Untie Me by Dakotah Black – Chapter One

Chapter One

“Shameless hussy!”

Callie Bennett heard the nasty remark coming from one of the two cowboys strutting by her and resisted giving them both the finger. She was a lady after all. She licked her lips and blew them a kiss, something a proud Texan girl should do. Chuckling to herself, she couldn’t help but smile. They certainly didn’t know her pappy very well. He might be a well-to-do businessman around the great state, but he taught his only child more than a thing or two about guns, hunting, ropin’ and ridin’. Sadly, now that he wanted grandchildren he’d changed his tune. Time to settle down princess, find a husband. Not in this town. She huffed as they gave her another nasty look. She was a challenge to their manhood after all, especially given her rather interesting talents.

“Skedaddle, both of you little boys.” The girl’s tone of voice held mischief.

Callie loved her best gal pal and coming out for the night was a good idea after all, even if she was getting nothing but terse looks in the seemingly all boy’s club. Nikki Prince had moxie. Together the two girls were shameless.

The cowboy turned and beckoned. “Bring it. If. You. Dare.”

“Don’t even try, little boys!” Nikki huffed. “The nerve of men.”

Callie glanced at the rather tough looking cowboy sitting at the bar and couldn’t resist teasing him. Ricky was cute, in a rode hard and put away wet kind of way. “You know, I’ll bet I can finish the three shots of tequila before you can say bite me.” Licking her ruby stained lips, she gave the happy go lucky man a sinful grin. She knew how to handle the men in the honky-tonk bar better than most.

A rough and tumble gal, she had a reputation for taking no shit from anyone, especially the cowboy wannabes who frequented the local establishments. She winked at her best friend, who promptly rolled her eyes. Nikki loved and nurtured Callie’s challenging behavior, usually giving equal guff. Somehow, she had a feeling she’d be getting her usual lecture about how to treat the cowboys in town.

“You’re really gonna bet me, little lady? How about we just arm wrestle instead?” Ricky gave her a toothy grin as he leered at her, his eyes settling on her cleavage.

“I’m game,” Callie purred as she placed her elbow on top of the bar. “Just be prepared to lose more than your shirt.”

“Oh, the feisty woman thinks she can best me, huh?” Ricky reared back, giving her a heated once over.

“No, you don’t,” Nikki said through clenched teeth as she wrapped her hand around Callie’s arm.

“And why not?” Callie demanded. This was new.

Ricky snorted. “Cause she knows you’re a filly and can’t handle the likes of me.”

“The likes of you?” Callie huffed and thrust out her arm further.

“You know, a real man.”

She opened her mouth to issue a smart reply then noticed Nikki wagging her finger. “What?”

“Remember tomorrow, as in you need your arm?” Nikki whispered, her eyes flashing.

Wrinkling her nose, Callie groaned. “Oh, that.” She rarely held back but Nikki had a point.

“Oh, that? Isn’t the festive event something you’ve been pining away for since God knows when?” Her smile saccharin sweet, Nikki pushed Callie’s drink in her direction. “Have another drink and relax.”

“I see. You know she’s really chicken,” he retorted and pursed his lips. “Women are only good for one thing anyway.” Ricky took a long pull on his bottled beer.

“One thing?” Callie snapped and gave him a harsh glare, more than prepared to give him a piece of her mind, maybe a round of bodily harm.

“Ricky, I’d watch out for Ms. Tigress here. She scratches and bites, and given what I know about her, she’s most likely rabid.”

“Rabid?” Callie huffed and the moment she turned to snarl at the mystery man, she almost melted into the stiff leather barstool. Mr. Dreamy Eyes was her number one nemesis. Damn if he wasn’t killer good looking with ice blue eyes, sun kissed blond hair and a body that rivaled any man on the range or a modeling circuit. Zane Shepard had everything including money, talent and clout. And the jerk-off knew how hot he was and the kind of effect he had on women too. She didn’t just hate him for his over the top arrogance. She loathed him for his skills on the rodeo circuit. The rope ‘em and ride ‘em star was the number one rider to beat, something she was determined to do. Then there was the single night they’d almost had an intimate tryst. Everything had been like oil and vinegar since the dubious night.

Ricky chuckled. “I think you might be right about that.”

