she needs.”


“Perhaps. You shuttle halfway around the world to come to her rescue, and now you’re unsure? Come on, Brandon. You know exactly what you need to do. Go be with her and I’ll prepare the room. I have to ask you this: are you sure you want her to see the rather kinky side you have?”

Brandon smiled sheepishly. “It’s not whips and chains.”

“Yeah, but if she’s not used to public displays this could throw her.”

“Somehow I think she needs a wild and wooly experience to remind her just how delicious she truly is. Besides, we used to talk together so openly. She told me all of her hopes and desires. For some reason she trusted me with her most intimate cravings. I don’t know why, but what I do know is that this, she’ll enjoy.”

“Shannon confided in you because you have that way about you. You’re open and trustworthy.”

Brandon shook his head. “I don’t know, Kyle. What I’m doing right now might crush that thought.” “Crush” wasn’t even the word. This was his one chance at vying for her heart.

“Did you ever stop and think that maybe she was in love with you too?”

He turned to stare at his friend, realizing he’d never even considered the possibility. “I don’t know what to say. Randolph… my father seemed to mean everything to her.”

“So you thought. Looks can be deceiving. You’re honestly certain that you want to show her the Fantasy Box as well as the house? I’ve heard that some things go on in those naughty and very kinky rooms that are… well, depraved.”

“Oh yeah, Kyle, like that doesn’t suit you completely.”

“You know me, buddy, but we aren’t talking about me. We’re talking about whether you’re sure this is the right thing to do with her.”

It was indeed a gamble, but one Brandon thought would open her eyes and perhaps her heart. “I am.”

“So be it. I hope to hell you know what you’re doing. Now go to her and come when you both are ready.” Kyle held up his hands.

Brandon nodded and sipped his drink while he continued watching her every move. Saucy. Delightful. Mesmerized by the way she brushed her fingers over the salty bubbles of the warm lagoon, he sighed in contentment. While she’d donned her dress, her feet were bare, and he knew she wore nothing underneath the sensuous material that hugged every luscious womanly curve like a glove. He remembered she didn’t like her curves, and at that moment he wanted to devour them. His cock quivered thinking about being inside her sweet pussy. The scintillating taste of her cum lingered in his mouth even through the rich flavors of the aged cognac.

He set his drink down and advanced quietly as he drew off his shirt and unfastened his pants. When he was naked, he slid around her, his legs cradling around hers.

Shannon leaned against his chest and tipped her head to rest on his shoulder. Her hand moved over his thigh, gripping it tightly as a tiny whimper escaped her lips. “You feel so good around me.”

“You feel amazing.” His cock thumped against the crest of her ass, hungry to slide inside her molten heat. “Shannon, you’re so very karihika, so sexy.” He pressed his lips against the side of her neck, feeling her pulse quicken. His hand slid across the edge of her chin and down to the swell of her breasts as his tongue danced lazy patterns across the heat of her skin. There was no doubt what they both desperately desired, what they hungered for. She would be his.

“Brandon.” Shannon nuzzled into him as his hand moved to cup her breast.

He pinched her nipple until she whimpered as he used his other hand to inch the silky material up from the softness of her thighs. He eased her legs apart with gentle hands and licked a long line from the tip of her ear down to the edge of her collarbone. How he longed to have her all to himself and to make love to her for long days. Nothing but the two of them locked inside a room. Together he knew they would head into a level of pure rapture that neither had ever known.

“Shannon, I want to make love to you, wahaiaipo. Just you and me, here on this sultry night under this gorgeous waterfall with all the passion that has grown between us. Will you allow me to be your lover and to pleasure you as you’ve never known?”

“I don’t know what to think. I came here looking for solace. Then you and Kyle came along,” she said, laughing.

“I want you to be able to trust me. That’s vital.” He held his breath, as if her answer could destroy everything.

“I do, for some crazy reason.”

“Then allow me to please you,” he whispered, peppering a series of kisses against her neck, her cheek.

She opened and closed her eyes the soft lashes fluttering against the flush of her cheeks and drew her hands around his neck to pull him in closer. “Oh, Brandon, I would love nothing more. You amaze me how you know what I need and what I crave. I… well, I trust you, as crazy as that sounds. There’s something about you that I adore, and I don’t understand the instant closeness, but the feelings are there. My needs, my cravings, everything is blossoming. It’s crazy.”