Zane raised his eyebrow and patted Ricky on the back. “You know how we handle wild dogs in our neck of the woods don’t you, Ricky?”

“Mmm… Why don’t you tell me?” Ricky darted a glance at Zane, his eyes twinkling.

“We rope them, cage them, train them and use them to our heart’s desire,” Zane said casually, his voice deepening.

Callie gave him her sweetest butter-wouldn’t-melt-in-your-mouth smile as she slid off the bar stool and inched closer, hearing Nikki sucking in her breath behind her. She absently brushed the tip of her finger up and down the deep cleavage, the one showing every red-blooded male exactly what God had given her, and pursed her lips. “What’s your name again, Zippy or Zeus? No, that would be the name of an actual real man, not the geeky looking guy standing in front of me.”

Zane stood his ground but his eyes flashed fury for a mere instant.

“Aww, cat got your tongue?” Swishing her hips, she closed the distance until she was close enough to inhale the ultra-sexy scent of his cologne mixing with adrenaline laced testosterone. She was almost drunk on the fragrance.

“Quite the contrary. Merely waiting for you to make a bigger fool out of yourself,” Zane countered.

“Asshole,” Nikki exclaimed.

“Don’t worry. I can handle Mr. Haughty.” Callie allowed the tip of her finger to travel down from the middle of his chest to just above his thick leather belt, her eyes following her finger. “Besides, he’s just a little bitty boy.” For a split second her hand dropped a few inches and she giggled.

Ricky coughed, beer erupting past his lips. “Shit! Ballbuster.”

“It’s called a bitch.” Zane growled.

“And you’re a flaming asshole,” Callie snapped.


That was all Callie could take. No man called her the ‘C’ word. In a flash, she raised her hand to slap him, but Zane was too quick, wrapping his fingers around her wrist.

“Don’t try it, sweetheart.” Grinning, Zane yanked her against his chest.

“Looks like a match made in heaven,” Ricky struggled to say.

“Mr. Macho doesn’t have the goods to keep me occupied.” Callie was proud of herself for keeping her cool. That is until the electricity sparked between them and beads of perspiration trickled down her neck. She fought the moan that threatened to escape, giving her hot and wet condition away. She’d only been this up close and personal with the man who filled her nightly fantasies once and was having trouble breathing, let alone thinking clearly. He was just about the most delicious creature on the face of the earth, but caustic was his middle name.

Zane shook his head. “You’re going to have to learn never to challenge me unless you’re prepared for the consequences. And I know you, Callie. You don’t have what it takes.” The words drawn out, he gave her an all-knowing look, one screaming intimacy.

Before she had a chance to string together a nasty comeback, Zane crushed her mouth, instantly slipping his tongue inside. She was shocked to the core, but not just because of his abhorrent behavior. Her body was tingling, her pussy clenching and in a split second the scent of her raging desire wafted between then, perhaps all throughout the bar, screaming how much she wanted the rugged cowboy.

“My, oh, my,” Nikki breathed.

“That’s the way to take what you want,” Ricky added.

Zane slid his arm around her waist, rubbing up and down as he arched her back, the kiss becoming more passionate.

Callie moaned into the kiss as goose bumps appeared on every inch of her skin. The moment of passion was off the charts and for a few blissful seconds there was no one else in the room. Her nipples became hard, the buds scraping against the thin lace of her bra. She couldn’t get the thought of dropping to her knees, wrapping her hand around the base of his cock and giving him a blow job like he’d never had before, one that she’d started on an infamous night. She’d be happy to do so right here, in the middle of the crowded bar with all the patrons cheering them on. The spunky group certainly did appreciate sinful entertainment. That she knew from spending many a night in the wild bar. She longed to scream take me, use me, but knew that wouldn’t bode well.

Zane pulled her tighter against his body, shifting his groin back and forth. He slid his hand down her back to her ass, cupping and squeezing, his fingers digging into her.

Hot all over, she blinked and realized she could no longer focus. The feel of his cock, stiff and throbbing, knowing he wanted her, craved her, was scintillating. Yes, this man was hot for her and she’d be happy to submit to him. The thought gave her another series of shivers. Submit. Every dream, every wild fantasy had been about his domination of her. Months of longing. Nights of using toys. Jesus, she wanted him bad.