“It’s not crazy at all, baby. I feel the same.” Softly and with deliberate hands he lowered her down into the warm saltwater as he raised her dress, easing the flowing material from her shoulders.

Shannon exhaled, covering her breasts and turning around to stare up at him, her eyes shimmering from the luminescent light of the full moon. Her lips pursed, and she swayed her hips back and forth, blowing kisses in his direction. A giggle bubbled from her lips.

“You’re teasing me, naughty minx?”

“I am. What are you going to do about it?”

It was her sparkling mischievous laughter that forced his cock into a painful throbbing stance. With a shameless grin, he dove into the pool, kicking his powerful legs and edging toward her rapidly. Underwater, he grabbed her legs and pushed her back toward the warm splash of the waterfall and the hidden cavern behind. As he came up like with a bolt, he grabbed her face with both hands and jerked her forward, crushing his mouth over hers in a savage move, lifting her up onto her toes. Her moans became scattered whispers as Shannon held his hands and pressed her body forward.

Brandon pulled her close, her breasts gliding over his chest, their hearts beating together in a vibrant storm of raging need. He pressed her against the hard cavern wall as he broke the kiss, pulling back to stare into her eyes as his body shook from need. Her gorgeous eyes shimmered even in the dim lighting, and for a moment he saw the existence of the playful girl he remembered.

“What’s wrong?” she asked, her eyes searching his.

“Nothing is wrong. You’re breathtaking.” The wild fire of his need stealing his breath, he stood panting, his eyes glassy, and gazed at her with crazed abandon. “God, woman, what you do to me.”

Shannon clawed his arms and opened her legs wide, succumbing to his hunger. “I want you. Somehow you leave me breathless and dangerously thirsty.”

As the dancing water scattered warmth across their entwined bodies, Brandon lifted her legs, forcing them around his waist. In one long, hard, deep thrust, he plunged inside her pussy, shoving her against the rock as they both moaned, the cries mixing with the splash of the waterfall.

“Jesus!” Shannon tipped her head back against the cold slab, allowing the cascading shower to tumble down her face and between their bodies. Panting, she drew him tightly against her body as she wrapped her feet together. The moment their lips touched, the burning blaze that raged between them turned into a frenetic drive of body slamming against body.

Brandon plunged into her with long, hard strokes as their tongues tasted. He held her so tightly he feared bruising, yet the blissful pleasure that roared between them sizzled to the point of combustion. Shannon was too precious, too wonderful, and he refused to ever let her go again. In and out he drove into her sweet pussy as her muscles clamped around him, milking and drawing him into the deepest portions of her body.

She squirmed, her whimpers ragged, as she slid her hands around his waist to cup his ass, bringing him closer still as their moans of ecstasy fluttered above them mixing with the sparkles of midnight blue water. Shannon broke the kiss, pressing her hand between their chests as she nibbled on his lower lip, pulling the swollen flesh between her teeth. The steam from her hot, moist mouth fluttered around him and surged through every cell in his body like a wild fire. He closed his eyes as her muscles clenched tighter and drove into her again and then again.

“God, I’ve hungered for you for so long,” he rasped almost inaudibly. Instantly the words startled him. He inched back to stare into her eyes.

Her eyes registered nothing but the passion and ecstasy that continued to build at a manic pace. “Brandon… I’m going to… cum.” Her body squirmed against his as she ground her hips, meeting every thrust with her own.

“Yes, baby, come on my cock. I want nothing more than for you to come.” His own orgasm building in his balls to the point of anguish, Brandon did everything he could to hold back the train as the climax rushed almost violently through his body. He jerked her away from the cold wall and into the water, allowing the weight to slow his deep thrusts. He wanted nothing more than for the wondrous moment to last forever.

“Brandon, god! Oh… my…” She tipped her head back and clamped onto him as her entire body shook.

As her orgasm rattled her body, she clenched and moaned. Her voluptuous breasts pressed against his chest, and at that moment he had difficulty being able to focus. He plunged into her wildly as his own orgasm seared his every nerve ending. The moment his hot cum rose from his aching balls and flooded his shaft, he threw his head back and wailed as the white-hot heat of his climax roared through him. “Aaahhh!

Shannon screamed as he continued thrusting, her hands wrapping around his neck in a desperate stance to hold on. “Brandon!”

Her second orgasm ravaged her body and as she stared into his eyes, he could swear the recognition of who he was finally registered in her soul. “Aroha. I love you.” Brandon continued to pulse into her gently as they kissed, somehow closer, somehow sated.