He shifted and pressed his groin into her belly, grunts slipping past his lips. Their tongues entwined, and he explored the deep recesses of her mouth.


“That’s hot,” Nikki said nervously.

“Bartender, another beer,” Ricky mumbled.

The moment his other hand crawled down to the hem of her skirt, lifting slowly, his fingers brushing against her skin, she trembled. What if he threw her across the bar, ripped off her crimson thong and shoved his dick deep inside? What if he took her hard, driving in and out as every man and woman chanted.

Do it. Do it. Do it.

When he broke the kiss forcefully, she stumbled backwards, gasping for air.

He grabbed her wrist before she had a chance to react, pulling her over his knee. “Bad girls deserve hard spankings.”

“What are you doing?” Callie demanded.

“Giving you exactly what you deserve.”

Smack! Pop!


“Yes, sweetheart.”

Crack! Pop!

He growled as he pinned her arm behind her back.

Smack! Pop!

She was mortified, ready to rip his head off. But there was something else. She was thrilled with his level of control.

Whap! Crack!

The crowd moved closer.

She closed her eyes, whimpering.

Smack! Pop! Crack!

“I will so kill you,” she managed.

Slap! Pop!

When he yanked her to a standing position, he smiled. “Not gonna happen.”

Her eyes narrowing, she was ready to spew nasty retorts, threats.

Chuckling darkly, Zane held up his finger. “You’re going to have to learn not to play with something you can’t handle. Fire does burn. Wanton women, who have no idea what they’re doing, need to keep that in mind.” Blowing her a kiss, he nodded to the others, seconds before he walked off, the heels of his cowboy boots clipping against the tile floor.

Nikki flanked her side, her jaw slack. “Whew, is all I can say. That man can kiss. And spank.”

Blinking furiously, Callie held her breath and couldn’t take her eyes off his tight ass. “Shit.” This was insane. This was embarrassing. This was… amazing.

“Uh-huh. Round one the cowboy,” Nikki whistled as she took another step forward, licking her lips. “Honey, if you don’t want that man, I do. He’s one hot dude.”

“Thanks for the vote of confidence for your best friend!” And you can’t have him. I plan on riding him like a wild stallion. Her deep yearning and thoughts startled her. Callie knew she’d never live this one down. Zane had done this on purpose and it wasn’t all about the misguided night. He thought he could best her another way. Damn him! She rose onto her tiptoes and watched every move he made as he headed for a table full of men. “Freaking fantastic.”

“Umm… I think I like that boy,” Nikki breathed and shook her head.

Callie gave her a nasty look before studying the men at the far table. They were all cowboys and, from what she could tell, ones who would be participating in the rodeo event tomorrow. Now, she was going to be the laughing stock of the entire event. “Damn. Damn. Damn.” On top of it all, she was going to have to go up against Zane’s best friend. Another man who was particularly tasty. Jess Thomas was also a damn good rider and one hot cowboy. The day was going to be testy for all of them. The thought of a sandwich cookie entered her mind. Whew. It had been a long time since she’d had sex of any kind. And the entire collection of vibrators was getting old.

“You have to say, he’s a hottie,” Nikki purred. “He seems to be awfully interested in you too. Is there something you need to tell me, girlfriend?”



“He’s a freaking asshole who thinks he’s all that and a bag of chips.” Callie was swooning, perspiration trickling down the back of her neck. Zane was the epitome of a perfect all-consuming dominating man. And she was more than ready to submit. Too bad they hated each other.

Nikki patted her arm. “Yep. I think you’re in love.”


“Well, that was an interesting display.”

Zane shot his buddy a look as he sat down at the table. Jess Thomas didn’t miss much. “You saw that?”

“The entire bar saw that, geez. I never knew you were such a hot kisser,” Jess teased as he raised his beer bottle.

“Very funny.”

“Isn’t he a good kisser, boys?” Looking around the table of men, Jess’ eyes were full of mischief.

“Oh, baby.”

“Sexy man.”

“I could so do ya. Not!”

The men laughed, and Zane felt the heat rising on his face. “You guys are a riot. Take it to the comic strip at Vegas, why don’t ya?”

Jess shook his head and leaned over so that only Zane could hear. “You’ve been craving that woman for some time now. Why don’t you just ask her out again? I have no idea why you didn’t keep dating her in the first place.”

“I have my reasons,” Zane stated as he glanced at the raving beauty.

“You know, I was thinking, maybe we could share her, just once.” Jess’ eyes twinkled.

“What? Are you kidding me?” Zane scoffed. Granted, they’d shared more than one woman together over their years of friendship, even garnering a very interesting bad boy moniker years ago. That was before Jess had fallen head over in heels in love with a tramp. He snarled just thinking about the ruthless woman who’d taken so much away from Jess.

“No. It’s called dating and while I realize you probably have never been involved in such an activity before, there are books that might be able to help you out. If not, I’ll be your teacher. You know I’ll make certain you know which parts fit where.”

The men at the table laughed. “I think he has your number, Zane.”

“Thanks so much for the vote of confidence, Bart.” Zane swallowed hard and fiddled with his beer bottle.

“Seriously, I think we could tie that woman up, teach her a thing or two about manners and have our way with her. What do you think, partner?” Jess grinned.

It was good to see his buddy kidding again. In truth, if Callie could get him out of his funk, he’d snag an entire cheerleading team to strip and play with them. “She’s not worth it.”

“Uh-huh.” Jess grinned at Bart who shrugged.

Hissing, Zane couldn’t resist looking toward the bar. Of course, Jess was right about the way he’d longed to taste the sassy redhead, but she infuriated him and always had. From her haughty attitude and brassy personality, always pushing hard against everything, she remained a tough one to figure out. From the very minute they met they’d sparred. That was an understatement. He grabbed his bottle of beer and took a gulp as he watched her laughing and taking shot after shot of some liquor. She was definitely showing off. He forced himself to look away. Nothing good could come of any kind of relationship with Callie. “You know damn good and well that woman is bad news.”

“In what language and what country?” Jess asked as he ribbed Zane. “Seriously, what do you have against the girl? She’s beautiful and has a body like few other women I’ve run into. I’d do her in a heartbeat, lick her skin and drive my cock into that sweet pussy without a second thought. Mmm… Then I’d turn her over and shove my dick deep into her tight ass. Yes, I would.”

Zane glanced at him and realized he had a twinge of jealousy. Wow. This he hadn’t expected. In all the years of sharing there had never been any competition. They found a woman, fucked her a few times and moved on. Maybe they were both getting older. Maybe Zane was ready to settle down. Could the feisty and ultra-sexy Callie be the girl? Maybe… Shit! Maybe he needed a freaking CAT scan. What was he thinking? “Well, I’m not going to fuck any woman right now given the rodeo event and you aren’t either. You’ve got to concentrate tomorrow, and you know it.”

“And you don’t? My God, you’re in nasty mood.”

“Let’s just say that horrific tumble you took in the last event has you down in the ranks and you need support. And I’m not in a nasty mood!” Zane heard the edge in his voice.

“Oh…” The three other men exclaimed.

“The man needs a head slap,” Bart added.

“Don’t start with me.” Zane pointed his finger at them.

“Wouldn’t start, daddy-o,” the bald-headed man snorted.

Zane glared at Bart. Everyone was on edge lately because this was the last huge event, one that fulfilled promises of money and travel all across the country and to Europe. Everyone who was anyone would stab the next guy in the back for a coveted spot. The money was killer, and Zane knew Jess needed an influx of capital soon or he might lose his house. He refused to think negatively. This was going to be exactly what Jess needed to yank him out of his funk.

“Zane, it was one rodeo event,” Jess insisted. “I’m a top seed so stop being so damn worried.”

“Not according to the gamblers up and down the West Coast.” Zane had heard a play by play of what they were saying about Jess. The man wasn’t washed up at all, just in a slump. They’d all been there before and dug their way out. This was just a blip in the system. If he could get Jess to concentrate the man would be a star again. He exhaled and realized their time in the big leagues was on the downward turn. This could be the last big event of their careers.

“You’re betting on me now?” Jess leaned over the table. “He’s betting on my performance, boys.”

Bart shrugged. “Jack and Steve bet on you the last two competitions and they lost big. Me, I’m a smart man. My money is on the little woman.”

“What? Are you kidding me?” Jess seemed incensed.