They held each other until they their breathing was calm. Lowering her legs finally, they kissed gently under the rising steam.

He brushed the tips of his fingers down her spine, marveling in the way her skin felt against his fingertips. “I knew you’d enjoy this place.”

“Absolutely perfect,” she breathed, and narrowed her eyes.

“What?” Grinning, he nipped her earlobe.

“Who are you really, Brandon? How do you know me?” Shannon pressed the wisps of wet hair from against his cheeks and brushed a single kiss across his swollen lips.

“I am simply a man who knows a stunning creature when I find her. I already care for you.” Dear god, she was cluing in. He was such a fool.

Wrinkling her brow, she eased back and smiled. “I heard what you said to me. Was that the heat of passion or something else?”

Brandon wasn’t ready to tell her everything just yet, even though every part of him knew what he was doing was nothing short of betrayal. “If it’s all right with you, I would just like to enjoy tonight in this beautiful place with you. We’ll talk later, I promise.” He slid his hands down her lithe back to cup her buttocks, giving her a playful look. “Besides, Kyle and I have other surprises for you.”

She laughed. “I’m not sure I can take much more.”

He eased back from her and grabbed her hand. “You obviously realize this place is a bit kinky. Do you trust me? Can you trust Kyle?”

“Depends on what you have in mind.”

“Hmmm… I think you might enjoy a touch of the erotic. Am I correct?”

Shannon nibbled on her bottom lip and sighed. “I’m a bit curious, yes, but I’ve honestly not done anything but so kinky. My last lover was adventurous only to a point.”

“What do you enjoy?” Brandon knew his father’s tastes as he’d seen them many times. The fact he’d not shared all of them with Shannon surprised him. “If you don’t trust us, I don’t want to continue. Trust is the most important aspect of enjoying a taste of BDSM. Do you understand?”

Shannon nodded and inhaled deeply. “I do. I trust you both.”

“If there’s anything that makes you uncomfortable, will you promise to tell me?” Brandon pressed his thumb across the seam of her mouth.

Kissing the tip gently, she sighed. “I promise.”

“Good, so about those fantasies…” Brandon grinned.

“Oh no, we’re not at the point of telling all our naughty secrets.”

Her smile mischievous and touch lascivious, he laughed. “Fair enough. Then allow Kyle and me to show you off and in turn give you nothing more than a taste of what this place has to offer.”

She eased back and bit his lip playfully. “I’ll play along. However, I seem to be all wet and a bit salty, and definitely not presentable.”

“Oh, we can take care of that.” Brandon drew her in for a lengthy kiss, his tongue pressing past her lips as he dragged her toward the edge of the lagoon. He’d enjoy the entire wicked tryst, keeping her as his prisoner of sorts for the night and then he would have to tell her the truth. Scooping her naked body into his arms, he climbed out of the shallow pool and glided toward their hideaway. “Tonight, my lady, I shall give you every desire that you have ever wanted, and then in the morning we shall begin again.”

She leaned her head against his shoulder as a single hoarse breath escaped her lips. “I think I could get used to this type of treatment and with you.”


Shannon glared at her reflection, making faces before exhaling. “What have you gotten yourself into, girl?” The wide-eyed girl staring back at her couldn’t belong to the sad woman who’d escaped to the island only days before. The sparkling glow startled her and the way her eyes were dancing back and forth from amusement shocked her. “Okay, so you look hot. Sultry. Wicked.” Her laugh trailed through the oversized bathroom. The boys spared no expense in trying to seduce her. Still wary of why, she couldn’t help but be impressed.

A slight nagging remained in the back of her mind, a curiosity as to how Brandon seemed to know her. After searching her memory banks she hadn’t been able to figure out where or if she’d seen him somewhere before.

The mystery would remain, if even for a little while longer.

She slid her hand down her neck to the edge of the crimson lace bra and shivered. She loved lingerie, and especially something as beautiful and sinful as the little pieces she was wearing. The matching thong fit her perfectly, and while she was impressed that Brandon had known her size, she wasn’t necessarily surprised. There was something about the man she was missing. There was also something about him that moistened her panties and hardened her nipples with a single thought of him. Slipping on the matching scarlet slip of a dress, she laughed softly to herself. There was really little more to the dress than bits to cover up the naughties, but it certainly added to the drama of whatever the boys were planning.