Zane raised his eyebrows. Jess really didn’t know how low his rankings had dipped. The next day was pretty much all or nothing. “Not me either, but this is the hottest rodeo circuit and everyone who’s anyone is jockeying for the last spots. You have to step up your game tomorrow. From what I hear the competition is going to be fierce.”

Jess polished off his beer and tapped the table. “Then we need to get some sleep. Especially given I’ve heard Callie Bennett managed to secure a spot in tryouts tomorrow.”

“What?” He knew he hadn’t heard his buddy right. “What did you say?”

“I thought you’d like to know before tomorrow. I know she’s been riding on opposing teams, gaining some experience, but she’s got her sights set on joining the ranks of the elite, meaning us.”

“Well, there’s no way she can make it,” Zane scoffed.

“She’s got talent.”

“She’s a woman.”

Bursting out laughing, Jess rose to his feet. “Since when did you become a throwback to the nineteen fifties? Come on. She’s worked hard to get where she has and whether or not you like it, that lady is a threat tomorrow.”

“Not a chance in hell she can win a seat. Not a snowball’s chance in Hell.”

“I’ll take bets she’ll be a real competitor. Besides, she’s racked up four wins in the last three months. Four. Do you know what that means?”

Zane knew. Without a doubt, he knew. “Doesn’t she have a regular job and like Daddy’s money or something?”

“From what I hear Callie is her own woman, refusing to take any of Daddy’s money. You have to applaud a woman like that.” Jess glanced in her direction. “Beauty, brains and talent for the rodeo. What a deadly combination.”

“That’s all bull and she’s going down hard, the bitch,” Zane grumbled.

“Unbelievable. I’ll see you tomorrow and you might want to wipe the drool off your face before the competition.”

He heard Jess laughing all the way to the bar and cringed when he said hello to the brazen enemy. Slumping in his seat he groaned and twirled the beer bottle. Since when did the most gorgeous girl on the planet become his enemy? He clenched his eyes shut and imagined her naked, her luscious body waiting in anticipation for his arrival, his control, servicing every desire. He wanted nothing more than to tie her down, spank her, control her. No, he wanted to own her and had for so long. He could sense her needs, her desires to be dominated. He knew it as innately as he did his own. His cock swelled, pushing hard against his tight jeans and he was about as uncomfortable as he’d ever been. Damn, he had it bad for the woman.


Callie moved back and forth, the way too slow tempo of the country song almost putting her to sleep. Or maybe it was the four shots of tequila. Either way she was very relaxed and equally glad Bill or Bob or some ‘B’ named guy was holding her up. The dance with one of the cowboys had been going on for an extraordinarily long time and she could tell he was hungry for more than just a swing around the dance floor. The guy had ceremoniously hunted her down and was refusing to let her go. She darted glances over her shoulder and every time she looked Zane wasn’t looking. Damn him. Instead he was flirting with one girl after another. She wanted to stamp her feet in frustration. Maybe she could kiss Bobby or Boondog. No, that was too obvious.

When the song ended she pushed back from dancing boy and smiled and for the first time noticed the person she’d been dancing with. Dear God. She’d only wanted to make Zane jealous, the worst act of high school behavior since… Ugh! She thought about the kiss and pressed her hand across her lips, remembering how soft his were and how hot his mouth was and…

“How about coming home with me?”

“I beg your pardon?” Yanked from her delicious vision, she glared at him.

He grinned and wrapped one hand around her waist. With the other he reached out and cupped her breast, squeezing to the point her eyes watered. “Yeah, baby. Come home with me. I know how you like cowboys and I got a big steed you can ride all you want.”

Callie lifted her head and locked eyes. She knew he was one of the competitors and had the distinct impression Zane had actually convinced the man he needed to keep Callie under his thumb. “Big steed, huh?”

“Yeah, baby. I have everything you need right here.” He took a step back and pointed with both hands toward his crotch.

“I don’t think so, but thank you anyway.”

“Oh, come on. Don’t be that way. Really, baby.”

Brushing her hand through her hair she shook her head, the tequila or the company suddenly making her nauseous. “Thanks so much for the dance, but it’s time for me to go.” She gave him a half-hearted smile and turned away from him.