The suite was beautiful and well-adorned with an ornate king-size canopy bed, fireplace, and bear skin rug, and she couldn’t help but imagine the three of them together, wrapped in each other’s arms as the heat of passion took them to new heights of pleasure. As she feathered her hand across the silky dress, she allowed herself one precious moment of wondering if she could have a future with Brandon.

“Get it out of your system, girl. Not only is he probably half your age, but he’s from New Zealand.” Saying the words out loud was enough to make her roll her eyes. Talk about jumping the gun.

Besides, hopping a plane would prove to be expensive. However, there was no doubt the golden-haired hunk had awakened the hunger and the desire for a man, and for that she would always be eternally grateful. Now it was time to enjoy whatever wicked games they had in store. Reality would set in soon enough. She was daring to be bold and just a touch bodacious, and the truly nefarious thought gave her a smile. Maybe that wicked little girl she thought dead was roaring back to life. She tipped the waiting glass of cabernet in appreciation and in acceptance of whatever the remainder of the night would bring. Shannon Myers was alive and ready for something a bit out of the ordinary.

The single knock on the door meant the boys were ready for her. The question remained, was she ready for them? She took a sip that turned into a gulp, eased the crystal glass to the table and tossed her hair over her shoulders.

The moment she opened the door, she stood stunned. “My. My. You’re both handsome. Stunning.” She certainly had other thoughts floating in the back of her mind.

The two godlike creatures were dressed in all black, with body-sculpting leather pants and shimmering silk shirts. They also both wore a mischievous grin, along with throbbing cocks beating into the tight material of their pants.

“The lady has a way with words,” Brandon said, his eyes settling on her breasts.

Shannon couldn’t help but lick her lips in appreciation. “Easy to appreciate masculine and very muscular men. However, the outfits are a bit over the top.”

“Well, you are gorgeous, and remember, tonight is all about fantasy,” Kyle stated grabbing her arm, jerking her to his chest and wrapping his hand around her waist. The kiss feral, he held her with a tight hold as they explored the darkest reaches of their mouths, their tongues darting and tasting.

Shannon shivered from the power of Kyle’s hands until Brandon hovered behind her pressing kisses across her shoulder. The reaction was instantaneous. Her pussy muscles clenched with continued need as the wafting of her musky scent fueled the juices that tricked past the thin elastic. Already overheated to the point that her legs quivered in raw anticipation, a single whimper escaped her lips past the amazing kiss.

“With a reaction like that, ataahua, we might not leave this room,” Brandon whispered.

Kyle broke the kiss and glanced at Brandon, his eyes almost wolfish. “Oh, no, you don’t. The festivities are ready to start, and we are going to enjoy. Tonight is ours. We leave reality at the door.” Kyle took her hand, brushing his lips across her palm and gripping it tightly. “Come, our beauty, let us show you around and allow your imagination to wander.”

His gravelly voice was filled with a touch of danger, sending a sliver of fear racing down her spine. She thought about Amy’s original question as well as Brandon’s. Did she trust them? Could she enjoy all her pent-up desires? Perhaps against her better judgment she did trust them implicitly. Shannon looped her arm around Brandon’s and allowed them to guide her down the long art filed hallway toward a massive set of double doors.

“Before we go in, I want to reiterate that if there’s anything that bothers you, we’ll stop. All you have to do is tell us, okay?” Brandon whispered as his tongue darted out to place a single lick across her lips. “I want you to tell me a safe word and the minute you say it, everything stops.”

Shannon swallowed hard and realized the club and the event was serious. “Porcupine.”

Brandon chuckled. “Then ‘porcupine’ it is. Are you ready?”

Shannon nodded. While fear sent doubt into her brain, the craving to experience something completely out of her comfort zone overshadowed all her remaining inhibitions. She’d spent night after night writing in her diary about all the kinky acts she hungered to try but had been too terrified to initiate with any man. There were times she yearned to be tied and taken roughly by more than one man and spanked as the bad little girl she knew herself to be. The longing to be a submissive remained with her, and somehow, even as brash and bold Randolph had been, he’d never even considered playing the scene. The event in the canopy had awakened her own needs and she craved more.

The irony that Randolph had held back, always dominating but never truly adventurous, burned her to this day. What a fool she’d been.

Finding the DVDs of Randolph’s escapades with several women when Shannon packed her things to leave his house and his life had been the last straw. Instinct told her that he wanted her as the trophy wife. She was to be a prim and proper girl to have on his arm during all his little social events he was required to attend, and nothing more. While the startling find had hurt her like hell, it had also been an empowering eye-opener. Shannon had pitched the damning movies in his face, laughing for real for the first time since catching Randolph with the Barbie doll wannabe and walked out the door and his life without looking back.

Yet tears had racked her body for months. Until now.

“You sure you’re okay?” Brandon asked his eyes full of concern.

“Oh, I’m very sure. Show me. Show me what you both want me to see. Teach me what I need to be taught. I’m yours for the night.”

Kyle nodded to Brandon who led her through the doorway. “You won’t regret it, baby.”

Her eyes opened wide as they entered the large space. The almost ballroom-sized space was filled with people dressed in various states of attire, from costumes bordering on raunchy to the finest lace, the most expensive satins. The conversation seemed lively, the activities very erotic, and the music sultry. Bartenders were everywhere serving drinks, and no one paid any attention as they walked toward the main bar. Every man and woman were consumed in his or her own vicarious hungers.

“Oh, my.” She studied the area, drinking in the atmosphere and she realized this could be a page out of her diary.

“What do you see?” Brandon whispered.

“I see the beginnings of a party, perhaps?”

Of course she knew better. This was a sexual event unlike anything she’d experienced or even seen before and the uninhibited erotic vibes flowed through the large space. The people were various ages, but there was no doubt in her mind what they were all there for discipline as well as sex. Blatant, incredible sex. The kind she could only imagine about in her nightly use with her pink rabbit vibrator. Her sultry gaze traveled the entire room. The crowd was so jazzed that they could barely keep their hands off of each other.

There were even various spanking stations and she found herself walking closer. Women in various levels of undress were tied to different apparatuses, their wrists and ankles shackled, their Masters standing behind them, doling out appropriate punishments.

Just hearing the implements as they were cracked across naked skin gave her a series of quivers. She held her hand over her mouth, fighting a moan. She wanted to be bound and flogged. Dozens of people surrounded the couples, watching, even commenting.

“What do you think?” Brandon asked as he rubbed her arm, remaining close.

“Fascinating,” she managed.

Kyle brushed the hair back from her face. “I prefer privacy, I must admit.”

She nodded, uncertain of how she would react. “This is utterly fascinating.”

Kyle chuckled. “They only open the doors here at eleven so that no one consumes too much alcohol. Playtime and intoxication are a dangerous combination. From what we’ve been told, this is nothing more than a staging area before the stroke of midnight.”

“And what happens then?” Shannon whispered the question as the bartender nodded and handed them tall flutes of golden champagne.

“All things wondrous happen at midnight. You know that,” Kyle purred, his rumbling voice dripping with longing.

“All things wicked happen at midnight,” Brandon added as his hot breath trickled into her ear.

The shameless words were nothing more than a promise of what was to come, and as her nipples ached from need, she stole a quick glance at her watch realizing every part of her body was shaking. It was a quarter of the witching hour. What in the world was going to happen then? Shannon cocked her head and glanced into Brandon’s eyes. Whatever was in store for them, he wasn’t going to let her in on the secret.

Sipping her champagne, Shannon’s nerves seemed to match the increasing libidos of the guests. Everyone was clearly in a frenzied state as the hour drew near, desperately in need of what was to happen. Brandon kept his hand on her back while Kyle scoped the area with his eyes. Her two lovers were so different. Kyle was the epitome of “rode hard and put away wet” and Brandon was gentle and refined, yet he reeked of the ultimate in sensuality. The combination was dangerous indeed. She grew more nervous with each passing second. Her nipples scraped against the lacy bra with every move she made, sending electric jolts of hunger racing into her pussy. She was soaking wet and horny as hell. Her mouth dry, she finished her first glass of champagne before they’d taken three sips.

They said nothing until a large grandfather clock struck midnight. The reverberating sounds of the strike matched her pulse and she jumped with every clang of brass against brass.

“Now the fun begins, ataahua.” Brandon pulled her directly against his cock, rubbing the throbbing shaft back and forth across her ass.

With her curiosity peaking, Shannon watched as groups of people left the room in what seemed to be an orchestrated pattern. Several watchful hosts stood close to the doors to guide. They remained standing until almost everyone had left the room. She was so utterly parched that words would barely leave her mouth. “Where… where are we going?”