“I guess you really are a frigid, cock tease just like all the guys say you are.”

Frigid? Cock tease? Stopping short, she opened her eyes wide and the look on Zane’s face, contrite as hell, was about all she could take. She turned around quickly and purred. “You really want me to tease you?”

“Come on and bring it, baby. I can handle the heat.”

“Mmm… Be careful what you ask for. She eased her hand down, cupping and caressing his cock as she gave him a sinful look.

“Oh yeah, baby. I love your touch. You like it rough, don’t cha?”

“I know what you want. I know what you need.” And I’m so going to give it to you. Rearing back, Callie did something she hadn’t done in a solid year.


She punched him with gusto. As he slumped to the floor, she slapped her hands together and the moment felt damn good.


“Come here,” Zane beckoned, his eyes flashing a dark command.

Callie hesitated, in truth on purpose. She wanted nothing more than to see what he was going to do, how demanding he’d be. Purring, she dragged her tongue across her lips as she jutted her hips out until the sash of her robe unraveled, the sides opening slowly. The tease was blatant, determined. She wanted him to want her more than any other woman he’d ever had.

“I said… come here. If you make me ask you again I’m going to whip that pretty, little ass of yours. Do I make myself clear?”

“Perhaps.” She allowed her southern drawl to deepen, a breathless sound following. Shimmying, she moved just enough the scarlet silk robe slipped from her shoulders, gravity taking it to the floor. Standing only in a black lace bra, thong and stilettos, she gave him the most sinful look she could muster.

“Perhaps? You’re playing with fire, little girl.” Zane’s eyes blazed a trail down the length of her body and back to the swell of her breasts as he stroked his crotch, grunting savagely.

“I’m playing but not with fire. I don’t think you can handle me.”

“Is that so?” He took a step forward.

“Oh, I know so.” Callie took a step back and placed her hands on her hips, swaying back and forth. Looking away, she yawned and fought moaning as her hardened nipples scraped across the thin lace, making her pulse skip and her palms sweaty. And Lordy, her pussy was clenching to the point she was able to smell the musky fragrance.

Zane inhaled deeply and nodded repeatedly before taking two long strides quickly, wrapping his hand around her wrist and dragging her forward into the heat of his body. He held her wrists with one hand as he slipped his other into his back pocket, pulling out and flicking open a pocketknife.

“Oh!” Eyeing the sharp blade as he twisted the steel back and forth in the light, her pussy clenched in anticipation.

“You are going to learn to obey me. Do you understand?” Zane roared as he slid the side of the blade down the length of her arm and across the small of her back. He dug the tip into her skin as he growled. “And you’re going to be all mine.”

Callie pressed her hands against his shoulders, her eyes opening wide. “You can’t control me!” Her voice was meek, already acquiescing.

“Trust me, I can.” Capturing her mouth, he instantly pressed his tongue inside, entwining their tongues, tasting as he slipped the knife under the thin string of her thong.


The sound was a powerful aphrodisiac. She was vaguely aware he’d pulled the material away, dropping her panties to the floor. He pressed the blade across her ass several times before dropping the knife.

She wiggled, her blood pumping, her heart racing and wanted nothing more than for him to take complete control of her. Moaning into the kiss, she slapped his arms in a weak attempt to get out of his grasp. The kiss was intense, a blast of electricity sweeping through her core.

He walked backward, taking them both to the edge of the bed. When he finally broke the kiss, he nipped her lower lip, taking the tender flesh in between his mouth and biting. “You forget what I can do to your body.”

“No, I…” Lowering her eyes, she nodded. “I want more.”

“What do you want? Tell me,” he commanded as he wrapped his hand around her throat, squeezing until she lifted her gaze.

Callie could see in his eyes what he would do with her. Fuck her. Use her. Own her. And she was ready to become his, his submissive, his slave. “I want you as my Master.”

He nodded, a serene look crossing his face as he rubbed his hand down her stomach to her pussy, his touch brutal. “And I take what I want.” As he clenched his hand, digging his nails into her tender flesh, he thrust his fingers inside her cunt, driving deep inside.

Moaning, she was lost to the pleasure, as she relinquished control, embracing the man who would become her owner.

“You’re going to learn to obey me, do as I say, or you’ll be punished severely. Is that understood?” Kicking her legs apart, he thrust most of his fingers inside until he was almost fisting her.