Kyle slid his hand down the nape of her neck to the swell of her breasts, easing a single finger past the sensuous material of her dress and bra to pinch her nipple roughly. “You’re going to see what they have to offer before we go to our assigned location. Since you’re new to the BDSM scene, we want you to see what they offer, but I assure you what we have in mind for our playtime is more sensual in nature.”

“Assigned?” She breathed as a slice of pain fluttered straight into her quivering pussy. The men knew how to turn her into a melting pot of desire with a single touch. Whimpering, she gazed into Brandon’s rich cocoa eyes that sparkled from what she assumed were sinful thoughts. It was as if she was looking into a pool of lust.

“Curious?” Brandon nipped her ear.

“Yes.” Dear god, she was.

“Hungry?” Kyle pinched her nipple more harshly and gathered her breast into his massive hand, fondling and caressing.


“Then you’ll have what you desire.” Brandon guided her toward the set of double doors at the end of the hallway.

Shannon gulped and closed her eyes, embracing what was to be. Her lascivious lovers kept her waiting in the wings for several minutes as they teased and tempted her body to the point that every nerve ending was crackling with the fire that burned in her belly. By the time they led her to the first doorway that catered to every erotic fantasy, she was panting from the level of desire that raged within her.

“Take a look, ataahua, and tell me what you see.”

The first room was filled with men and women succumbing to the pleasures of discipline and release. Shannon watched the myriad of men and women already enjoying the oncoming ecstasy from watching the performers. The moans and whimpers were real as the taskmasters disciplined their submissives roaring their acquiescence of passion. The “X” cross was something she had read about many times and craved secretly.

“Ownership.” She only whispered the single word, remembering the day Randolph had discussed ownership with her. Only his thoughts had been about keeping her under his thumb. His words? “For protection.” She’d bought into every lie.

“Yes. Is this something you’d like? Would you like to be owned by a strong man who introduces you to the art of domination and submission?” Brandon slid his arm around her waist, pulling her close into his body. “Do you long to be spanked like a bad little girl before I ravage your body?”

Shannon held her breath and gazed in fascination as the audience applauded their approval, each guest relishing in the wicked form of entertainment. For a moment she envisioned herself on the very cross while others watched as Brandon wielded the riding crop in a similar manner, giving hard and fast strikes across her backside until she screamed from the pleasure. Her vision suddenly clouded, she bit her lower lip as her body shook. Excitement surged through her, forcing her pulse into overdrive.

Then she thought about the single brutal spanking she’d received from Randolph when she’d challenged him, simply asking questions about a business trip. She’d learned the hard way the she was never to second-guess him.

“Are you all right, beauty?” Kyle asked as he kissed her flushed cheek.

This wasn’t the same. These two men were not Randolph. She could feel safe and secure, trusting they’d never allow anything to happen to her that she wasn’t ready for. She could barely nod as the mesmerizing view of bodies sizzling in their erotic actions fueled her senses, causing her blood to sizzle. For a moment she thought she was going to pass out.

“You desire a man to fulfill all your erotic needs, kikino kotiro? Do you crave one that will share all your wildest fantasies? Do you hunger for one that knows your inner secrets?” Brandon prodded.

Naughty girl? Oh, he had no idea just how truly wicked she felt at that moment. Brandon’s whispers sent electric surges shimmering across her body. Shannon had said so many things like that to Randolph during their time together and he never seemed to care, so she’d stopped trying during the last year. Now this marvelous creation of a man who was stunning in body and willing of mind was determined to give her every moment she’d fantasized about for years. She swallowed hard and turned to face him, drawing his face down toward hers. “Tell me, who are you? My naughty fairy, or perhaps a vampire in disguise? Why are you so wonderful to me?”

Kyle laughed. “She’s onto us, brother.”

“A smart lady,” Brandon added.

“I’m serious. Every aspect of the time we’ve spent together has been perfect.”

“Well, then I choose vampire, and, in truth, plan on draining you of all your sweet juices.” As Brandon gathered her into his arms, he tipped her head and crushed her mouth with his, easing his tongue past her lips to taste and tease her. Brandon slid his hand down the length of her back slowly as he ground his hips into hers, his cock pressing into her belly.

Every part of her body quivered from the passion that roared, and for a moment Shannon wanted to join in the lascivious games. While she heard Kyle’s soft whispers of love and lust feathering across her shoulders, she only had eyes for Brandon. When she finally moved back, their lips remained touching as her hand fluttered over his heart. The ragged thumping matched her own. She darted her tongue out to taste the remnants of champagne and shivered. “Why?”

“Because you’ve been in my dreams my entire life.”

A single tear welled in the corner of her eye, and as she blinked it away furiously she smiled, pushing away the raw emotion. Nothing was making any sense, but she was determined to leave the past behind. “What else do you have to show me?”

Brandon grinned and brushed a single kiss across her lips before pulling back. “Just a couple more rooms to view, to enjoy.”

Kyle took her arm and together they glided down the hall. “Atanga.”

“Gorgeous? Me?” She smiled sheepishly, remembering the days that Randolph had called her that while they made love.

“I see there’s little I can get by you,” Kyle said.

“She knows too many things about our culture.” Brandon nodded as they walked into the next room.

Nodding slowly, she brushed her hand across his cheek and smiled. “I know enough to know you both are incorrigible.”

“Then look, our woman, at the magic,” Brandon whispered as he directed her attention inside the second location.

Shannon pushed the intense thoughts aside and purred as the entire picture of the titillating orgy unfolded. Somehow the promiscuous scene caught her off guard. Not only were there obvious performers in their brightly decorated masks, but also the guests were enjoying a taste of each other and of the staff. Fascinated, she watched with a mixture of awe and a hint of fear as four very large men surrounded a raven-haired beauty. On her knees, she straddled one while a second fucked her from behind in the ass. The other two stood in front, alternating pushing their cocks in her mouth.

Brandon seemed to notice her hesitation. “Does this bother you?”

“No! No… it’s very sexy.” Shannon tried to figure out where this was going. Were they trying to seduce her into a lifestyle of decadence? Were they trying to shock her into admittance of her cravings? While unsure, she noticed both men were watching her every move, captivated by her slightest gestures. Almost hypnotized by the scandalous action, she shivered as the scent of sex permeated the room even through the perfume of dozens of candles. Their warm glow cast a shadowed haze across the naked bodies as mouths hovered over breasts, sucking roughly, and tongues lapped at pussies in an almost savage fashion. Shannon became drawn to the blatant acts, but the overpowering scene forced her back into Brandon’s arms.

“Are you hungry enough yet for what we’re offering you? Are you willing to accept the sheer ecstasy that you’ll be given?” Brandon whispered as he lowered his head to breath across the silky slick of her neck.

“Are you ready for our room and the wicked adventure that lies directly behind one single door?” Kyle asked quietly.

Shannon swallowed hard. In truth, now she was unsure. “I think so.”

As she gazed back and forth across their faces, a knowing look passed between the men. Oh, their incredible plans were naughty indeed. As they guided her silently down a long hallway, the sensuous fragrance of night blooming jasmine and gardenias, along with the warming scents of vanilla and cinnamon, calmed her nerves, enriching the risqué experience.

“Do you like?” Brandon asked, leading her toward the bearskin rug and sultry red velvet couch that was positioned strategically in front of a long bank of pillows.

Shannon shuddered as she realized it was a staged set for something very erotic. Kinky


The soft strains of an acoustic guitar filled the room from nowhere and yet everywhere with the most sensuous sounds she’d heard in a long time. Haunting and deliberate in their vibes, she shivered as they walked her to the couch.

“You must trust us to enjoy. Can you do that?” Brandon asked quietly.

The “trust” word again, and, while she hesitated, there was no doubt. Was she a fool once again? “I do trust both of you completely. But I need you to be honest with me. What’s going to happen?”

“Fantasy.” Kyle inched her dress up her thighs, his fingers brushing across their shimmering heat in a lazy fashion. He leaned over and kissed her lips before he jerked her dress off in one motion, pitching the material to the side. “You’ll not need this any longer.”

Shannon gasped at the brazen action and the breeze that fluttered across her flushed skin.

Brandon eased onto the couch and drew her down onto his lap, wrapping his hands around her hips. “My, you’re a hungry little girl. You’ll enjoy the show my love.”

Movement caught her eye. As she gazed at the three men and two women who were masked and wearing only tiny slips of pure white silk, she shuddered. They stood in various stages of erotic poses, allowing her to view the beginnings of their dance. Slowly they began moved around the trio, inviting them to join yet keeping their distance. Remaining silent, they shimmied to the intensifying beat of the drums, and with each sinful move she blinked, understanding exactly what she was seeing. The realization stunned her. This was something straight out of a poem she’d written so many years before and one she had never told anyone about. How in bloody hell did Brandon know this was her ultimate fantasy?

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