No man had taken her to such heights, such extremes and Callie smiled as he squeezed her neck harder, the action creating stars in front of her eyes. “Yes, sir. Oh, yes, sir,” she managed, her voice sounds raspy.

“Good girl. Very good girl.”

“Oh God!” Tipping her head back she closed her eyes and panted. When he licked around her mouth and down the nape of her neck she shivered, her legs quavering to the point she would have fallen if he hadn’t been holding her.

Zane breathed a swath of hot air across her skin before brushing his lips up to her left ear. “You’re going to be disciplined severely. Then you’re going to learn how to please me. There is nothing you can do. Squeal. Moan. Struggle to get away but you’re going to learn soon enough I am in charge of you, your body and your very soul. Be prepared sunshine, because you are playing with fire and I’m going to be your Master.”

Time stood still as he pulled back and allowed her to see the look in his eyes, one of utter and complete domination. She was nothing more than his slave. And she was in awe of his hunger.

Easing down onto the bed, Zane pulled her across his lap and pressed his hand against the small of her back. “Don’t move and don’t struggle or the punishment will be worse.”

Whimpering, Callie placed her hands on the floor and held her breath. He was going to spank her. My God, he was actually going to whip her ass. Turned on as hell she wiggled, digging her groin into his knee. He had to know how wet she was, how desperately hungry.


“Oh!” He wasted no time and she was jerked out of her spell as he issued a series of hard slaps, each one landing directly on her sit spot.

“Very bad girl and I’m going to have to do this every day for a very… long… time,” Zane growled.

Crack! Whack! Pop!

God, oh God! He was really whipping her. Pain raced down her spine as he continued, every spank harder than the one before. “Oh… oh oh…” Callie wiggled and slapped her hand back involuntarily.

“None of that!” he snapped and grabbed her hand, forcing it to the floor.

Pop! Crack!

“No! Ooh…” Pain and pleasure, bliss and agony rushed into every cell and Callie clenched her eyes shut, falling into the incredible moment. This was exactly what she’d always craved from him. All the nights wanting. All the days trying to think of something to say to him. Now this. Heaven.

Zane rubbed his hand back and forth across her ass. “Do you think you’ve had enough or do you need a little more, just to keep you in line?”

Even his husky voice gave her a shiver. She wiggled her answer only to receive six sharp slaps on each ass cheek. “Oh God…” Her pussy was so wet, her muscles clenching and she knew she could have an orgasm easily.

“Mmm… Yes, much better. I think you’ve learned your lesson.” Sliding the tip of his finger down from the small of her back to the crack of her ass, he slipped his finger in between her ass cheeks. “Are you wet for me, hot for me?”


“Let’s see how wet.” Zane pressed her legs apart and eased his fingers just inside her cunt.


“Very wet indeed. Now, be a good girl and get on your knees for me.” Chuckling, Zane eased her off his lap and onto the floor as he gazed down and pushed his fingers into his mouth.

Callie licked her lips in anticipation as she crawled between his legs, fumbling to unfasten his tight jeans. “May I please you, sir? May I show you my appreciation for spanking me?”

He licked up and down his fingers for a full minute before responding. “Yes, you may.”

Tugging down the zipper, she bit her lower lip to keep from squealing the second she managed to wrap her hand around his thick shaft. The hard dick filled her hand. Swooning, Callie rubbed the tips of her fingers down to his balls and rolled the tender sac between her fingers.

“That’s it. Touch me. Stroke me, baby. Suck me. Then I’m going to fill that pretty pussy of yours. Would you like that? Do you want me to fill you, fuck you, drive my hard dick deep inside?”


“And you’ll do anything to have my cock in you?”

“Mmm… Yes, sir.” Bringing the tip to her lips, she swirled her tongue in lazy circles as she pumped the base, her hand going up and down to meet her mouth. Callie dragged her tongue across his sensitive slit and was instantly rewarded with a trickle of pre-cum. The taste was sweet, scrumptious and she wanted nothing more than to suck up every drop. Opening her mouth wide, she was unable to resist any longer. As she took him down an inch at a time, his moans became more pronounced.

“Good girl. I can’t wait to make you my slave.”

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